Enjoying new thing

I had night walking at my favorite park few days ago with my wife Ai and found "Sakura(cherry blossoms)"

This Spring is very warm, so we found nice Sakura earlier than usual years. :)






I bought new printer(because my printer was broken few weeks ago), so I changed furniture's position in my room.

It was hard work, but I'm happy with my new office!! :D




Practice in new looking room is good!! :D



I'll continue working hard!! :D


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Waiting for new thing

I'm enjoying warm Spring days everyday! :)


I bought new printer(old one was brolen few weeks ago...) and I'm waiting its coming today!

I need big printer for my publisher company, so I'll change my room's looking(furniture's position) today after its arrival.

It would be big work!! :D



My practice went well everyday!

I feel very happy. :)



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Orchestra Day

There were 2 concerts in the morning and in the afternoon yesterday.

It was one of the event "Orchestra Day" in Japan.

I think there are many orchestra concerts in Japan yesterday. :)


It's always not easy to give 2 concerts a day.

I need to find better way for saving my energy and concentration. :)




I had relaxed evening with family yesterday. :)

I was very exhausted by performing concerts and taking train in the station which had many people(because it's Spring vacation in Japan now)...

I'm refreshed today! :D


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New car arrived!

It's very nice to start the day with this blue sky. :D




My new car arrived yesterday!!

My family and I are very happy to welcome our new car! :D


It's very nice and I feel very happy with that. ;)

I keep drive safe!



I had well-concentrated practice on Trombone in the evening.

Everything went well! ;)



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Hot day

It was hot(not warm!) day yesterday.

I didn't need jacket. :)

I don't like humid and crazy hot day in summer, but yesterday was nice for me! ;)



I had enjoyable time at the ESA Music Academy during my individual Euphonium lesson in the afternoon.

I feel happy that I can support young players by my experience. :)




We couldn't see clear sky all the day yesterday.

It was pity, but OK. ;)




I enjoyed ice cream after dinner with my family.

This is one of my favorite ice cream! ;)



Hot day makes us want something cold(and sweet!). :D



After sweet time, I enjoyed my hard practice on Trombone! :D

I like to work on French etudes. ;)



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Happy day

It's very nice and important time for me that practicing in "free day" between orchestra's concert/rehearsal. :)

I have a lot of thing what I want to try!

Of course on both Trombone and Euphonium. :)


I keep enjoying my practicing! :D




I went to listen Trombone recital which is by my friend Akikazu(Toita) last night.

It was nice!

I really enjoy his performance!! :D

Bravo Akikazu! ;)




I had happy moment with my wife Ai, my friend Takayoshi and cherry blossoms after listening recital. :)

It was very happy day!! :D



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Spring arrived!

It's getting warm day by day in Japan and I'm feeling very good everyday! :D

What a peaceful time!



Nice sunset view. ;)




Of course I'm enjoying my performing life. :D




I had very nice time with my wife Ai at our favorite park near my flat.

We felt "Spring". :D








I love this view. ;)



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After an accident

After fun concert and great time with nice musicians in Fukui, my car was broken on my way home next day... :(

Car is very important for my life, so I immediately went to car shop and looked for new car.


I already decided next car and I'm waiting its coming now. :)

It's so pity that my old car is broken suddenly, but it's very exciting to wait new car!! ;)

This is my next car!




I spent very busy days for new car things, but it's done now, so I'm enjoying good days. :)

It's getting warm day by day.





When there is trouble, but music gives me good and relaxed time.

That's helpful!! :)


I worked on new piece for Euphonium which is composed by my Tuba friend Thierry. ;)

It's fun! :D




Performing in the orchestra is always fun! ;)



I hope my new car joins our life in few day! ;)


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Concert in Fukui

I had busy, but very very enjoyable time last few days!!


On Saturday in the morning, I had happy time with my younger son Hiiro. :)

Went to shop for picking my new suit up and went to McDonald's for breakfast by his request. ;)




After that happy time, I drove to Fukui for rehearsals with wind bands for the concert on Sunday in Fukui.

It was very nice day and I enjoyed my driving time. :)


I arrived to Fukui on time and I had little relaxed time at the hotel before rehearsals.

View from my hotel room. :)




I had little practice just before go to rehearsals. ;)



Rehearsals went well and I had very nice dinner time with my host and friends from Osaka! :)




Concert was on Sunday.

It was hard day...


I had rehearsals for my solo with 2 wind bands in the morning and gave masterclass to 3 students in the first half of afternoon before concert.

I performed "Blue Bells of Scotland" by A.Pryor on Trombone and "Pantomime" by P.Sparke on Euphonium in the concert. :)

It was long day for me, but I enjoyed it a lot!



With Maestros.





With another guest artist and my friend Yoshie. :)

She did good job!!



At the party. ;)

I met her first time in Budapest(Hungary) when she and I lived in Hungary about 14 years ago.

It was 3rd time we met that time in Fukui, but it was our first time to meet each other in Japan!! :)


We both were invited to same band festival by accident.

Festival host didn't know that we are friend.

It was very nice surprise for us!! :D



I really enjoyed nice things in Fukui. ;)




Picture at the end of party after concert with band members. :)

It was really fun time!!



I hope to back to Fukui for other performance opportunity in near future! :)

Thank you for everything Fukui people! :D


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Preparing for solos

I had kind of busy day yesterday, but had good practice time in the evening both on Trombone and Euphonium.



I have solo performances on Sunday in Fukui.

I'll perform "Blue Bells of Scotland" on Trombone and "Pantomime" on Euphonium with wind band(in one concert!).

I'm so excited in performing them!! :D



I wrote one small article on theme of "Do you know your basis practice is for what?" as Trombone/Euphonium player for Japanese famous wind band magazine "Band Journal".

There are Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba and Percussion players wrote about same theme.



It's interesting that only Ryoichi(Tamaki, Tuba of Sapporo Symphony) and I mentioned about breathing as an important point on basis practice. :)


Viva, Low brass!! :D


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