Under the blue sky

It was great day yesterday! :D

Blue sky always gives me a lot of energy for the day!! ;)



My mission in the morning was "Haircut" for my sons.

I'm very used to do it and we all are very happy!! :D




The day is getting long. :)

This picture was taken around 17:00. It's still bright!! :D




I had very good practice on Trombone! :)

It was with some challenging pieces. ;)




I love this kind of sky color.

It's fantastic!! ;)



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Great day!

I really enjoyed playing catch ball with my sons yesterday. :D

We were used to playing together like that, but we didn't make chance to do that for more than a year.

They are getting busy like an adult! ;)



It was realy nice day like Summer!! :D



The park where we went was great place to feel nature with very relaxed feeling!! :)






They are wonderful guys!! ;)




I washed my Tenor Trombone and Euphonium after lunch.

It's always very hard work, but it's really necessary. :)



I could practice with very happy feeling with very clean instruments!! :D



What a nice holiday!! :D


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Making my life always better

I love to be in nature and to feel nature in my life. :)

I'm not so occupied with my orchestra now, so I'm really enjoying to feel nature around. :)


Blue sky gives me good energy for the day in the morning! ;)



Nature energy is so powerful with relaxed mood. :D

This is what I want at my performance and my life. ;)




Sky color is so beautiful. :)




I went to listen wind band concert yesterday.



It was very good and I enjoyed their nice performances.

But it was way too long... :(


It was about 3.5 hours!!!(with only one intermission)

I can't stand from my seat while its concert except intermission.

My body was so tired...

Making concert program is very important for not only performers, for audience as well!! :)



My Euphonium class at the ESA Music Academy goes very well. :)



I give them private lessons and group lessons both.

I'm very exciting to work with them!! :D


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Very nice day

It was very nice day yesterday! :)

I had relaxed morning with desk works and practice with peaceful feeling. ;)




I went to listen the concert by Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra in the evening in Kyoto.

It was great! I enjoyed it a lot! :D



Also I really enjoyed meetings with my old friends a lot at the concert hall. :D

It was very nice to meet them!

I felt really happy to have such a wonderful friends!! :)


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It's already May!!

I can't believe it... Time flies so fast. :O


It means the year 2017 went its 1/3 now.

Wow!! :)


I'm trying to make everyday full of joy and happiness.

I keep doing so last 2/3 as well! ;)



I'm enjoying my practice yesterday too! :D

I had good time with very relaxed feeling. ;)




It's always very happy to be with nice nature view.

There is the moon in this picture. ;)



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Happy days!

I'm enjoying my free days with wonderful weather!! :D




My practice goes very well everyday both on Euphonium and Trombone!! :D

On Euphonium, I found one place what I need to work hard.

I'm used to play with multiphonics, but in this Concerto, notes are too close for me.

I need to work for it!! :)



On Trombone, I had good practice with my student Hiroya with this Hungarian Trombone book! ;)

This is very useful!!! :D

I like it! ;)




What a peaceful view. :)




I had very happy and fun dinner with friends who are living in Osaka and they all are from Ehime!! :D



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Enjoying Euphonium life too!

I'm occupied as the Trombone player in the orchestra, but I'm working as the Euphonium player(as clinician and soloist) as well.

I'm enjoying my Trombone performing in the orchestra, but also I'm enjoying my Euphonium performing as soloist and clinician. :)


Practicing on Euphonium refreshs my mind and my body for performing on Trombone in many ways(I can say the opposite).


I'm enjoying to practice on some old pieces(which I didn't play for many years) for both Trombone and Euphonium these days.

It was nice to work on these pieces.

I found many things what I got better from then. :)




I just received new Euphonium Concerto which I bought a week ago.

It's always very exciting to work on new thigns!! :D




I'm Euphonium tutor at the ESA Music Academy in Osaka.

This is my Euphonium class this year.

We make nice class!! :D



I'll continue to work hard on both Trombone and Euphonium!! :D


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Enjoyed my music life!

I enjoyed my orchestra works after great and very relaxed holidays!! :D


Hard works and relaxed holidays, both are very important for our life.

I really felt that last few weeks. ;)



I enjoyed orchestra rehearsals! :)



The concert day was rain... :(

This is my raining day style. ;)



Concert was in very nice looking concert hall! ;)



There were 2 concerts a day(in the afternoon and the evening).

It was not easy day, but I enjoyed it! :)




I'll be in holidays period again for about 2 weeks. :D

There are many things what I want to do in this period, so I'm very exciting!! :D


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Had wonderful weekend!

I had wonderful weekend!! :D

It was my birthday(April 22nd).

I had really fun time with my friends. ;)


Had very nice lunch at Osaka station. :)





We visited the music shop for my friend for buying his mouthpiece(for Flugelhorn).

I enjoyed music shop visiting!! :D


After that, we enjoyed shopping at Costco and had hotdog!! :D




We had big dinner party!! :D

It was great to share fun time with good friends! ;)





On Sunday, we had very relaxed time at my favorite park in the morning. ;)

It was very nice day!!! :D



These are pictures from my favorite park. :)
















I really enjoyed my fantastic weekend!!! :D

Nice to close the day with this sunset view. ;)




Orchestra rehearsal began today(on Monday), so I prepared for that in the evening. :)



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Having good practice!

During my free days from my orchestra, I really enjoy my life with family, food and music!! :D


There were some works what I needed to do during this period, and I finished most of them now and I'm ready to enjoy my time. ;)


I'm enjoying my practice both on Trombone and Euphonium(and sometimes on Bass Trumpet!).

I'm working for old and new pieces these days. :)




I think I'm ready to give concerts(recitals) now!

It's very exciting to imagine my future concerts! ;)


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