Spring arrived!
I had very happy time with my wife Ai at our favorite park yesterday. :D
Spring arrived to my city!! :D

We had good lunch at the park. :)

Cherry blossoms are very nice! ;)

After having happy time outside, I had good practice on Euphonium in the evening! ;)
I worked on one of my favorite etude.
It's very nice for solfege. :)

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Happy dinner after concerts
There were 2 family(children) concerts yesterday.

2 times(or more times) performance a day is not always easy at all for me, but it was great that I realised the audience really enjoyed them. :)

I invited my student who just moved to Osaka a week ago for his continuing music study for dinner.
I hope he studies very hard as much as I did in Europe(ore more of course!!) and get happy future with music! ;)

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Having happy music life
I had very good practice time both on Euphonium and Trombone. :)

It's nice to work on Euphonium often for making my Trombone condition well.
This is what I realised lately. ;)

I think I'm really lucky guy for having wonderful music life with wonderful instruments and mouthpieces. :D
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What a chance!
I(and my family) moved to Osaka from Matsuyama in Summer 2015. So it's already 1 and half year now. :)
We all spent good time with nice friends and good feeling in Osaka. ;)

Last weekend, I had very happy surprise encounter at band rehearsal.
I joined my wife Ai's band rehearsal last weekend.
There were some visiters who is considering to become its member at that rehearsal.

One of them was moved to Osaka(Hirakata city where I'm living now!) from Matsuyama a year ago and she was connected with me by many different ways!!!

-Satomi was kindergarten teacher of my nephew(son of Ai's sister) in Matsuyama.
-I went to teach her high school band when she was high school student several times.
-She was playing at the amateur band in Matsuyama which I was playing before I left to Europe.
-She was from same junior high school wind band as me and Ai!!!
-She chose same wind band as Ai from 5 or 6 wind bands in same area!!

What a chance!! :D

We all are very very surprised!!
She should join that band definitely! ;)

With Satomi and Ai after band rehearsal(Satomi plays the Euphonium!).

I'm free for few days from orchestra works now, so I'm enjoying my own practicing. :)

Nice nature view gives me relaxed mind and good energy as always. ;)

Lastly, one thing what I knew few weeks ago.

Did you know the volume control buttons of earphone which comes with iPhone lately works on Mac as well??
I didn't know that...
It's nice to know and use it. ;)

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Full day in Kyoto
I made haircut for my sons in the morning yesterday.
So, they are ready for new school year now! :)

It was fantastic day!
I visited to Kyoto with my wife Ai for listening concert and for doing some Kyoto visits. ;)

We had lunch at this very old restaurant in Kyoto.

This is their original plate which is called "Sara-Mori". ;)

We also enjoyed their typical and old style noodle too. :)

After having big lunch, we walked a lot under Spring sunshine. :)
We enjoyed watching nice flowers.

One of our friend told us one sweets shop, so we went to there! :)
This is it!

This is typical Japanese sweets.
It was great!! :D
I got one more place to my Kyoto favorite place list! ;)

After having delicious Japanese tastes, we visited old shrine "Kitano-Tenmangu".

It was great to feel something from old ages.
These old wooden buildings tell us something.

There are more places where I want to visit in Kyoto!!! :)
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Happy things
I'm always enjoying wonderful time with good friends, good students and colleagues.

I visited one junior high school wind band for teaching few days ago.
It was my first visit to there, but I had really happy and fun time with them. :)

But it was not easy to take train(with 3 times changes) with 2 instruments...

Another day, I invited some friends to my house for dinner. :D

It was very fun!!! :D
Thank you for your coming! ;)

Nice nature views always make me relaxed and happy. :)

I continue my practice well. :)
Making good balance is not easy as always, but I'm enjoying both Trombone and Euphonium. ;)

Of course, orchestra works goes well. ;)

It's still cold in the morning and the evening in Japan, but I hope Spring is coming! :)
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Enjoying rest and music!
I had my orchestra rehearsal in Nara few days ago.
It's not often that I visit Nara.
It was good to feel something new. :)

View in Nara is nice! I like this kind of "simple". ;)

Orchestra rehearsal after more than a week rest was nice! :)

I realized we need time for leaving from usual work sometimes.
It refreshes our life! :D

I went to listen several concerts this month.
It's also nice to go to concerts sometimes. :D

One day, I went to listen high school wind band concert which my friend conducted. :)
I enjoyed it!!

My practice is going very well. :)

I continue to be creative and keep working hard! :)
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I started my day very happy feeling with this blue sky yesterday. :)

I could see really nice sky view in the afternoon too. :)

I was occupied to make YouTube videos for Euphonium etude book these days, but I work on Trombone as well. Don't worry! ;)

I worked very hard on making YouTube videos for Euphonium etude book yesterday too.
I completed all etudes videos for H.Voxman's "Selected Studies" yesterday!!! :D

I'm realy happy for finishing this work!! :D
These 5 videos are I made yesterday. ;)
I hope you enjoy them!

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Allegro by Blazhevich”(Page-49)

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Adagio by Rossari”(Page-50)

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Vivace by Johanson”(Page-51)

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Allegretto comodo by Rossari”(Page-52)

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Allegro by Blazhevich”(Page-53)
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Some more new videos
It was very nice feeling to see blue sky in the morning after raining day! :D

What a nice start of the day with this kind of nature view. :)

I made some more new videos for YouTube which I'm working on for an Euphonium etudes.
I felt tired physically and it was little harder than other days, but I made it! :)

These three videos are new from yesterday.

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Allegretto by Dieppo”(Page-46)

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Allegro energico by Blazhevich”(Page-47)

H.Voxman - Selected Studies for Baritone “Lento by Blazhevich”(Page-48)

There are more 5 pages left.
I hope I make those recordings in few days in March! ;)
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Cleaning makes me happy
I worked hard mainly on computer yesterday.
I worked on video datas for editting and making DVD(not music videos, but the most of them are family videos).

Of course, I had my practice time! :)
I had relaxed warm up time on Trombone.
I felt happy! ;)

I also practiced on Euphonium, and I cleaned inside of my Euphonium in the evening. :)

It seems much better now!!
I feel good for future! ;)
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