Everyday with music!

I was occupied with rehearsals for different concerts last week, and I've been occupied with concerts now since weekend.


It was not easy to make rehearsals with different programs everyday. ;)





During hard time, I had really enjoyable time with my wife Ai and my nice colleagues. :)

I had very nice "Takoyaki" in Osaka city. :D




And I had happy and fun dinner together!! :D



Of course, until dessert is the plan. ;)




I try to make my Euphonium time when I'm in busy period with orchestra rehearsals. :)

I'm sure I love both Trombone and Euphonium!! :D




Seeing nice view and blue sky makes my mind calm and peace. :)




Concert days came!

It's hard, but I'll survive!! :)




I left home ealry morning for concert on Saturday. ;)

Seeing sunrise is also good! :)



Concert was in nice hall. :)



Another concert with 3 different Piano Concertos on Sunday. ;)



My hard days will be continued! ;)


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What a happy life!

I'm in busy time now, but I feel happy for being with music everyday same time. :)

It's cold, but nice blue sky make me happy! ;)




I'm enjoying to teach and perform both and both on Euphonium and Trombone!! :D

What a happy life! ;)


After teaching in my Euphonium class at the ESA music academy. :)



I also enjoyed my private lesson too(it was next day).



And of course, I'm enjoying in the orchestra with Trombone. :D




It's important to be in good shape for enjoying my music life. ;)

I keep to take care of myself.


This is nice sunset view from yesterday. :)



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Enjoying music life

I'm in the middle of hard schedule now.

It's hard physically, but I'm always feeling big happiness to be musician and performing nice music everyday. :)



I left home earlier in the morning yesterday.

It was nice to see nice sunrise view. ;)




There was concert with Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade" just after H.Rott and G.Mahler concert.

It's exciting and enjoyable pieces!! :D




It's not easy to make time for Euphonium during hard schedule, but it's always important to make good balance for myself for keeping me good shape. ;)



I'll take care myself and make good music every moment!! :D


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Nice to meet you again!

I had free time in the morning yesterday.

I have a lot of things I wanted to do in the morning, so most of them are done!(only practice, I couldn't make it)


It was cold, but nice blue sky!! :)




It was concert day yesterday.

H.Rott and G.Mahler program. It was enjoyable one for me. ;)



One of my Trombone friend Koji came to listen yesterday's concert!! :D

We played together about 20 years ago! ;)

It was really nice to meet with him after concert!!

Thank you for coming! :D



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It's cold in Winter

It's in very cold period now in Osaka area(in most of places in Japan).

It's very cold , but sky is nice blue! ;)




I was enjoying 3 days rehearsal for pieces by G.Mahler and H.Rott.

Concert is tonight!! :D




In very cold period, I need to protect my car's front glass from freezing(otherwise I have to spend time to melt them in the morning...).

One of my friend sent me this protector and it works very well! :)



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Ring problem

I said good-bye to my holidays and my orchestra works are started yesterday.


At the end of my holidays, I finished my All-Black Puzzle. :D



It was not easy at all!!

I think I'll try it again soon. ;)



If you are Trombone player, I want to share this problem.

This is "Ring" problem(for me).


When you play with Harman Mute for doing "Wow Wow", does your ring make noise?

I have ring on my left hand finger and it makes noise when I play with Wow wow mute.



So, I switch my ring to right hand when I play with harman mute.

Dose anyone have same problem??



Orchestra rehearsal from yesterday is in the big hall.

I feel good! ;)



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Enjoying my hobby and teaching

I've been loving to puzzle since I was child.

My wife Ai presented me small puzzle few days ago. :)



This "mini puzzle" consists 120 pieces and it is ALL BLACK!! :D


It's very interesting! :)


I'm enjoying it little by little everyday!




That's not easy!

Big fun to me!! :D



I had good lesson yesterday with two amateur musicians from Shiga.



It was very enjoyable time.

I love to listen someone got smoother playing and got high notes which never get before during my lesson! :D ;)

Keep working!


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Good day in Kyoto

I visited Kyoto with my wife Ai and my son Asahi yesterday.

It was little snowing in the early morning, but it got better later! :)



First, we enjoyed our favorite hotdog in Kyoto!! :)



After little snowing, it was fine day!! :D




And we visited "Kyoto Aquarium". :)



It was week day, but there are many people who is still in holidays.



With Asahi and penguin. :)



With Ai and penguin. ;)




They usually don't move much, but they were moving a lot yesterday. :)



Colorful jellyfishes. :)









We backed home about noon.

I had well-concentrated good practice in the afternoon. ;)




I practiced in the evening as well.

It was nice to have good practice both on Trombone and Euphonium. :D

I feel very good!! ;)



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Really good practice

I feel very good everyday. :)

Working at home and having meals with lovely family is wonderful! :D


Seeing nice sunset view makes my life nicer every time. ;)

I love it!




I had really good practice yesterday. :)



If you keep practicing well with good concentration and clear direction, you sometimes(or often?) realize many new things and you can see same thing from different angles.


I realized many things during yesterday's practice. :D

I tried many things with different ways.

It works very well on me and I'm sure for my students(present and future students). ;)


I'm so happy!!! :D


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Washing day

There are very nice days in 2018! :D

I'm enjoying relaxed and happy days with my family.




I washed my horns yesterday.

I think it's getting the event in new year holidays for my life. :)

But it's nice to wash horns once or twice a year or so.




Practicing with cleaned horns are fantastic!!! :D

I felt very nice and happy! ;)

Everything is smooth both in mechanical and musical side.




Seeing this kind of nice sky view from my flat is giving me peaceful mind always. :)



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