Enjoyed my relaxed day

It's rainy period in Japan now, but it was very nice day yesterday in Osaka. :)




It was free day yesterday for me, so I had relaxed time. :)

I enjoyed my favorite sweets before lunch. ;)




I've been occupied by playing in the orchestra these days, so I was happy to work on Euphonium at home. :D ;)




I stayed in hotel last night for next day's rehearsal, so I practiced on Trombones in the hotel room in the late afternoon. :)

Everything goes well. :D



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School concert tour in Nagasaki is done

I had good concerts in Nagasaki during our orchestra's school concert tour.

It was very hot and humid day, so it was not easy to perform in good feeling and good shape at all, but we could make good concerts because children's happy smiles made us in good shape and well-concentrated! :)


It was rain, but it's still nice view. :)




I was feeling I'm in good shape everyday except very humid teather. :)




Practice in hotel room after concert went very well and it makes me very comfortable. ;)




Concert for school children is always nice.

I got many positive energy and happy feeling by them.



My first visit to Sasebo(Nagasaki) was very nice.

I want to come back there again someday. ;)



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School concert tour in Nagasaki started

It was our first day of school concert tour in Nagasaki yesterday. :)

It was very nice day!! :D




I found this percussion board in music room in the school.

I think it's a smart idea. :)

Children put them into right place after playing. ;)




Concert went well and I was so happy to see many smiles of children. :D



It continues until thursday. :)


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To Sasebo

It was traveling day yesterday.

There is the orchestra's school concert tour in Sasebo(Nagasaki) this week, so I traveled to Sasebo.

It was very nice day!! :D




It's long way to Sasebo from Osaka.

But nice view makes me relaxed. ;)




5.5 hours later, I finally arrived to Sasebo!! :D

It was wonderful day and the city seems very nice! ;)




I had well-concentrated practice in the hotel room after little break. :)




Sasebo city is very nice!

I walked by the sea after practice.

I felt very nice!! :D



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All day teaching in Kyoto

I had very enjoyable time with the member of Murasakino high school wind band in Kyoto yesterday. :)


They are working on a kind of hard works now, so it was very good to work with them for many different things with good concentration. :D


With Trombone section. :)



With Euphonium section. :)



I hope their practice goes better from today with new ideas by yesterday's lesson. ;)


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Had an enjoyable day

I made haircut for my son in the morning yesterday. :)


He is 18 years old now and he still asks me to cut his hair.

He said he would ask me that until he become 20 years old. ;)




I enjoyed my Trombone practice in the morning before go to the ESA music academy for giving Euphonium lesson for visiting students.



Giving lesson and explain about my teaching at the ESA music academy to visiting students went well.

I hope they will join us to work together near future. :)



After that, I tried new Trombone from German company "LITTIN" at the music shop.

It's very easy to control and nice horn.

It is not actually my taste, but it's very qualified Trombone for many musicians for sure! :)



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Working everyday hard

I wanted to have big rest after big concert on Thursday, but there was another orchestra rehearsal yesterday.

It was for the school concert tour which will be started next week. :)


I'll enjoy the music of S.Prokofiev next week very much! :)



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Very happy with new thing

I cleaned my Euphonium yesterday morning. :)

I felt really good with my clean Euphonium!! :D ;)




And I putted new thing on my piston valve springs.

New thing is this!!



For avoiding resonance between spring and piston valve, and also between spring and valve cap, it works very well! :D

I use it like this. :)



I'm very happy with this!! ;)



There was the orchestra concert last night.

I enjoyed music by A.Copland and H.Villa-Lobos. ;)



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Having time before the rehearsal

One day, I had more time than usual in the morning before go to the orchestra rehearsal(because of the order of rehearsal).


It was nice to have little more time in the morning. :)

I did some desk works and warmed up peacefully.

I was ready for the rehearsal in good shape! ;)




Orchestra rehearsals went well. :)



Concert is today! :D


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Enjoyed different things

I took some official pictures at the studio last week.

It was hard work, but fun time too! :D




After photo session about 4 hours(selecting pics after taking pics took time much), I enjoyed my favorite thing for lunch! :D




Practicing on basis is very important and I feel good with these works. ;)




It was very fine day yesterday.




And I enjoyed the orchestra rehearsal after about a month break. ;)




I closed the day with beatiful view from my farm. :)




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