Enjoyed my happy free day

It was very nice day yesterday!!

I saw many different blue sky views. ;)






There is an election for Osaka now.

We went to vote with my son Asahi and my wife Ai.



It was his first voting to the election in his life for my son. :)

He was little bit nervous, but he got one new experience. ;)



My practice went well and happy. :)

It was only for Trombone yesterday, but I enjoyed it! ;)



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Relaxed time, practice and short day

I had good time by seeing Sakura(cherry blossoms) two days ago in my favorite park. :)

It's good time for seeing them. ;)






It was very nice day! :D




I love this place. :)




I want to come back here again in few days for better Sakura time!! ;)




My practice goes very well.

I'm really enjoying my hard practice with not-easy etudes on both Trombone and Euphonium. ;)





It was hard day yesterday.

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and headed to Kochi for teaching.

Sunrise view is also nice! ;)




Lunch in Kochi.

It was delicious!! :D




I had good time with Euphonium members yesterday afternoon. :)




Just after teaching, we immidiately left for Osaka(home).




It was very nice weather all the day. :)

I felt very short yesterday! :)


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Medical examination is done!

There was medical examination in the morning yesterday.

It was fine day in the morning and every examination went very smooth, so I was happy with that. :)


I knew my weight is increased little bit, but I chose happier life. ;)

I'll adjust it little by little. :)



I had happy lunch with my wife Ai after came back from my medical examination.

Delicious things make us happy and possitive!! :D




It was unstable sky all the day.

I saw many kind of clouds yesterday. :)




My practice went very well.

I worked on basis, etude and solo. :D




It was nice sunset view. :)



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Work, eat and practice!

I was occupied with dest works in the morning yesterday.


And I had very big lunch with family. :)

I really enjoyed having lunch. ;)



In the late afternoon, I had very good practice on Trombone! ;)

I worked on one of my favorite etude. :)




It was unstable weather, but I saw nice and calm sunset view. ;)



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Happy party and concerts

I had very happy party with our family's old friend Rodney who is originally from Jamaika on Saturday. :D

I met him by accident once several months ago, but it was after 3 years we got together and have fun time together!! ;)


Rodney is teaching Englich in Japanese high school in Osaka now.

We met him when we all were in Matsuyama about 7 years ago.

Then we moved to Osaka in Summer of 2015.


It was same time we moved to Osaka from Matsuyama, but it was by accident!!

Rodney couldn't choose which city he moves, but we all moved to Osaka!! What a destiny!!! :D ;)


We had delicious meals which were orovided by my wife Ai and spent wonderful time together!!




There were two concerts yesterday(one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

I needed to wake up early, but it was good day! ;)



Concert was for children by program of waltz.

I hope they enjoyed that well. ;)



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Enjoying my free day

I had good day yesterday. :)

I enjoyed walking to post office, bank and etc. in the morning.


I felt Spring by these cherry blossoms. ;)





It was haircut day! :D

My sons are happy with shorter hair now. ;)




And I had very good practice time for myself.

I worked for basis well on both Trombone and Euphonium. ;)

It's very nice to spend enough time for these important things. :D




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Hard day and relaxed day

It was long day, but I've survived 2 concerts day two days ago. :)




And then, it was my free day yesterday!!

It was also free day for my wife Ai, so we had very enjoyable day yesterday. ;)


We went to watch the movie at the cinema.

We can't come to cinema often, but we like it! ;)




We enjoyed Sushi after cinema for lunch(No pictures, sorry!).

It was very happy time! :D



We worked hard in our farm in the afternoon with our older son.

Many new things are coming!! :D






Ai took pictures when we were working. ;)




We had very happy time together!! :D




It was very good day! ;)



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Love eating, music and smiling!

One of my Euphonium student Kanna visited me in Osaka before he moves to Tokyo for his new university student life in Tokyo from April 2019. :)


We had very happy dinner together and he headed to Tokyo next day.

This picture was taken in the morning just before leaving to Tokyo. :)


I wish an exciting future to Kanna in Tokyo! ;)




There are so many things what I want to try and get on my music performance, so I keep enjoying my practice. :) ;)




Eating nice and favorite things make my body and mind good and positive!! :D

I enjoyed my favorite one few days ago with my family. ;)



This is "Before".



And "After". :D



Dessert is obligation! ;)




There were two orchestra rehearsals yesterday.

It was hard and long day, but I survived! :)




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Concert and happy dinner

I had performed an opera with small orchestra and usual orchesra concert last weekend. :)

I really enjoyed both performance. ;)




There was "Bolero" by M.Ravel in the program of yesterday's concert. :)

It was not easy to concentrate for Bolero in yesterday's concert(it was long concert, and Bolero was the last piece in the program), but I could perform it well with good concentrattion. :)




It was nice to see this blue sky after concert until I meet my son. ;)




And we had very fun dinner with my good friends! :D

It's always very nice to share fantastic time together!! :)



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Backed to usual life

After fantastic days in Matsuyama, I backed to usual life in Osaka. :)


It was nice day, so my sons washed our car in the morning. :)

They did great job!! ;)




I enjoyed teaching at the Murasakino high school wind band in Kyoto. :)

With Euphonium section in the morning.



And with Trombone section in the afternoon.




I backed to Orchestra works too.

I feel happy to perform in the orchestra as my job. :D




Nice nature view always makes my mind peace. :)




I bought this training tool lately.

I was interested in this for years, and I finally got it! :)



It's hard to work with this, but I feel it works to my body well. ;)

I keep work with this! ;)


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