Back to the Orchestra works

I backed to my orchestra works yesterday. :)

It was after a week which was no orchestra works.

It was a kind of fresh feeling! ;)



Before go to rehearsal, I had good practice time for basis at home. :)

It was very hot as usual, but I felt good on working basis carefully.




Orchestra rehearsal was for next Monday's concert.

I felt good! :D



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Work hard with happy feeling

I had enjoyable day yesterday. :)


I shared good time by giving Euphonium individual lessons at ESA music academy in the morning.

They are working very serious and hard, so it's easy to concentrate on their works. :)




It's very hot everyday and hard to keep myself healthy.

We should be smart for feeling good in this crazy hot days. ;)




I had good selection time at YAMAHA Atelier Osaka for my new Trombone yesterday afternoon. :D




I'm very happy and excited in welcoming my new buddy!! :D

I found very nice one, and I ask them for customizing it.

So I need to wait more few weeks for that, but very happy for waiting that!! ;)



I got fine vegetables from our farm yesterday!



They are beautiful!! :D



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Enjoying my activities

I'm enjoying my music activities everyday! :D

But it's more than 35 degrees everyday... it's very hard to survive!! ;)




I'm working hard on teaching and performing both.

Both is one of my favorite activities in my life. ;)


After lesson at the ESA music academy. :)



With Hirakata-Nagisa high school brass section. :)



With Euphonium and low woodwind members of Murasakino high school wind band. :)



With Trombone section of Murasakino high school wind band. :)



I also work hard on my own practice! :D




I'm trying to make good balance between Trombone and Euphonium! ;)



Of course, my orchestra works go well. :)

It was very nice to perform "Der Rosenkavalier" excerpts at the concert. ;)



I hope I continue this wonderful works! :)



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Special day

July 23rd is special day for me. :)

It was very nice day with blue sky! :D




I enjoyed VERY sweaty practice at noon.

I felt very nice to work on both Trombone and Euphonium! :D




News from our farm.

Tomatos is getting red finally!!! :D




It was our wedding anniversary yesterday!!! :D

We had very good dinner together.

I'm so happy to be family with such a wonderful people! ;)



Thank you for being family with me.

I love you~!!



It was also the day that my father in Europe and mentor Mel(Culbertson)'s anniversary of death.

It has been 7 years already...


Cheers to Mel with our favorite whisky last night. ;)



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Farmer's life

I'm surviving crazy hot days for more than a week.



It's very hard life, but I'm taking care of myself and my family. :)



Our farm is growing up very well. :D






Our first corn!! :D ;)





It was very very sweet!! :)







We are very happy for OUR vegetables and being in nature. ;)



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Enjoyed sightseeing

My wife, Ai's mother visited us to Osaka from Matsuyama for 2 days and we had good sightseeing with her in Osaka and Kyoto. :)


First day was for Osaka.

We visited Kuchu Teien(Sky Garden).



It was not really fine day, but we could enjoy nice view. :)



It was hot day, but we enjoyed good time together. :)




Second day was for Kyoto! :)

It was good day, but it was too hot...



We visirted Fushimi-Inari in Kyoto in the morning.

There were already a lot of people in the morning. :)




I love to be in nature like this. :D






My son was with us and enjoyed Kyoto!! :D




It was very nice to see 3 different sky views. ;)





It was happy 2 days!! :D


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Very happy!!

I'm surviving very hot days these days.

I'm lucky because I have my car.

I don't walk under this crazy strong Sun with over 33 degrees... :(




I worked for e-mailings and contacting to many people in the morning, but I finally concentrated on my practice at noon!! :D

I worked on some solo pieces for my little solo concerts in few months! ;)




I was very very happy to see that my paprikas are changing their color to yellow from green yesterday!! :D

They've been green for many days, and I was worried that I should get them like pimento. ;)

I hope they'll be yellow or red soon!! :D



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Hard practice

It's real Summer in Japan now!

It's about 33 degrees(even more often!) everyday and blue sky is like this. ;) 




I had really hard practice with my student Hiroya yesterday afternoon.

We mostly worked on etude with octaves.

I sometimes do this kind of practice by myself, but it works better if you do more than two people.


I love to practice hard, so I'm so satisfied! ;)



In the last part of practice, we played some duos, and I made video recording for one of them.

Watch it from here! :D



After that, we had very delicious Korean BBQ dinner at home. :D ;)

I enjoyed my day!! :)



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Good day!

Finally I could see blue sky after crazy raining for several days.

I felt very happy!! :)



I saw clouds like Summer yesterday.

Summer is there! ;)




I supported high school student for her new Trombone choosing.

It's not easy for her to select good one for her.

It was my pleasure to support those activities. :D


We are happy that she met very nice one!! :D




In the late afternoon, I visirted our farm with my family.

We were worried about our farm because there was crazy strong and long raining for several days.

But, there was not serious damages there. :)


Everything seems OK! ;)






It was also nice to see sunset view. :)



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Hard concerts, but happy!

Yesterday's concerts(twice a day!) was with Russian program.


It seems hard, and YES! it was hard!! :D

But I spent good time with good concentration both concerts. ;)



My students(Euphonium students) from ESA music academy(with their friend who plays Trombone) and my old friend came to listen concert!!

I was very happy! ;)



I hope they enjoy our concert! :)



After concert, I had happy dinner with my wife Ai and our old friend Kumao. ;)



I keep working hard for make nice music!! :D


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