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From Malmo(Sweden)
I'm in Malmo(Sweden) now.
Before Malmo, I traveled Aarhus(Denmark), Paris, Lyon(France) and Santa Pola(near Alicante in Spain).

There are so many things happend during my tour. I write for those things later.

I take orchestral audition for Malmo Symphony Orchestra tomorrow.
This is the final event on this tour.
I'm ready for it!!!

Well, I go to bed with crossing my fingers:)

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Good jo~b (^_-)-☆
You spent a pleasant time,I think.
"Now" is important.I want to enjoy now. Always I hope so.

Take care of yourself!

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Japan.:)
| HATSUMIN | 2011/06/02 9:36 AM |

Thanks for your message!
Yes, I really enjoyed my stay in Europe!!

I got a lot of energy by conversation with my old friends in this tour.
I'm sure it helps my life in Japan in future.

See you soon!!
| Pepe | 2011/06/03 1:10 PM |

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