Had really good time

My orchestra's tour in Niigata and Iwate are over with very nice days. :)

It was hard tour, but I really enjoyed performing and being in nice nature. ;)



View in Miyako city, Iwate. :)




I continued my own practice in the hotel room. :)




This was our last concert in this tour.

I was happy for performing nice pieces almost everyday! :)




We were so lucky with fantastic weather!! :D






I prepared for next concert after last concert. :)

Go next!! :D



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No Concert day

I had a day with no concert(but there was rehearsal) in the middle of our tour this time.


It was nice to stay in the hotel until late morning.

I spent good time with my job "ironing". ;)




I moved to Miyako city from Morioka city by bus.

It took about 2.5 hours, but it was nice to take bus in nice nature views. :D





I practiced little bit after taking some rest in the hotel in Miyako. :)




Then, there was rehearsal in the evening.

It was very hard day!! :)




Maestro had very nice T-shirt! ;)

Awesome!! :D



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First arriving to Iwate

I enjoyed staying in Niigata.

I gave school concert in Niigata city and after that, moved to Morioka(Iwate) yesterday.


It was enjoyable concert as always! ;)




Views from Shinkansen between Niigata and Saitama.

It was fantastic day! :D





It took many hours moving between Niigata to Morioka via Saitama.

I arrived to Morioka station in the evening.



It's my first visit to Iwate(Morioka).

I make good memories and experience in Iwate! ;)


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Concert tour started

My orchestra's school concert tour is started in Niigata this week.

We visited to Sadogashima(island in Niigata) for concert.

It was fun to take boat! :)



There are full of nature in Sadogashima.

I love it! ;)





I enjoyed concert with many young people! :D




It was nice day!

Not hot, not humid, it was just fine!!! :D




I love this view. :)




I practiced for solo work little bit in the hotel room after backed to hotel.

It was nice to work with metronome and good concentration! ;)



Our busy days will be continued. ;)


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Travel to Niigata

My orchestra's school concert tour started this week again.

This time is in Niigata.



I needed to change train in Tokyo, so I moved to Tokyo one day before and stayed my brother's house. :)

It was nice to have Syabu Syabu dinner with my brother in Tokyo. :D




I moved to Niigata from Tokyo next day.

It was very nice day for traveling! :D






I practiced in the hotel room after I arrived to Niigata and prepared for tour. :)

I felt very good!! ;)




This is my first visit to Niigata.

It seems it's nice city!! :D



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Enjoying hard days

It's not easy to balance for work hard and rest well.

I'm occupied a lot of things right now and feel hard to make good rest to my body and mind.


But I'm enjoying working hard because my work is making good music. ;)

I'm sure that I love music. :)



I had concert in Nara two days ago.

It's not often we give concert in Nara.


It was nice to travel to Nara with nice country view from train and walk in the city in Nara. :)




Concert was with the program of John Williams.

All movie music by him like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman and more.


As you can imagine easily(if you are a brass player), it was very tough!!!

I don't think we enjoy playing music... I was just thinking "Do all of them somehow well".



I was so exhausted when concert was done...

That was not healthy program for musician(especially for brass player).



I had very good time in Osaka with Australian Euphonium player Fletcher(Mitchell) yesterday. :D



It was first real meeting for us, but it was very nice and I enjoyed talking with him very much. :)

I hope we can play together next time!! :D



After that, I was occupied with orchestra rehearsal.



Until the middle of July, I would be busy like this.

So I need to be smart enough to survive this hard period!!


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Enjoying happy week.

I'm really enjoying hvery happy week now. :)

My mother who lives in New Zealand is visiting Japan and she stays my house in Osaka this week.

All my family loves her and we had really happy time everyday!! :D



I was working hard too even I was occupied with my mother. ;)




Orchestra rehearsal was for the program which made by all John Williams compositions. :)

That's cool, but very tough!!




This is yesterday's sunset view.

I love this view so much. ;)




We had very very happy dinner yesterday with my student Hiroya and my mother.

It was fantastic time!! :D



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Enjoying Trombone and Euphonium both!

There was concert with game music on Sunday.

There are many pieces in the program, so rehearsal was long.



It was nice to see this kind of view after long rehearsal. :)




Concert was 2 time, and both 2 times were full house!! :D

It was fun! ;)




I met my old colleague from junior high school age at the concert accidentally!!

She was one of its staff.


It was big surprise!! :D

I enjoyed our conversation with her. ;)




It was Euphonium day yesterday! :)

We had very nice time and worked hard together!!



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School concert tour part 1 is done

My orchestra's school concert tour part 1 was ended yesterday in Ishikawa.


There were 4 concerts and we were so lucky that all day was fine day!! :D

It was not too hot, just fine! ;)


I was so happy under such a fantastic blue sky. :)







Concert with L.Bernstein program every day was kind of tough, but I enjoyed them. :)




There are many nice places in Ishikawa!!

I want to return there again soon. ;)




It was great day yesterday too. :)




My Trombone seems happy everyday with nice weather condition! ;)




It was so nice to see such a nice sky view after concert! :)




And I backed to Osaka last night.

Sunset view from train window. ;)




I feel that my body is stil tired, but I have long rehearsal today... and 2 times concert tomorrow.

Life is not easy... ;)


But life with music is great!

I'll enjoy them! :)


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On the tour

I'm on my orchestra tour for school concerts and I'm visiting in Toyama and Ishikawa this week. :)


On Monday morning, I left Osaka.

It was fantastic day, so I enjoyed my journey by train to Ishikawa.






After I checked in the hotel, had little rest and had good practice with good concentration. :)




Then, walked for 40 mins for this my favorite spicy noodle! ;)

There are many fantastic typical food in Kanazawa, but eating favorite thing is always FINE!! :D




After favorite dinner on my way back to hotel, I found very nice park in the center of city. :)

It's very peaceful. ;)





Concert tour started on Tuesday.

It's always my big pleasure to give concerts to young people. :)


The first school we visited was in the country. :)



I'm enjoying L.Bernstein program everyday! ;)



I was very lucky to have fantastic days(not too hot!)!! :D




I love this view. ;)



The first period of this year's tour will be ended by tomorrow's concert.

I'll enjoy concerts with young audiences!! :)


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