Love to practice

I've been loving to practice for myself since I was 13 years old(when I started to play the Euphonium).

I always have my goal in my mind and I love to walk(run?) to there at anytime!

My goal is always very far, but it's never too far! ;)



I enjoyed my practice yesterday too. ;)



Worked on Bassoon etudes for Euphonium.

It works very well. :)




I gave Euphonium private lesson in the afternoon at the ESA music academy in Osaka.

It's always my big pleasure working with them. :)




It was not fine day yesterday.

We got very hard rain sometimes during the day.

It's very unstable weather thesedays.




Dinner was my favorite "Home made Gyoza"!! :D

It was yummy!!!



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Had very nice holiday!

I had free day yesterday after more than 20 days working day. :D

It was very nice to stay at home with full of peaceful feeling. :)


I spent very happy time with my family. ;)



But weather was not fine. :(

It was very unstable weather...




I had very enjoyable practice time in the evening.

It was very nice and I enjoyed working on both Trombone and Euphonium. :D




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Enjoying my music life without orchestra

I'm free from my orchestra works for a week now after very very hard days more than 2 weeks.

And now, it's time to work for teaching! ;)


I had really good time in high school wind band in Kyoto with Trombone and Euphonium section. :D





I'm also having good practice time for myself. :)

I feel very happy when I'm practicing. ;)




It has been very hot days everyday.

But sky view is nice! ;)





My younger son had his birthday and he became 14 years old!

What a happy feeling being with fantastic family!! :D



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Very hard tour is done!

Very hard school concert tour is finally over! :D

It was very tough, but I survived!!


I can say, it's not good idea at all to perform in the school gymnasium with more than 35 degrees!!!





I could make my practice time in the hotel room during tour. ;)




It's in rainy time in Japan now, but we didn't have rain day during tour!! :)

We were so lucky! :D







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In busy days

I had rehearsals for Beethoven 6th just after our concert tour in North Japan.

I'm in very hard days these days, and it stil continues...


Enjoying performing on Alto Trombone. ;)



Backed home from one week concert tour and feel really nice by seeing this view. :)



Rehearsal, day 2.



Sunset view after typhoon went out. ;)



I try to be in good shape and make nice music everyday! :D


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Had really good time

My orchestra's tour in Niigata and Iwate are over with very nice days. :)

It was hard tour, but I really enjoyed performing and being in nice nature. ;)



View in Miyako city, Iwate. :)




I continued my own practice in the hotel room. :)




This was our last concert in this tour.

I was happy for performing nice pieces almost everyday! :)




We were so lucky with fantastic weather!! :D






I prepared for next concert after last concert. :)

Go next!! :D



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No Concert day

I had a day with no concert(but there was rehearsal) in the middle of our tour this time.


It was nice to stay in the hotel until late morning.

I spent good time with my job "ironing". ;)




I moved to Miyako city from Morioka city by bus.

It took about 2.5 hours, but it was nice to take bus in nice nature views. :D





I practiced little bit after taking some rest in the hotel in Miyako. :)




Then, there was rehearsal in the evening.

It was very hard day!! :)




Maestro had very nice T-shirt! ;)

Awesome!! :D



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First arriving to Iwate

I enjoyed staying in Niigata.

I gave school concert in Niigata city and after that, moved to Morioka(Iwate) yesterday.


It was enjoyable concert as always! ;)




Views from Shinkansen between Niigata and Saitama.

It was fantastic day! :D





It took many hours moving between Niigata to Morioka via Saitama.

I arrived to Morioka station in the evening.



It's my first visit to Iwate(Morioka).

I make good memories and experience in Iwate! ;)


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Concert tour started

My orchestra's school concert tour is started in Niigata this week.

We visited to Sadogashima(island in Niigata) for concert.

It was fun to take boat! :)



There are full of nature in Sadogashima.

I love it! ;)





I enjoyed concert with many young people! :D




It was nice day!

Not hot, not humid, it was just fine!!! :D




I love this view. :)




I practiced for solo work little bit in the hotel room after backed to hotel.

It was nice to work with metronome and good concentration! ;)



Our busy days will be continued. ;)


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Travel to Niigata

My orchestra's school concert tour started this week again.

This time is in Niigata.



I needed to change train in Tokyo, so I moved to Tokyo one day before and stayed my brother's house. :)

It was nice to have Syabu Syabu dinner with my brother in Tokyo. :D




I moved to Niigata from Tokyo next day.

It was very nice day for traveling! :D






I practiced in the hotel room after I arrived to Niigata and prepared for tour. :)

I felt very good!! ;)




This is my first visit to Niigata.

It seems it's nice city!! :D



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