School concert tour in Oita

It was first day of our school concert tour in Oita yesterday. :)

I was worrying about raining, but it was fine day!! :D


This is morning view. ;)




The school which we visited yesrterday is located in front of sea.

It was very nice place!! :D ;)




It was very warm day, so it was little bit too hot to perform in its gymnasium. :)



There are 2 more concerts on this tour.

I'll make nice music for young generations! ;)


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Fantastic time with good friend!

It is my big pleasure to meet good friends anytime, anywhere.

It was great to meet my good Spanish Euphonium friend Pep in Japan yesterday!!! :D


He was invited to Japan for giving masterclass and concert this time and he came to Japan for his first time! ;)

I hope he enjoy his stay and have good concert!! :D




After this fantastic meeting time, I headed to Oita for my orchestra's school concert  tour.



It was raining in the morning in Osaka, but it got better when I was reaching to Oita. ;)




After arriving Oita safe(with no rain), I had good practice in the hotel room.

I'm preparing for my solo concert which is on December 19th. :) ;)



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It's December already!!

I've been occupied by many things and I couldn't update this blog for weeks...

It's already in December now. :)


I tell you what I've been doing these few weeks. :)


I enjoyed concerts with many different programs. ;)





This is my fine buddy! :D ;)





I also enjoyed teaching! :D





And also practice for myself. ;)

It's not easy to make time for my practice, but it's important for me. ;)




Rehearsal for our solo recital was big pleasure!! :D

It's on December 19th in Osaka!! ;)




I can't make time for my farm works enough, but it's nice to visit there sometimes. :)





I also enjoyed eating of course!! :D

This is delicious lunch what I had last week. ;)




I invited some friends to my home and had very happy party!! :D




Lovely sunset view is nice to be relaxed in hard days. :)




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Enjoying busy, but happy day

I've been occupied with orchestra works these days, but I'm enjoying other activities very much! :)

It's getting cold day by day, but fantastic blue sky is there everyday. ;)




It's always big pleasure to work with my students at the ESA music academy. :D




Private Euphonium lesson goes well too.

After lesson without Euphonium(I forgot to take picture with Euphonium). ;)




I'm preparing to get ready for Winter.

I went to car shop and got tires for Winter. ;)



My older son washed car yesterday.

It makes our feeling good!! :D




We knew there was concert(Osaka debut) for my friend(amateur Tuba player) yesterday late afternoon.

So we went to listen concert.

Kazuo performed well!!


Bravo and congratulations for your great Osaka debut!! ;)




After concert, with Kazuo and our good friend Norihito. ;)



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Backed to work

There was concert with program of Beethoven's Symphony No.4 and No.5 yesterday.

I enjoyed performing on Alto Trombone and waiting time. ;)





These sunset views make my mind peace. :)





My family came to listen my concert last night. :D

It was nice to get home together after concert!! ;)



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Enjoying happy days

I took part in NSO(Non Strings Orchestra) project this year.

NSO is a special orchestra which clarinets replace violin, viola and cello part(other part is same as usual orchestra).

Cello part is played by bass clarinet. ;)


Concert of NSO this year was in Tsu city(Mie).

I enjoyed those few days with my wife Ai. ;)


I drove to Tsu from Osaka by car.

It was fantastic day!! :D



We had very good time on our way to there. :)




Rehearsal went well. :D

Concert hall was very nice!! ;)



Low Brass section this year! :D




There was big party with nice members of NSO after rehearsal.

I had really good time and enjoyed talking! :D


We had midnight noodle party after party in the hotel room. ;) :P

I enjoyed every moment!! :D




Concert went well and everybody(of course including me) was very happy!! :D

It was also nice to meet good friends!





I backed to my usual life after very happy time in Tsu with NSO members.

I got very happy and positive energy by NSO activity, so I continue my works with positive energy!! :D



I'm preparing for my solo concert which is on December 19th in Osaka with my friend Akikazu. ;)

I'm very looking forward to performing with him! :)



And now, I'm working on Beethoven in my orchestra. :)



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Happy concert

It was good day yesterday, but sky view was like this.

It's getting colder day by day.




There was concert with very famous Japanese singer ASKA yesterday. :)

It's very nice to see very happy audience from the stage. ;)




I'll take part in the activity of NSO(Non Strings Orchestra) from today. :)

I'm very excited in seeing my good friends!! :D


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Keep myself in good shape

There are many concerts and rehearsals these few weeks(it continues until the end of December).

It's not easy to keep myself in good shape, but of course I'm trying to do that everyday.


Very good news came to me few days ago.

My good friend from Spain, Pep will come to Japan(Osaka) soon!!! :D


I'm not sure if I can meet him then, but I hope I can meet him in Osaka! ;)

It's pity that I can't listen his concert... :(




I've been occupied with my orchestra, but I enjoyed my Euphonium class as well. :)

It's getting hard to make time for them, but this class gives me good energy every time! ;)




Orchestra works continue.

I have concert with Japanese famous singer tonight.




I know it's fantastic life with many things if we are in good shape.

So I take care of myself well and enjoy my music life!! :)


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Enjoyed my free day

There was free day in Kagoshima yesterday. :)

I enjoyed my free day very much!!


I visited small park near hotel and spent very relaxed and peaceful time by reading book under the tree. ;)





It was not hot, not cold, and not humid.

It was JUST fine!! :D





I had good practice for solo concert in the afternoon in hotel room.

It was very nice day for me!! :)



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School concert tour in Kagoshima

My orchestra's school concert tour started again in Kagoshima!!


I moved to Kagoshima on Sunday, and gave concert in Amami-Ohshima yestreday.

It was very nice day to move to Kagoshima by Shinkansen on Saturday.




From Osaka to Kagoshima, it takes about 4 hours by Shinkansen.

It got much better and convenient. :)


I arrived to Kagoshima city about 15:00.

It was also very nice day in Kagoshima like Osaka!! :D

This is view from my hotel room. ;)




After little break, I had good practice for my solo works. :)

I'm exciting to prepare for my solo recital with my good Trombone friend Akikazu!! :)




Concert in Amami-Ohshima yesterday was well done.

We took airplane in the morning and took airplane again to back to Kagoshima.

It was kind of busy day, but Junior high school students gave us good energy at the concert. :)



Sky view just before boarding. ;)



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