Enjoying fun time!

It's getting hot day by day.

I'm enjoying to work in my small farm. :)





I was free from orchestra works for several weeks, so I could back to orchestra works with nice and positive energy! ;)





After rehearsal, our orchestra started little tour to Tokyo and Iwate. ;)



In Tokyo, we gave private concert for our sponcers. :)

It's really nice opportunity for showing our appreciation to them.




After concert, I visited bar which my best friend Taka began last year. ;)



We had really fun time!! ;)




Next day in Tokyo, I enjoyed playing some ensemble pieces, and some orchestral excerpts in the morning with my Trombone friends.

It was very happy time for me!! :D






I visited YAMAHA Atelier Tokyo after that.

I met my old Euphonium friend Hidenori by accident then. :D




I had very fun and happy dinner yesterday with some strings players and my brother.

We had very enjoyable time together! ;)



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Enjoyed nice weekend

I enjoyed weekend with my good Trombone friend Masafumi in Ishikawa. :)


It was nice day when we went to Ishikawa on Saturday. ;)




Before headed to Ishikawa, I had little practice on Trombone.

I felt very good!! :D




After arrived to Kanazawa(Ishikawa), we had good drinking time at my hotel room. :)

We listened many recordings and videos together.




On Sunday, we checked out hotel early morning and drove about one hour to the place where we gave workshop.

It was fantastic day too! :D



It was very calm and natural place.

I loved there. ;)




Workshop in the morning was for beginners.

We shared good time! :)



And with little experienced students in the afternoon. ;)



I hope they keep enjoying thier practice in future! :D



After workshop in Ishikawa, we directly headed to home in Osaka.

It took about 4 hours by car.


And we really enjoyed dinner in Osaka. :D



It was nice weekend!! :)


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Back to the usual

Next day of fantastic concert in Fukuoka, I backed home with my wife Ai.

We don't travel together by train usually, so it was nice feeling traveling together by train. :)

We enjoyed good time in the train. ;)




After backed home, we visited our small farm.




We got some salad leaves. :D



It's very nice to eat something from our farm!! :D



And my dreaming days close...




I'm back to usual days now.

This is my best memory in my music life!




And keep practicing hard!! ;)



I'll make another fantastic moment for me in near future!!

Keep working and keep smiling~!! :D


It was nice sunset view. ;)




I enjoyed my Euphonium class at the ESA music academy yesterday. :)

We continue fun and interested class!! ;)



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Dream came true!! - 2

Day 4 in Fukuoka, it was the concert day.


It was my first time to perform in this nice concert hall in Fukuoka.

I felt really good!! :D



During Jörgen's rehearsal.

I enjoyed his fantastic music and sound very much!! ;)




I let my buddy rest after general rehearsal. :)




Just after we performed encore.

With my dream team, Jörgen and Johan!! :D




After autograph works with my wife Ai.

She came to listen our concert from Osaka on that day. ;)




With my good friends(family) from Osaka.

Thank you for coming!! :D




It was very nice to see my Euphonium friend after many years no see!!! :D




Big surprise!!!!!

My orchestra's regular conductor Kiyotaka Teraoka visited me after concert!



He couldn't listen our concert, but he was rehearsing in same building and visited me after his rehearsal.

What a timing!! :D ;)

Thank you very much for your kindness.

I'm very looking forward to performing Mahler 3rd in January with you!! ;)



Party after concert was in good place with many great guests for celebrating Cremona Gakki(music shop in Fukuoka)'s 40th anniversary!!



We enjoyed very nice time with good friends!




It was very nice to see new friends who is connected with my colleagues!! :)





It was my big pleasure to share fun time with Teppei!!




I met him first time then, but he already knew me by my friend in Sweden.

What a small world! ;)



To meet her was also first time, but we already connected each other in SNS, so it was nice to talk with her direct. :D

We enjoyed fun time together!! :)




With Koichi, who took care of us all the time even before I arrived to Fukuoka and he made everything work smooth.

His works made everyone happy and comfortable!!

Thank you very much for your fantastic works! :D ;)




We had another fun time with these friends after main official party. :)

What a happy moments. ;)




And my Fukuoka night continued. ;)

I enjoyed famous foods in Fukuoka just after 2nd party!!





I appreciate my wife Ai for all of her support for succeeding my cocnerts and my life.

Thank you and I love you! :D ;)



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Dream came true!! - 1

I had wonderful time in Fukuoka last week.


It was for the concert with Kyushu Wind Orchestra(professional wind orchestra in Kyushu), my best friend Johan(de Meij) and my Trombone hero Jörgen(van Rijen).

We performed Johan's "TWO-BONE CONCERTO" as Japan-Premier. :)


It had been one of my dream to perform this with these fantastic members since years.

And It came true finally!!! :D


Not only perform this piece with wonderful members, I had really nice days in Fukuoka. :)



These are fantastic days like this!! :)

It was even too hot sometime.



I can't travel with my Trombone, suitcase and Euphonium at once by train, so I sent it by transportation service.

I works very well in Japan. ;)




I had good time with Fukusho high school wind band.

They are very motivated and work hard. ;)




Day 2 in Fukuoka.


I recorded radio programs(interview) in the morning.

I tranlated Johan for that and I was also invited as guest. ;)

It was fun time!! :D





We enjoyed our favorite Spicy Noodle after radio recording!

Johan, welcome to Japan!!! ;) :D




I had good time with Euphonium member of Seika girls high school wind band later.

We worked hard for how to practice in difficult points.

I hope they get it quick! ;)




Just after that, I drove to hotel for pick Jörgen up and headed to the rehearsal place which takes about one hour.

It was very nice to go there by car because I could talk with Jörgen about many things in the car. :)


First rehearsal went very well.

I felt really happy to perform with Jörgen under Johan's baton.

I was in my dream. :D



With Euphonium members after rehearsal. :)




After backed to the center of Fukuoka city, we had fun dinner together. :D

It was so nice to share good time with Johan and Jörgen.

We talked about many things which is fun, interesting and crazy. ;)

Of course, we enjoyed nice food, beer, sake and wine. :D




Day 3 in Fukuoka.


I started that day slowly.

I had appointment at noon at the Cremona Gakki(music shop), so I had good walk to there from hotel.

I felt good by walking in Fukuoka city. :)


I had happy time at the Cremona Gakki with very kind people there.

With one of them from Cremona Gakki who plays Trombone! :)




We had good rehearsal as usual and I enjoyed very very happy moments during rehearsal. :D

I went out from concert hall after rehearsal, I could see nice blue sky! ;)




We had nice dinner with some of members from Kyushu Wind Orchestra.

Everyone enjoyed happy time!! :D



Big smile!! :D



It's enough long now, so I continue this blog for tomorrow. :)


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Enjoyed teaching

I have concert which I perform as one of guest soloist in Fukuoka this Sunday, so I'm preparing for that now.

It's getting little bit busy, but I'm enjoying my days. :D



I had very good teaching time with my Euphonium student yesterday.

There are so many things that we need to work on, but I found several good ways to work on it and finding happiness on working hard on it. :)



Keep working, and smiling!! :D


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Working hard on music!

I enjoyed to be in the city(Osaka) on Saturday. :)

It was very nice day!! :D



That was for listening this concert!



My friends performed Trombone duo.

It was interesting! ;)




I was occupied these few weeks for making video clips for advising how to practice on the required pieces for Japan Wind Band Competition this year.

There are 5 required pieces(all of them was composed for this competition) and I made videos for 1st Trombone, 2nd Trombone and Euphonium part.


I made video clips by myself like this. :)



It was not easy at all, but I did all of them yesterday!! :D


And now, it's time to edit those video clips...

That's hard work too.


I had waiting time in the car parking yesterday afternoon, so I was working on it then. :)




I keep practicing well! :D

I take care of practicing too much. ;)



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Enjoyed my free days!

I had very good time with my family few days ago. :)

We all was holiday on that day, so we went to Nara for visiting "Animal Park". ;)







It was very relaxed and refreshing time!! :D



It was very fine day!(not hot, not cold, just FINE!!)




Our small family farm is fine! :D

They are getting big! ;)




I keep working on music hard. :)





I was very occupied with making video clips these days.

It's very hard work, but it would be good exercise for me. ;)




I just finished my monthly job "Haircuts" for my sons. ;)

We had happy time together!! :D



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Enjoying my days

I'm enjoying my music and non-music life both very much! :D

My family's farm is getting well! ;)

Vety exciting!! :D



We planted some new things. ;)



We hope we get nice vegetables in near future!! :)




My practice is going well. :D




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Enjoyable time in my Euphonium class

I had really enjoyable time with my Euphonium students at the ESA Music Academy yesterday.

We worked very hard on basis with my and Mel's professional way. ;)


Keep working hard and be strong!! :D




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