Everything seems well

I got report of my medical checkup.

It seems OK!!

It makes me happy. ;)




I had orchestra concert with substitute Tuba player Keisuke yesterday.

Keisuke is from Matsuyama city, same as me!! :D

And I knew that he begins his new music life in Taiwan from May.

What a great news!! :D


Thank you for your performance and have a great future in Taiwan!! ;)




After good dinner at home, I had good Trombone practice. ;)

I feel good!!



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Farmer works make me happy

I had chance to start private farm near my flat. :D

It was one of my wife's dream!(it's also my dream too!)


We enjoyed farmer works in the morning yesterday! :D




After farmer works, we had great nap in the afternoon. ;)

That's also great! :D



And in the evening, I joined wind band rehearsal which my wife Ai is its member.

I enjoyed playing in the wind band. :)

It was fun!!



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Having happy time

I had very good 2 weeks which are no orchestra works.

My orchestra works begins tomorrow.

I'm refreshed! ;)



I had good teaching time at the ESA Music Academy. :)

Nice start of the school year! :D




I could see very nice sunset view when I got home. ;)




I had happy dinner with my family and my father who came to Osaka by car!! :)

It was fun time! ;)



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Happy time in Kyoto

I visited Kyoto with my wife Ai 2 days ago.

We promised with my friends in Kyoto that we drink together in Kyoto someday!!


Time flies fast and about 2 years passed...

So, we visited Kyoto for that promise. :)


It was very happy and enjoyable time!!



We made new promise that we make BBQ together in June.

Can't wait!! ;)



We had happy Kyoto date yesterday.

We enjoyed happy lunch! ;)




I had little Trombone practice in the evening.

My brain is refreshed by happy time in Kyoto, so it was very enjoyable time!! :D




It was nice sunset view yesterday. :)



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New school year started!

It was warm and very Spring like day yesterday. :)


My practice in the morning went very well and I felt very happy. :)

I worked on basis mainly. ;)




There was Euphonium lesson at the ESA Music Academy in the afternoon.

It was the first class in this new school year and we have one new member. ;)


We keep working hard together!! :D



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Enjoying my music life

There were very warm days for a week or so in Japan, but we had very cold(and windy) days these few days.

It's very unsettled weather.




When it's warm, cold or windy, I keep enjoying my practice. :)



I became good friend with many shaps. ;)




I have one idea for helping wind band musicians in Japan for their wind band competition, so I made some videos for that yesterday. :)



That's tough work more than I thought before, but I'll work on it! ;)



Yesterday, April 9th is my mentor Mel(Culbertson)'s birthday.

Cheers for his birthday! :D ;)



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Happy picnic!!

I had really enjoyable day yesterday!! :D


I enjoyed good practice on Trombone in the morning.

I felt very good!! :)




I had very happy and fun picnic with my family and friends in the afternoon. :D

It was great to have good meals under nice Sun shine!




We had nice walking after we all got full. ;)








Nice weather, nice place, nice air and fantastic member!! :D ;)



We could see cherry blossoms too. ;)





I appreciate my wife Ai for her wonderful meals!! :D


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Relaxed day

I had relaxed day yesterday.

I did many things all the day, but I felt very good! :D



I had exciting practice on Euphonium.

I worked on pieces which were composed for other instruments for looking for new repertoires for Euphonium. ;)

It makes me exciting and I had fun!! :D




I found interesting thing at the 100 JPY(about 1 USD) shop.

This is the phone stand with 8 leggs.

Each leg moves very flexible, so we can make it whatever we want. ;)



I use my old iPhone(4s) as an audio in my car, and I was looking for its good stand.

It works well! :D



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Dream came true!

My wife Ai has been wishing to have family farm(small one) since years. And now, we got small family farm by her friend by accident!! :D

What an opportunity!! ;)


It's very nice to work in farm with nature(the Sun, wind, insects and soil). :)

We are preparing soil yesterday with my family. All family really enjoyed our work!

This was one of our dream!!


New fun activity joined to our life!! :D




I had enjoyable practice on Trombone in the evening.

I worked on my favorite French etude.

It's nice to work for sight reading! ;)

Good last note for closing the day. :P



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Enjoying new thing

I had night walking at my favorite park few days ago with my wife Ai and found "Sakura(cherry blossoms)"

This Spring is very warm, so we found nice Sakura earlier than usual years. :)






I bought new printer(because my printer was broken few weeks ago), so I changed furniture's position in my room.

It was hard work, but I'm happy with my new office!! :D




Practice in new looking room is good!! :D



I'll continue working hard!! :D


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