What a happy life!

I feel really happy with many thing around me these days.


I welcomed new faces to my farm and my morning walking to farm started!(I need to give water everyday)

These activities makes my mind and body positive and happy! :D


This is strawberry flower in the morning(water on the leaves is from nature). ;)




I enjoyed orchestra rehearsal with musicians from other Osaka's orchestras. :D




I did my morning work yesterday too.

It's nice to walk in the morning before go to work! ;)


Potatoes grow well(I hope!). :D



It was very nice blue sky yesterday morning! :)




There was concert yesterday.

I really enjoyerd performing "Alpine Symphony" by R.Strauss with fantastic members!! :D



I had good time with Euphonium and Tuba friend after concert. ;)



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Happy to work on my favorites

My free 5 days are over.

But I spent really good time for working and being relaxed with family. :)



I had very good and enjoyable practice as well both on Trombone and Euphonium. :D

Working on good etudes is my favorite activity in my life. ;)





I worked for my farm yesterday morning. :)

Everything seems nice!


This is beans.



My favorite, garlics. ;)









And strawberry flower. :)



It was very nice to feel nature during working in farm. :D




There was orchestra rehearsal in the late afternoon yesterday.


We'll give special concert tomorrow.

4 professional orchestras which are based in Osaka all mixed and made 2 orchestras, and we perform one piece each.


Program is "Planet" by G.Holst and "Alpine Symphony" by R.Strauss.


I wanted to perform Euphonium part in "Planet", but orchestra office decided members, so I'll be 1st Trombone of "Alpine Symphony".

Anyway, I love Alpine Symphony as well, so I'll enjoy it!! :D ;)



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Enjoyed very good time

I had very enjoyable time yesterday. :)

Blue sky brought good day. ;)




My practice goes very well these days.

I'm very happy and am more interested in something new what I didn't try yet! :D




I had also good time with my students at the ESA Music Academy in the afternoon.

It was first lesson in new school year.

We work hard with joy together!! :D



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Had nice day

It was fantastic day yesterday!! :D

Blue sky, warm air and nicely wind. ;)




I had wonderful Sushi lunch with my wife Ai(no pictures, because I was busy to eat!!). :D

And I enjoyed my easy feeling practice later. ;)




I went to spa with my son in the evening.

It was great!!

I felt very nice!


My body and brain are refreshed!

I keep to be positive and active!! ;)


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Enjoying my days

Nice blue sky makes me happy and positive! :)




I worked on my computer these few days and it seems better now!

I've been thinking to clean them up since almost a year ago. ;)



My practice both on Trombone and Euphonium goes very well. :)



I'm working on my favorite etude these days.

It's not easy at all! :D




I keep working hard with joy!! :)


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Very exhausted

I enjoyed morning walking yesterday and it was very nice day for enjoying calm and relaxed time. :)

I love to spend time like that. :D ;)




There was concert in the evening(rehearsal in the afternoon).

Program was:

-Symphony No.7(No.8) "Unfinished" by Schubert

-Symphony No.5 by Beethoven

-Symphony No.9 "from the New World" by Dvorak


I was very exhausted after concert...

It could be too much for one concert. :D



I'll be charged by positive energy for next concert!! ;)


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Backed to the orchestra life

After 9 days off from orchestra, I backed to the orchestra works yesterday.


It was very cold, raining and windy day... :(

Winter backed as well. XD


Rain cover for my case works very well! ;)




Program for the concert today is a kind of heavy one.

Schubert's Symphony No.7(Unfinished), Beethoven"s Symphony No.5 and Dvorak's Symphony No.9 in one concert.




2nd rehearsal day(yesterday) was fine!

It was still it cold, but much better than a day before. :D




They both work very well.

I'm very happy with them. ;)




Concert is today!! :)


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Wishing wonderful school life!

My younger son started his high school life yesterday. :)

It was nice day for his ceremony!



I wish his wonderful school days for next 3 years. ;)



With nice smiles and flowers. :D




After little break, I had easy practice on Trombone.

I prepared for orchestra rehearsal. ;)




I enjoyed seeing many nice colors in the sky. :D




It was my mentor Mel(Culbertson)'s birthday.

So I had white wine with him last night. ;)

I love you and I miss you Mel. :)



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Happy usual day

I'm enjoying nice Spring air everyday these days. :D

It was nice day yesterday too. ;)




I'm satisfied with my practice both on Euphonium and Trombone. :)

I worked on Reynolds etude yesterday.

My brain worked full power! ;)



I worked on Pichaureau etude on Trombone these days.

This is one of my favorite Trombone etudes. ;)




Yesterday's dinner was "Gyoza"!!

I was so happy to be filled with my favorite homemade Gyozas!! :D ;)




There was "Tie Lesson" to my younger son Hiiro last night. :)

He starts his high school life today and he needs to wear necktie for school uniform. ;)




It's very happy time to share drinking time with my wife Ai in the evening. ;)



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Everything goes well

I'm having very comfortable my days these days. ;)

I planned many things to do during these free days and most of them are done! :D

Everything goes well and smooth.

I'm so happy with them. ;)



My practice goes also well.

I was planning harder practice before, but it goes OK. ;)




There are 2 more free days for me.

I'll make them meaningful! ;)


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