In Oku-Noto(Ishikawa)

I had very enjoyable weekend in Oku-Noto(Ishikawa).

Next day of happy BBQ holiday, I left home at 6:00 in the morning to Oku-Noto.

It takes about 5 hours by car from Osaka...


It was fantastic day!! :D

That's important matter for long driving.



We enjoyed nice view where we took rest. :D




We gave one concert by Brass Quintet with Drums and 4 workshops.

At the concert, I performed 2nd Trumpet part(it works pretty well!!) and I used Bass Trumpet for some pieces. ;)



Introducing Bass Trumpet sound. :)



It was very happy time with nice member!! :D




We had fun dinner at our accomodation.

We enjoyed nice Sashimi and talk!! :D




Teaching to junior high school students are enjoyable.

They have limitless possibilities. :)


There is nice garden at one school.




We added 3 more members for workshops.

Dinner got bigger and more fun!! :D




At the school where we visited last day, it was very nice room which we could see the sea. :D ;)

What a nice place to practice!! ;)



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Be positive!

I've been occupied with concerts and teaching these days.

It was kind of busy, but I enjoyed all of them! :D


Private lesson for Euphonium.



Individual lessons at the ESA music academy. ;)




Farm works are also fun for me! :)

Everything seems fine!!




It's rainy period now in Osaka.

It's not easy to feel happy when it's rain for me, but I try to be positive!! :D




I had good practice with Euphonium and Bass Trumpet yesterday. :)

I keep working hard!! :D



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Full enjoyable day

I had full enjoyable day yesterday. :D


I took train at 7:00 in the morning and it took more than 2 hours to there where I gave workshop.

It's not bad to travel in the early morning, but with 2 big instruments is not easy... ;)




I really enjoyed working with member of Aboshi junior high school wind band. :D

They worked very hard and well.

Everything went well. :)




Fantastic blue sky made my mind peace. ;)



Also sunset view was nice!! :D




I had light practice on Trombone in the evening.



It was great day!! :D


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Enjoyed full day!

I worked as farmer in the morning yesterday. :)

Everything goes fine. ;)




I quickly changed my clothes after farmer works, and picked my Euphonium and then, took train for teaching at noon.

It was my switching moment to the musician. ;)




Individual lessons at the ESA music academy in the afternoon.

We worked together very well on the points what they need to get over each.

I think they both found the way to go now. :)




I had one more Euphonium private lesson in the evening. :)

She is junior high school student and it was her first ever Euphonium private lesson. ;)



We worked together for many things and I think she found many different way to sound well! :D

I enjoyed all day yesterday very much!! ;)


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Great concert, great life

I've been enjoying my orchestra works with great Rachmaninov's Symphony No.2 and enjoyable piece, Stravinsky's "Pulcinella Suite" with fantastic chef. :D



It was my first time to perform Stravinsky's "Pulcinella Suite".

Very enjoyable piece!! :D ;)





I keep working on Euphonium too! ;)

It's good way to keep my mind fresh! :D




It was really fantastic day on concert's day. :D



One of my colleagues made nice meat pie.

It was great!! ;)

I enjoyed it before concert. :)




It was not hot, not cold, JUST FINE!!! :D

I love it! ;)



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Home sweet home

After my orchestra's tour for a week, I backed home finally.

Before back to home, I went to our farm and took care of them. ;)

They are all fine!! :D




I felt I need rest time for next thing, but there is not rest time...

Next rehearsal was today(next day).

There is not free day for having a rest, but this is life. ;)

I'll survive!! :)


I prepared for today's rehearsal last evening. ;)




It was very nice to share happy dinner time and dessert time with my family! ;) :D



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Orchestra tour to Iwate

I was in Iwate for my orchestra's tour.

We performed 2 concerts there and I felt very warm and good on both concerts. :D


There were very fine days in Miyako city!

I loved it! ;)




There was our 1st concert on 2nd day in Miyako.

I enjoyed sharing good time with nice audience. :D




There was free time after concert in hotel, so I was occupied to work for next week's concert. ;)

I felt good! :D




There was our 2nd concert in Yamada town next day.

Concert hall was not enough big, so our orchestra was smaller then.


It was also good time to share happy time with nice audience. :)




I headed to Tokyo just after concert in Yamasda town yesterday.

It was long travel(about 6 hours), but everyting went well and on time. ;)


I took Shinkansen from Morioka to Tokyo.

It was very comfortable! ;)





It was fantastic days during my stay in Miyako city.

Fine blue sky and sunshine with about 15 degrees. :D



I hope to see them next year too! ;)


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Enjoying tour

I'm in my orchestra's tour to North of Japan now.

I stayed in Tokyo first, and then moved to Iwate yesterday.


Japanese bullet train(Shinkansen) is cool!

It's comfortable to be in, it looks nice and it's fast!! :D




After about 2 hours train traveling, we arrived to Morioka station.

It was very nice day!! :D



Then, we took bus for 2.5 hours to Miyako city.


After arriving to Miyako city, we went to concert hall(before go to hotel) and had rehearsal for today's concert.

It was hard day yesterday! ;)




After rehearsal, I felt to drink beer. ;)

So, why not!!! :D



Orchestra tour continues little bit more. :)


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Enjoying fun time!

It's getting hot day by day.

I'm enjoying to work in my small farm. :)





I was free from orchestra works for several weeks, so I could back to orchestra works with nice and positive energy! ;)





After rehearsal, our orchestra started little tour to Tokyo and Iwate. ;)



In Tokyo, we gave private concert for our sponcers. :)

It's really nice opportunity for showing our appreciation to them.




After concert, I visited bar which my best friend Taka began last year. ;)



We had really fun time!! ;)




Next day in Tokyo, I enjoyed playing some ensemble pieces, and some orchestral excerpts in the morning with my Trombone friends.

It was very happy time for me!! :D






I visited YAMAHA Atelier Tokyo after that.

I met my old Euphonium friend Hidenori by accident then. :D




I had very fun and happy dinner yesterday with some strings players and my brother.

We had very enjoyable time together! ;)



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Enjoyed nice weekend

I enjoyed weekend with my good Trombone friend Masafumi in Ishikawa. :)


It was nice day when we went to Ishikawa on Saturday. ;)




Before headed to Ishikawa, I had little practice on Trombone.

I felt very good!! :D




After arrived to Kanazawa(Ishikawa), we had good drinking time at my hotel room. :)

We listened many recordings and videos together.




On Sunday, we checked out hotel early morning and drove about one hour to the place where we gave workshop.

It was fantastic day too! :D



It was very calm and natural place.

I loved there. ;)




Workshop in the morning was for beginners.

We shared good time! :)



And with little experienced students in the afternoon. ;)



I hope they keep enjoying thier practice in future! :D



After workshop in Ishikawa, we directly headed to home in Osaka.

It took about 4 hours by car.


And we really enjoyed dinner in Osaka. :D



It was nice weekend!! :)


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