Had good time with Toby

BSO(Boston Symphony Orchestra) was in Osaka yesterday as a part of their Japan tour.

It's pity that I couldn't listen their concert(I knew about this concert too late...), but it was very nice to meet and had coffee together with Toby(Oft) who is the Principal Trombone of the BSO before concert. :)



It's always very nice to have conversation with Trombone player from the orchestra and talk about our job and life.

It's so pity that they only stay several hours only for performing concert and didn't stay in Osaka this time...


I really hope that they stay in Osaka next time and we have longer time for enjoying our friendship!! :D

Thank you Toby for making time for me! ;)



I joined my wife Ai's wind band rehearsal in the evening.

It's tough to play in the wind band! :D

But it was enjoyable time. ;)



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Enjoyed all day!

I had enjoyable time with Euphonium student in the morning yesterday. :)

She might be my new student at the ESA music academy next year. ;)




I love Autumn and I also like to see sky especially in Autumn. :)

Sky view never stay same(it always changes).

It's same as music(sound)!!




I enjoyed very happy and delicious lunch at home with my wife Ai. :D

It was wonderful time!! ;)




After having big nap, I saw nice sunset view. :)




And I had hard practice on Trombone in the evening. :)

Worked on Concertos.

I felt really good!! ;)



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Enjoying happy days

My orchestra's school concert tour goes well.

We did 4 concerts this week and more 2 concerts left which will be next week. ;)


I needed to change train few times yesterday morning for going to school.

I had to wait 25 mins for next train!

It's not normal in Japan I think...


But it was not bad to be in nice countryside area. :)



It was very old train which I took yesterday.

Big fan was there. :)




I felt really nice with this nice blue sky! :D




Concert with the program by L.Bernstein is always exciting and fun!! :D




I cleaned my Euphonium in the evening.

Everything is clean now!

I'm ready!! :D



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Enjoy music under blue sky

I'm enjoying wonderful days!! :D

What a lovely blue sky! ;)




My orchestra's school concert tour goes well.

It's fun to enjoy music with young generations(elementary school students). :D



View from the school. :)

Nice!! ;)




I had very good practice in the evening.

It's very nice to maintain my performance condition by practicing. ;)




Sunset view was also very nice! ;)



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Love good day!!

I feel very happy in good day!! :D


It's not hot, but not cold.

It means fantastic day!!! :D


I'm enjoying my orchestra's school concert tour in Kyoto. :)



Performing in the place which is not concert hall is not comfortable of course, but it's interesting sometimes. :)



Closing fantastic day by nice sky view. ;)



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Happy days

My orchestra accompanied big star "Edita Gruberova" few days ago.


I enjoyed performing overture as well. ;)




It was fantastic concert!!! :D

I can't explain how it was great, but it was real art! ;)



I was very moved.



I'm having enjoyable music days both on Trombone and Euphonium. :)

I make my life nicer everyday!! :D




My orchestra started school concert tour in Kyoto yesterday. :)

It was great morning sky view in the first day's morning!! ;)



It was fantastic day!! :D



Program is music by L.Bernstein! ;)

Fun!! :D



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Welcome back!

My son Asahi was in hospital for about 2 weeks, but he finally backed to home last weekend!! :D



It was not easy time for him, but he enjoyed those hard days in his good way.

I'm proud of him! ;)


This is one memory of his hospital life. :)



We all are very happy for his back!!! :D



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Walking in my favorite park

I had very nice walking time with my wife Ai in my favorite park yesterday. :D

I love this peaceful park. ;)




I found some mushrooms. :)







I charged very good energy. :D

I work hard for making nice music!! ;)


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Enjoying music days

There was very big typhoon which passed Japan few days ago.

I got some troubles by very hard rain by this typhoon, but there is no serious troubles fortunately. :)


I feel so happy by seeing this blue sky after typhoon passed. :D




My orchestra life goes well.

We are working on new piece which is commissioned by my orchestra. :)

Concert(World Premier) is tonight!! :D



Other program is Symphony No.3 by J.Brahms.

I like to perform compositions by J.Brahms on Alto Trombone.

So I enjoy music with this! ;)



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Lucky man

I'm having kind of busy days with rehearsals and concerts, but I'm trying to enjoy them. :)


My Euphonium practice goes well. ;)



It's not easy to balance between Trombone and Euphonium, but it's necessary to make it for me.

So, my private practice is very important for making my life good. :)



I'm enjoying my concerts. :)

I always feel that I'm so lucky man to perform in nice concert halls as job. :)




I appreciate things around me and keep enjoying my music life!! :)


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