Enjoying happy days

I've been in hard days now, but I'm so lucky because I'm with music and I can enjoy that hard time every moment! :D

But I know we all need rest, so I will balance between work and rest well.


It's always fun and good learning to teach to others. :) 





I'm also working hard for myself.

I'm trying to make video recording for my future works(dreams). ;)




Having nice dinner with family is always great!! :D




It will be some free days next week!

So I take care of myself and I'll enjoy my free days next week!! ;)


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Orchestra tour is well done!

I was on my orchestra tour to Ehime and Shimane for 5 days.

That was very hard tour(long distance bus traveling), but I enjoyed it very much! :)


I like to see the sea. ;)

From the big bridge between Kagawa and Okayama.




My friend gave me chocolate bar after concert, so I had happy time in the bus. :D




It was very warm when we were in Matsuyama, but next day in Shimane was very cold!! :D




I found swan in the river in Yonago city!!! :D




I went to self service laundry in Yonago.

I had coffee and something nice for my waiting time. ;)



After that, I had good practice in the hotel room. :)




Concert in Shimane went well like concert in Matsuyama. :)




The last performance in this tour was in Sakai city, Osaka.

It was nice day!(but it was cold...)



We performed in new hall.

It was not finished yet, it will be opened this Autumn.

It was kind of test for its acoustic with audience. :)




There was enough time between rehearsal and concert, so I had big lunch with violin friend. :)




It seems nice hall, the new hall in Sakai. :D



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Concert in my hometown, Matsuyama!

It was rain in the morning on Wednesday, so it was debut of my new rain cover for Trombone. ;)

It's nice!! :)




And I rehearsed for the concert in Matsuyama and Yasugi in the afternoon. :)




Just after orchestra rehearsal, I headed to Matsuyama by train for the concert which is on next day. :)



It was not raining anymore then. :)



It was nice to see the sea from the train. :D



The seat table of the train was just same size to my computer. ;)



The sink in the train. ;)




After arriving to Matsuyama after about 5 hours travel, one of my friend picked me up at the station and we had happy dinner with my favorite Chinese food!! :)




After had nice dinner, I visited restaurants which my friends own.

At the one restaurant, my colleagues were there for their dinner!!

It was big and happy surprise for me!! :)


I had very happy time with them. ;)



After that, I also visited another bar to see my friend. :)



It was very nice to talk and drink with good friends! :)



2nd day in Matsuyama, I had good lunch with my friend. :)





And concert in very big concert hall in Matsuyama. :D

It was very nice to perform with my orchestra in my hometown! ;)



There were many of my friends in the concert!! :D

Thank you very much for your very warm supports for years. ;)





I had good time with beer and Gin tonic after concert with my friend Klaus and Randy!! :D




It was wonderful day for me in Matsuyama!!

I'll be back next month! ;)


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Nice free day

It was my free day yesterday. :)

I had relaxed day under blue sky! ;)




I had good practice both on Trombone and Euphonium. :D





And I enjoyed very nice Japanese dinner with my friend.





I knew very nice place for fantastic Japanese dinner in Osaka.

It's nice to know something nice!! ;)



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Enjoyed many things!

I had relaxed and slow morning yesterday.

I could do many house works.

I felt very nice with nice weather. :)




I enjoyed my Trombone practice as well. :)

It was nice to have good time on working for basis. ;)




There was Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy in the afternoon.

We had good time. :)

Her endless efforts on Euphonium finally out now!

She will enjoy making music more than ever I hope! ;)




In the evening after dinner, I had good time by cutting my boys hair. :)

This is one of my favorite time. ;)



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Ready for Concert

It was very cold day yesterday(and today as well) in Osaka.

When I went to rehearsal, it was snowing little bit.




It was last rehearsal day for Mahler 3rd. :)

I feel so happy to perform this great Symphony!!



Concert is today!!

I'll enjoy it! ;)


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Enjoying rehearsal

It's not terribly cold this year, so it's not hard to wake up in the morning. :)

I can enjoy to see sky in the morning. ;)




After Bolero concert, we started rehearsal for Mahler's 3rd Symphony without resting day.

It's very nice to perform this great Symphony as principal Trombone and I'm really enjoying performing it. ;)



I take care of myself(trying to rest as much as I can) and perform in good shape! :D


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Happy dinner!

It was my last free day in the begining of the year yesterday.

I studied for some orchestra pieces in the morning.

I had good time with well concentration. :D


It was nice to see blue sky and white cloud. ;)




I invited my students for dinner and I let them to listen many recordings for thier studying. ;)

Dinner was awesome as always!! :D


Bravo and thank you to my wonderful wife Ai!! ;)



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Relaxed day

I spent really relaxed time with family yesterday.

In general(and typical) in Japan, Japanese people stay with family and talk, eat and drink at home for about 3 days.


My family don't do like that usually, but it was nearly like that yesterday. :)

Having happy lunch with my lovely family was great!! :D



After that in the evening, I had my Trombone practice for preparing my rehearsals for this weekend and next week. 

I enjoyed that!! :D



There are rehearsals and concerts from tomorrow.

I make good concentration and make nice music!! :D



I want to keep seeing this kind of nice views the year 2019. ;)



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Happy New Year!

I enjoyed my orchestra's Silvester Concert last night. :)

It was in Biwako hall in Shiga.


It was not fantastic weather, but it was OK because it was no snow!! :D



I could see blue sky little bit. ;)




In the general rehearsal, we needed to wear something black or dark for light balancing.

So, I wore tailcoat jacket on jeans for rehearsal. :) ;)



Concert went well, and I finished all concert in 2018, and I started the first concert in 2019 at once. ;)



Happy New Year everyone! :D

Enjoy your everyday and nice music, and stay smiling~!! ;)


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