Euphonium day

It was an Euphonium day for me yesterday. :D


I had good time with my Euphonium students at noon and afternoon. :)

They are practicing very hard. ;)





I bought new study book yesterday.

I had little time before teaching, so I enjoyed little bit of it then. ;)

It will be fun!! :D




And in the evening, I enjoyed masterclass and mini concert by our hero Brian Bowman!! :D

It was very nice to meet Brian again in Osaka!

I think I met him last time was in 2012 in Linz(Austria). ;)



I got many ideas by his teaching and performance. :)

I'll work hard for my future!! :D


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Enjoyed many things!

I had relaxed and slow morning yesterday.

I could do many house works.

I felt very nice with nice weather. :)




I enjoyed my Trombone practice as well. :)

It was nice to have good time on working for basis. ;)




There was Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy in the afternoon.

We had good time. :)

Her endless efforts on Euphonium finally out now!

She will enjoy making music more than ever I hope! ;)




In the evening after dinner, I had good time by cutting my boys hair. :)

This is one of my favorite time. ;)



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Fantastic family vacation in NZ

I visited my mother to Auckland, New Zealand with my family!! :D


It was first time to go to outside of Japan for my wife Ai and my children. :)

They were little bit worried about their first trip to New Zealand, but everything went very well and we really enjoyed our fantastic 2 days there! :D



At Kansai International Airport for our departure.

It seems little tired because only 3 hours sleep... ;)



In the airplane.

We enjoyed food in the airplane! :)



At Hong Kong Airport for transfer.




Arrived to Auckland, New Zealand!! ;)



We were all fine!! :D



My mother and my step father Geoff welcomed us at the airport.

Our fantastic 2 days started here!! :D




My boys really enjoyed everything such as food, drink and atomosphere in Auckland!! :D

Hiiro with his favorite food, pizza!!



Asahi took Hamburger! ;)



We all enjoyed food, drink and talk!!! :D



I like this way for noticing "Breathing Area" instead of "No Smoking" only. :)






Ai with her favorite drink BEER!!! :D ;)




Dinner at home.

We had very relaxed and happy time together. :)




Day 2.

We visited very nice beach and park in the morning.

That was awesome!!! :D





I felt Summer with very comfortable air. :D





Asahi enjoyed being with nature. :D




It was very comfortable!!



My parents and sons in the movie "Stand By Me" style. ;)



Family picture. :D




After enjoying being in wonderful nature, we had really nice lunch with nice beer!! :)



Asahi took Pizza this time. :)



And Hiiro took hamburger. ;)



It was very nice!! :)




In the afternoon, we walked little bit in the small city.



Ai and Geoff were looking for nice beer for dinner very seriously. ;)




In front of my mother's house.

I like this house(but we can't see by this picture...).



We also visited small ferry port.

It was also very nice place!


I enjoyed swing seat which from big wood.

It was fun!! :D



It was little windy. ;)




Dinner at home with great meals by grand chef Geoff! :)

Bravo chef!!




It was awesome time we spent in Auckland.

We enjoyed every moment!! :)


Thank you my mom and Geoff. :)

We love you~!!



After long airplane trip, we all arrived Osaka safe. :)




We charged very good positive energy by this trip.

We continue making nice life together! ;)


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Ready for Concert

It was very cold day yesterday(and today as well) in Osaka.

When I went to rehearsal, it was snowing little bit.




It was last rehearsal day for Mahler 3rd. :)

I feel so happy to perform this great Symphony!!



Concert is today!!

I'll enjoy it! ;)


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Enjoying rehearsal

It's not terribly cold this year, so it's not hard to wake up in the morning. :)

I can enjoy to see sky in the morning. ;)




After Bolero concert, we started rehearsal for Mahler's 3rd Symphony without resting day.

It's very nice to perform this great Symphony as principal Trombone and I'm really enjoying performing it. ;)



I take care of myself(trying to rest as much as I can) and perform in good shape! :D


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I've survived!

There was our orchestra's first concert this year last weekend. :)

There were 3 parts in the concert such as "with Saxophone soloist"(1st part), "Orchestra pieces"(2nd part) and "Wind band pieces with juniou high school students"(3rd part).


Bolero by M.Ravel was in the program and there was also "Prelude to 3rd Act from Lohengrin" by R.Wagner.

It was hard and it was like an orchestra audition for Trombone. :) ;)


It was hard one, but I've survived!!! :D




After this hard concert, there is Mahler's 3rd Symphony without rest day!!

What a life for Trombone player! :D ;)


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Happy dinner!

It was my last free day in the begining of the year yesterday.

I studied for some orchestra pieces in the morning.

I had good time with well concentration. :D


It was nice to see blue sky and white cloud. ;)




I invited my students for dinner and I let them to listen many recordings for thier studying. ;)

Dinner was awesome as always!! :D


Bravo and thank you to my wonderful wife Ai!! ;)



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Relaxed day

I spent really relaxed time with family yesterday.

In general(and typical) in Japan, Japanese people stay with family and talk, eat and drink at home for about 3 days.


My family don't do like that usually, but it was nearly like that yesterday. :)

Having happy lunch with my lovely family was great!! :D



After that in the evening, I had my Trombone practice for preparing my rehearsals for this weekend and next week. 

I enjoyed that!! :D



There are rehearsals and concerts from tomorrow.

I make good concentration and make nice music!! :D



I want to keep seeing this kind of nice views the year 2019. ;)



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It was fantastic day yesterday! :)

I washed my instruments in the morning.




I bought new Trombone in September, so I need to wash 4 instruments now.

It's hard work, but it feels good! ;)




I practiced little on each instruments after that.

I felt very good!! :D



I'll make nice music with these fantastic instruments!! :D


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Enjoyed very happy time!!

I had fantastic time in our favorite park with my wonderful family yesterday. :)

It was very nice day!! ;)



My sons were playing football. :)



But we all played football, baseball and badminton together.

It was fun!! :D




These are our family pictures 2019. ;)




We make happy days the year 2019 and keep smiling!! :D


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