Enjoyed different things

I took some official pictures at the studio last week.

It was hard work, but fun time too! :D




After photo session about 4 hours(selecting pics after taking pics took time much), I enjoyed my favorite thing for lunch! :D




Practicing on basis is very important and I feel good with these works. ;)




It was very fine day yesterday.




And I enjoyed the orchestra rehearsal after about a month break. ;)




I closed the day with beatiful view from my farm. :)




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Busy, but fun weekend

I enjoyed busy, but fun weekend! :)


There was mini-recital by my Euphonium student at the ESA music academy on Friday morning.

She shared its recital with her Trombone friend.


Both of them did good job!! :D

Congratulations! and thank you for your great performance pianist Ayana. ;)




After that, I moved to my home city Matsuyama.

I had really fun time with my good friends from Matsuyama and Osaka together in Matsuyama. :)




It was very rainy day in Matsuyama.

I stay only one day and it rains all the day... :(



Had very nice Udon for lunch! ;)



Euphonium lesson in Matsuyama.

We had good time together! ;)




Just after teaching in Matsuyama, we left for next destination Tokuyama(Yamaguchi).

On our way, we spent relaxed time in Imabari. :)






And enjoyed very delicios dinner in Tokuyama(Yamaguchi). :D





It was very nice day on Sunday in Tokuyama. :D



It was teaching day as well.

It was hard day, but I felt very good! :)




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Shared valuable time

It was very nice day like real Summer yesterday. :)

It was not so humid, so I like that kind of weather! ;)




I had little practice on Trombone before go to teach.

It was nice to work on basis with relaxed mind. :)




I had very enjoyable Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy in the late afternoon. :D

Working with good pianist is very valuable.



I'm very happy to listen my student's progress. :)

She is in good shape now.

I really hope her to improve this way!! ;)


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Backed to musician's life

It was unstable weather yesterday.

Weather forecast said it would be rain at noon, but there was no rain until 19:00...




I backed to musician's life. :D

I enjoyed my practice with good feeling! ;)




When I visited to Sweden few weeks ago, I put mute to my case instead of Alto Trombone.

It was my first time to do so, but it makes big difference!

I didn't think it makes big difference about weight, but I felt "Wow, it's light!" every time when I take my case. :)

It's good idea! ;)



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Awesome time in Hiroshima and Okayama

I had hard, but very nice weekend!!


I judged for solo competition in Osaka on Saturday.

It was long time work...(more than 6 hours!), but it was nice to be there. :)



Just after that, I backed home once and headed to Hiroshima with my wife Ai. :)

It was hard day, but I arrived in the hotel in Higashi-Hiroshima before midnight.



Next day, on Sunday, I visited to Hiroshima city and get together with our old friend and my brother. :)

It was very happy and nice to share good time! :D



We enjoyed delicious Okonomi-yaki very much!! ;)





After happy lunch, we had very peaceful time with fantastic weather. :)






Our main event in Hiroshima this time was listening to the concert of Hiroshima Wind Orchestra.

It was very enjoyable program!! :D




Just after listening the concert, we headed to Okayama!!



Because I reserved nice hotel!!


The hotel was awesome! ;)

I enjoyed really high-class stay!



Our room. :)



And there was an open air bath in the room!!! :D

This was one of our dream! ;)




We enjoyed nice dinner and very relaved by taking bath.

After that??


Of course beer time!! :D ;)



There were several massaging machines on the floor, so I tried all of them! ;)



Breakfast was also very nice!

I really enjoyed my stay in nice hotel in Okayama!!



It was awesome taking open air bath after breakfast!



We want to be back here again someday soon. ;)




It was very nice days in the weekend. :D



It was really awesome travel! :)



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Very enjoyable days!

I had very good practicing day 2 days ago. :)

It was very nice sunny day. :D




I enjoyed my practice very much in the morning. :)



I worked on etude and solo on both Trombone and Euphonium. :)





I had good time again in the late afternoon at the ESA music academy.

It was Euphonium lesson with pianist.



It's always nice to work with nice pianist! ;)



I also had very enjoyable time yesterday! :D


I worked hard at my farm in the morning.

I took many potatoes and some garlics. :D



It was very hot!!

But I felt very good by working hard at the farm! ;)




I visited one of my favorite place in Kyoto for taking pictures with instruments in the afternoon.

I had good time there. :)

Thank you my wife Ai for taking nice pictures!! ;)





My buddies. ;)



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Oh no!!

I spent very peaceful time in the morning yesterday.


I enjoyed my Trombone practice with joy of palying music! :D

It was nice to work on basis, etude and solo. ;)




I visited to Kyoto(not in the city) to see the waterfall.

I knew about there about a month ago and I was thinking to visit there soon.


It was about an hour by car.

I really enjoyed being in the nature. :D




I expected to feel cooler air at the mountain, but it was hot too there...







It was awesome to share nice time with my love Ai. ;)




After enjoyed being in the mountain, we visited to the waterfall point.









There in no water there... :(

It was just "Rock Wall".


"Waterfall" was "No Water Wall"...



That was big pity...

But it was nice to be in the calm nature. :)






It's nice to close the day with nice sunset sky view. ;)



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Enjoyed practice, recording and teaching!

I had very enjoyable pracricing day 2 days ago.

There are much more thing what I want to work on, but I really enjoyed my practice!! :D ;)


Working on Bassoon etude on Trombone is good! ;)



Working on Trumpet etude on Euphonium :)



I love practicing! :D




It was very nice day like Summer(but it was not humid!). :)

I love Summer without crazy humidity. ;)





I made Euphonium video in the morning yesterday. :)

It was kind of hard work, but I've done!! :D



You can watch(listen) my new video recording here.

I hope you enjoy it. ;)



I enjoyed teaching at the ESA music academy in the afternoon. :)



She is preparing for her performance which is next week.

There are many things what we are working on right now, but she is working hard for them! ;)


Closing the day with nice view is good. :)



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Had enjoyable day

It was very nice day yesterday! :)

It was not too hot, and was never cold. ;)

I could see blue sky like this all the day. :)




I had very good time with good concentration at the ESA music academy in the morning.

She has a lot of works now, so my teaching time was extended little bit. ;)




After having lunch at home, I had very comfortable nap. :D ;)

It made my very positive energy for the afternoon works.


I worked hard at my farm late afternoon(after getting cooler).

I took all onions and some other things. ;)




I took potatoes more than I expected! :D

They are very fresh!!(need to be dried for few days)




I enjoyed seeing this peaceful view after haed farm works. :)



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I felt short yesterday

It was busy day yesterday. :)

I visited Fukui(about 3.5 hours from Osaka by car) for teaching from the morning.


I started to teach just after arriving there.

And I left there just after finishing teach. :D


What a Japanese life! :D ;)


But I had really good time with very nice students there.

They practice and study very well on music.


It's pity that I didn't have time to take picture with them... :(

I hope I'll visit them again soon. ;)



I got home earlier than I expected, so I had very nice dinner with my family. :D



Energy was chrged well!!

I'm ready to work hard! ;)


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