Visiting to Matsuyama

I visited my hometown Matsuyama with my wife Ai last Friday.

It was fantastic day!! :D




Our hometown is same, Matsuyama!




The reason of we decided to visit Matsuyama this time is we heard that our favorite noodle shop(restaurant) decided to close the end of September(in few days).


We both love that noodle, Oden and boss.

So, why not go to Matsuyama to taste last our favorite noodle and meet boss. ;)


We know boss for many years and we know each other personally, so it was important for us to visit there and taste them and say thank you to boss in person.


These are our favorite noodles!!!




And Oden! :)




It was great moment!! :D

We are very happy!!! ;)



I called my friends to get together in Matsuyama, and we had nice practice time together. :)

We'll play together in March in Matsuyama, so it was nice opportunity to practice together! ;)



It was very fun and happy time!! :D




I like this picture very much! ;)




After practice, we had very nice dinner!

We really enjoyd foods and talks. :D




I visited another our favorite restaurant yesterday just before return to Osaka.

There are our favorite Udon noodle and Okonomi-yaki!!! :D





Thank you my friends in Matsuyama!!

We had fantastic time there with you! :D ;)


It's not easy to come to Matsuyama often, but I don't want to miss chances.

I'm very happy to live with fantastic woman as my wife who has same sense of values. :)


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Hard work!

I've been occupied with my orchestra works last 12 days.

It was very hard, but I enjoyed my rehearsals and concerts. ;)


We visited Okayama for 2 concerts.

It's nice to visit other cities. ;)




After returned from Okayama, I had rehearsal for opera performance which will be performed next week.

There are many different pieces that we perform, so I need to concentrate well. :)



For next 3 months, there are many concerts and tours, so I take care of myself and keep enjoying my music life!! :D


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I'm in Okayama with my orchestra now.

It's middle of very hard orchestra schedule, but it's good to visit other cities to refreshing. :)


Blue sky in Soja city. ;)




This was my new Trombone's debut concert!! :D




I found little Autumn before the concert. ;)



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New item

I've been occupied with my orchestra works these days, but I'm enjoying working on Euphonium too! ;)

It makes me refreshed! :D




With the orchestra, I was with Alto Trombone this week.



I had pain on my finger by playing on Alto Trombone long time, but I found good item for avoiding that finally.

It works well! ;)




My orchestra works continue more few days.

I take care of myself and keep work well! :)


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Enjoying my favorite season and music!

My loving season is NOW "Autumn"!! :D

Everything makes me happy and comfortable! ;)




I'm occupied with Alto Trombone now in the orchestra, so I had good practice time on Tenor Trombone. ;)




I'm on the program with Schumann's Symphony No.3(and some more of course).

This is my first time to perform this in the orchestra, but I'm enjoying it!! :D



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Enjoying operas

I just finished our opera performances last weekend, but there was one more (other) opera rehearsal yesterday.

I like to perform operas and ballets, but twice a year is enough for me. ;)


Anyway, I enjoyed my rehearsal. :D




This was my first orchestra rehearsal with my new Trombone!! ;)

I feel very good! :D


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Opera performances are done!

Opera performances are done yesterday! :D

I like the atomosphere of Opera, or Ballet performances. ;)

It's exciting!! :D



I enjoyed opera performances on Alto Trombone!! ;)



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A lot of interesting thing!

I'm enjoying exciting and happy time everyday.

It seems busy, but I'm really enjoying them! ;)


Because of raining and typhoon, I couldn't do my farm works for days, but I finally did some works there.

I'm looking forward to tasting our garlics in few months!!! :D ;)




My new Trombone sounds great!

I feel very happy on it! ;)




Euphonium teaching goes well.

My students are working hard for their examination now. :)




I finally meet, talk and listen my friend Peter(Steiner) in person in Osaka!! :D

It was great to see him and I really enjoyed their performances!!

Bravo Peter!! :D



It was also nice to have nice Osaka typical food after listeing great concert! ;)




And now, I'm in Opera performance time.

It's always very exciting feeling when we perform Operas. :D




I joined my wife Ai's wind band rehearsal after my opera performance yesterday.

It's not often I play in wind band, so it's nice to feel something different and having fun! :D



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Thank you!!

Opera, General Rehearsal Day 1 yesterday.

I feel OK in the orchestra pit. :)




After rehearsal, I immiediately backed home and went to the Osaka station with my family.

My mother planned to take bus to Tokyo last night, so we had dinner near Osaka station.

It's always very happy to have nice meals with beloved family. :D


After dinner, we moved to bus terminal.



My mother stayed in Osaka only a week this time, but we had very good and happy time together.

Thank you for your visit!!! :D


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Solo concert with Piano

I had solo concert with Piano yesterday.


I spent very relaxed time in the morning. :)

There were many different shapes of clouds in the sky.




My concert was in the chapel in the very good hotel in Osaka.

I felt very nice in that kind of atmosphere. ;)




There were my friends from Taiwan!! :)

They stayed in Osaka after their wind band concert, so they could come! :D ;)



With pianist Rena after our concert. :)

Thank you for your great performance and support!! ;)



I was so happy to perform for a lot of audience.

I appreciate staffs and very warm and wonderful audience. :D

Thank you very much!! :)


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