Enjoying very hard days

I'm still in hard days now, but I'm enjoying my music life. :)


There are many orchestra concerts now, but I also enjoy for my usual life with my lovely family and Euphonium works. ;)

It's always nice to see nice blue sky.




Performing in nice concert hall is always big pleasure!! :D




I also enjoyed Euphonium lesson in hard schedule. :)




There was no rest day, I moved to Kagoshima for orchestra tour.

Good weather makes my mind fine! ;)




I enjoyed nice view from Shinkansen from Osaka to Kagoshima. :D




I had little practice in the hotel room just after arriving in Kagoshima.

I felt good! :)




We started our orchestra school concert tour in Kagoshima(Day 1).

It was very nice day!! :D



Concert went very well! :D



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I survived!!

I've been surviving my very hard days last 10 days and it's all done yesterday!! :D

I couldn't update my English blog these days, so I write for several days today. :)

During my hard days, weather was mostly very nice!

That makes me very happy!! :D




There were many concerts and rehearsals for 11 days everyday.


This was all Waltz program rehearsal.

Concert is tomorrow. ;)



I stayed hotel for better moving.

I moved to Himeji just after rehearsal in Kobe.



View from train between Kobe and Himeji was nice!! :D





I practiced little in the hotel room in Himeji for next day's opera performance.




I could see Himeji Castle in the morning next day. :)



Orchestra pit was very small, so we needed to perform that in version small orchestra(it got more hard).



The "room" for warm up that day was small "hall"!!

I felt very good!! ;)



It went well with very well concentration. :)



It was fantastic day!!

...but I needed to be in the orchestra pit. :)



It was nice to have beer after hard performance and long way back home.




Without any break, we started rehearsal days for other concerts.



It was for Symphony No.2 by J.Sibelius.




One of my Euphonium student had problem on her performance, so I made online lesson during hard schedule.

Playing Euphonium makes my mind relaxed then. ;)




I also made haicut for my sons.

Conversation with them during haircutting was very nice.

I felt really happy!! :D



Wonderful nature views also make my happy. :)

I love them. :D




Concert with Sibelius's Symphony No.2 was twice a day.

It was long day, but I enjoyed that! ;)




I stayed hotel in Wakayama because there was concert at 10:30 in the morning in Wakayama next day.

I didn't want to take train which was full of people in the morning before concerts.


Breakfast in hotel was typical Japanese one.

I enjoyed it! :) ;)




Last concerts(twice a day) of more than 10 days no rest days included Beethoven's Symphony No.6.

So I played both Tenor and Alto Trombone.




It was nice day!

I enjoyed seeing nice nature view in Wakayama. :)



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Lovely view

I wanted to have rest and relaxed time after big concert such as this Thursday concert, but I was busy with rehearsal for other concert yesterday... :(


But it's much better than no concerts or no job.

So I found my hapiness in my rehearsal. :) ;)




I enjoyed sunset views from my flat yesterday.

I love to see them. :D




My works keep going more days. :)


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Really enjoyed concert last night!

I had rehearsals in Kobe for few days.

It's long way from my home, but I enjoyed good weather in Kobe. :)





Rehearsals were for concert which was yesterday.

The program is;


Slava! (L.Bernstein)

Symphony No.2 (L.Bernstein)

Symphony No.5 (D.Shostakovich)




It was great fun for me! :) ;)


I really enjoyed concert last night. :D

Making music with great musicians(Chef and soloist) is always big pleasure and happy moment!



I continue working hard for next pleasure! ;)


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Lovely Autumn day

I felt really good from the morning with this blue sky yesterday. ;)



Orchestra rehearsal was in Kobe this week.

Sky in Kobe was also great!! :D




Rehearsal was for Shostakovich's Symphony No.5.

It's alwasy fun to perform that! ;)




I couldn't go to our farm these days, but my family went to there and took many potatoes!! :D



Beautiful sunset view makes me happy! :D



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Really enjoyed listening concert

It was fantastic day yesterday!!

I started my day very happy feeling. :)




I enjoyed my practice in the morning for orchestra rehearsal.

I felt good! ;)




I went to listen concert which is by professional wind band yesterday afternoon.

I really enjoyed that concert!!


I've been not used to go to listen the concert often these few years because I was occupied by my works, but I could go to listen some concerts this year luckily. :D


It's nice!!

I hope I can continue to listen more live concerts. :)


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Teaching, rest and listening

It was enjoyable day yesterday! :)


I had really good time with my students at ESA music academy in the morning.

One student was back from hospital(because of his ear operation) and restarted his study on Euphonium! ;)




I felt kind of tiredness on my body and in my mind in the early morning, so I had nap in the afternoon after teaching.

And it got better later! ;)

I think I need more rest to my body and my mind.



It was raining in the morning, but it was such a nice blue sky in the afternoon!! :D




I went to listen my friend's Euphonium recital in the eveing.

I arrived there early and had good walking in the park near the concert place. :)

It was nice place!! :D




Recital went really well!

He did really good job! :)


He is working for not music, and continues his music activities as amateur.

And he made his dream(give solo recital) came true!!

Congratulations Yasuyuki!! :D



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Stay in Kagoshima

There was free day in Kagoshima, so I had really relaxed time then! :D


I had good reading time in the park which is near hotel.

It was fantastic day!! :)



Reading book under the tree.

What a nice time! ;)




In the afternoon, practicing in the hotel room went well. ;)




Next day, we visited "Yakushima" for concert.

But it was really unstable weather by typhhon reaching. :(



It was really hard raining and wind...




But concert was nice with nice songs by students. :D




I returned to Osaka yesterday.

It was better weather. :)





After arriving to Osaka, I immediately went to ESA music academy for teaching.

I arrived there earlier, so I had my practice until students came. :)




We had good time together, working hard, trying something new and big smile!! :D



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Orchestra tour started!

My orchestra's tour for school concert started this week.

We visit to South Kyusyu area this year. :D


The day of I left home, it was very nice day!

...but I felt not so fine because I needed to bring my Euphonium too.

It was hard work!!



I brought these stuffs at once by train.




I left my Euphonium at the ESA music academy for my teaching which is just after my this week's tour.


Then, I took Shinkansen to Kagoshima from Osaka.

It takes only 4 hours!! :)




In Kagoshima, I had little practice in the hotel room.

I felt good by practicing in good room. ;)




This is my first visit to Kagoshima. :)




First day(concert) of this tour, it was in Tanegashima.

We took high-speed craft to Tanegashima island.


It was fantastic day!!! :D



Concert at the elementaly school went well and we enjoyed to see their great smiles!! ;)




After concert, we took bus(45 mins) and high-speed craft(90 mins) to back to Kagoshima city.

I enjoyed my favorite spicy noodle for dinner! ;) :D



Concert day is hard, but I take care of myself and enjoy my music life!! :)


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Visiting to Matsuyama

I visited my hometown Matsuyama with my wife Ai last Friday.

It was fantastic day!! :D




Our hometown is same, Matsuyama!




The reason of we decided to visit Matsuyama this time is we heard that our favorite noodle shop(restaurant) decided to close the end of September(in few days).


We both love that noodle, Oden and boss.

So, why not go to Matsuyama to taste last our favorite noodle and meet boss. ;)


We know boss for many years and we know each other personally, so it was important for us to visit there and taste them and say thank you to boss in person.


These are our favorite noodles!!!




And Oden! :)




It was great moment!! :D

We are very happy!!! ;)



I called my friends to get together in Matsuyama, and we had nice practice time together. :)

We'll play together in March in Matsuyama, so it was nice opportunity to practice together! ;)



It was very fun and happy time!! :D




I like this picture very much! ;)




After practice, we had very nice dinner!

We really enjoyd foods and talks. :D




I visited another our favorite restaurant yesterday just before return to Osaka.

There are our favorite Udon noodle and Okonomi-yaki!!! :D





Thank you my friends in Matsuyama!!

We had fantastic time there with you! :D ;)


It's not easy to come to Matsuyama often, but I don't want to miss chances.

I'm very happy to live with fantastic woman as my wife who has same sense of values. :)


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