Washing day

There are very nice days in 2018! :D

I'm enjoying relaxed and happy days with my family.




I washed my horns yesterday.

I think it's getting the event in new year holidays for my life. :)

But it's nice to wash horns once or twice a year or so.




Practicing with cleaned horns are fantastic!!! :D

I felt very nice and happy! ;)

Everything is smooth both in mechanical and musical side.




Seeing this kind of nice sky view from my flat is giving me peaceful mind always. :)



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Happy family day

It was very fine day yesterday(January 1st, 2018). :)




I visited my favorite park with my family. :)



It was very nice to walk with family with fun talking. ;)



I enjoyed to be in nature! :D





Family picture 1.



Family picture 2.





I wish all of my family and my friend a wonderful year. :D


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Happy new year!!

I perform in the Silvester concert every year on December 31st at 22:00, and yesterday as well. :)


Rehearsal was at 17:00, so I had enjoyable Euphonium practice in the morning at home.

It was very happy time!! :D




In the rehearsal, we tested everything for fun things. :)



There were "Fanfare" team by amateur Brass players for our Silvester concert. 

With Trombone members after concert!

Bravo all!! :D



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Have a nice new year

It's always busy in the end of year for my orchestra because we have Silvester concert in the night of December 31st 2017.

Concert starts at 22:00 and will be finished at 0:30 on January 1st 2018. ;)



It's cold everyday, but sky view is nice! ;)




We had BBQ dinner at home with my student Hiroya few days ago.

It was very happy and fun time!! :D



My younger son Hiiro made my lunch box next day.

It was great!! :D




Our rehearsals for tonight concert went well. :)




I wish you all a happy new year! :D


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I continue updating my blog next year too.

Keep in touch!! ;)


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Enjoying busy days

It's very nice day these days!

But very cold and windy... :(

I try to enjoy Winter days every day. ;)




I was in little busy days with orchestra, but I made my practice time for Euphonium too. ;)




It was concert day yesterday.

The program was Symphony No.9 by Beethoven.

I perform it on Alto Trombone, but I had my owm practice time on Tenor before rehearsal because I couldn't make time for that in the morning. ;)



And rehearsal and concert on Alto! :D




One of my friends was in the choir yesterday. :)

It was nice to have friend in the choir and share the concert! ;)



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Practice after big dinner

It was strange weather yesterday.

It seemed fine in the beginning, but it started raining hard after 30 mints and it turned to fine after 15 mints or so.

It was really "unstable" weather.




I had little bit Trombone practice after having big dinner with my family. :)

I felt very good! :D



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Exciting with new pieces

It's always very exciting to get new pieces!! :D

I'm very happy for my busy future! ;)



It's sometimes hard work for me to stamp all of them after buying new pieces.

I bought one piece for solo Trombone and wind band accompaniment this time, so it was really hard work! ;)




I made haircuts for my boys in the evening.

I'm so happy to be with them. :D



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Happy time after concert

My orchestra performed some christmas concerts this year too.

One was for our main sponsor company at their office building.



They support our orchestra very kind for years.

It was nice to have opportunity to perform for them with our big appreciation. :D



It was concert with Beethoven's 9th Symphony and some songs in Nara yesterday.

Just for several measures on Tenor(with mute too). ;)




It takes much time to home from Nara, but I backed home before dinner and we had very happy dinner with my wonderful family last night! :D



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In busy week

It seems busy this week, but I'm enjoying my winter music life. ;)

It's enough cold for winter now, but it's always nice to see clean blue sky. :)




Cleaned Trombone slide under blue sky. :D



It's getting not easy to make my own practice time these days, but I'm also enjoying my practice. ;)



For Euphonium too of course!! :)




There are many orchestra rehearsals and concerts thie week...






One day in the morning, I had to spend some minutes for my car before drive it. :(

I realized I'm in Winter now...




Another day in the evening, I had very happy and nice fun time with my colleagues after rehearsal.

We visited very interesting place in deep Osaka. :D





Nice sunset views take my fatigue away when I backed home. ;)




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Happy free day with family

It was my free day on Sunday!!

I spent very happy time with my family! ;)


My younger son had football match at his school(near by my home), so we went to watch his game in the morning.

It was very nice day! ...but it was very cold!!




We had Sushi lunch and went to some shopping in the afternoon. :D

It was very nice to spend good time together with family!! 


Nice sky view from the mall. ;)




I practiced in the evening after dinner.

I was thinking to practice "little bit" in the beginning, but I felt really fine and I had good and heavy practice. ;)



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