Enjoying my practice!

I love to see blue sky and nice sunset view(I also love the view of the sea, but there are not sea around my house in Osaka...).

It was good start of the day! ;)




I had very enjoyable practice with good concentration both on Trombone and Euphonium! :D



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Favorite food from my childhood

It's about 35 or 36 degrees everyday... :(


It's not my favorite weather...

I really miss my favorite time "Autumn"!!! :D




I made homemade hotdogs for lunch by my mother's recipe.

This is one of my favorite food and I sometimes miss this taste. :)



I enjoyed them with my family! :D



I enjoyed my practice in the evening. :)



It was in very hot room as always, but it was fun!! :)


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Substitute experience

I'm surviving very hot and humid Japanese Summer everyday.



But it's cooler and feeling much better when I'm under the tree. :)




I had very good experience to perform in other orchestra as my first time!

I performed one concert in Japan Century Symphony Orchestra. :)

It was nice!! ;)




I really hope it's going to be better weather(I mean Autumn) as soon as possible!



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Everything goes well

I'm smoothly backed to my usual life in Osaka after having great time in Tokyo. :)

My mind and body are really refreshed by family trip to Tokyo last weekend and I can concentrate and be relaxed well. :D


I enjoyed tasting my favorite homemade Gyoza!! ;)



And seeing lovely nice view from my flat. :)




My practice goes really well. :D

Everything goes smooth! ;)



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Masterclass for conductors

I had really good experience by performing in the orchestra in the conductor's masterclass(for an opera).

That masterclass for conductors is in really good situation.


There is very nice and big concert hall and participants studies under Maestro Numajiri(he is great!!).

There are 3 days in this masterclass.


First day, they work with singers with piano accompaniment.

And work with orchestra second and third day.


I think this is great opportunity for participants!! :D

I hope participants will be nice chef in near future!! ;)


This is Biwako hall where they worked hard. :)




This year's opera was "Madame Butterfly" by G.Puccini. ;)




It was nice to see nice sunset view when I got home after good learning. :D



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Already in August now

It's August now.

I feel it's really in the middle of Summer.


I love to see blue sky everyday. :)



Tomatoes in my farm are fine!! ;)



But it's too hot for me... :(




I'm enjoying my teaching very much.

It's very nice to see/listen their progress. :)





Beautiful sunset view gives me the energy for tomorrow! ;)



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Enjoying everyday with wonderful family

I'm enjoying everyday!! :D


My practice goes well even in very hot room. ;)




I'm also enjoying my orchestra performances. ;)




And I enjoyed listening nice music by Peter Moore who is co-principal Trombone of the London Symphony Orchestra. :)




I had very enjoyable dinner with my love Ai yesterday. :)

We really enjoyed clam restaurant. ;)





We visited another place for our satisfaction of tasting! :D

This is my favorite, horse sashimi. ;)



And beef steaks.

Why not?? :D




Another day, I had good haircut time with my wonderful sons.

This is "before" haircut.



And this is "after" haircut.



I'm very lucky man with wonderful family!! :D


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Work hard with happy feeling

I had enjoyable day yesterday. :)


I shared good time by giving Euphonium individual lessons at ESA music academy in the morning.

They are working very serious and hard, so it's easy to concentrate on their works. :)




It's very hot everyday and hard to keep myself healthy.

We should be smart for feeling good in this crazy hot days. ;)




I had good selection time at YAMAHA Atelier Osaka for my new Trombone yesterday afternoon. :D




I'm very happy and excited in welcoming my new buddy!! :D

I found very nice one, and I ask them for customizing it.

So I need to wait more few weeks for that, but very happy for waiting that!! ;)



I got fine vegetables from our farm yesterday!



They are beautiful!! :D



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Enjoying my activities

I'm enjoying my music activities everyday! :D

But it's more than 35 degrees everyday... it's very hard to survive!! ;)




I'm working hard on teaching and performing both.

Both is one of my favorite activities in my life. ;)


After lesson at the ESA music academy. :)



With Hirakata-Nagisa high school brass section. :)



With Euphonium and low woodwind members of Murasakino high school wind band. :)



With Trombone section of Murasakino high school wind band. :)



I also work hard on my own practice! :D




I'm trying to make good balance between Trombone and Euphonium! ;)



Of course, my orchestra works go well. :)

It was very nice to perform "Der Rosenkavalier" excerpts at the concert. ;)



I hope I continue this wonderful works! :)



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Special day

July 23rd is special day for me. :)

It was very nice day with blue sky! :D




I enjoyed VERY sweaty practice at noon.

I felt very nice to work on both Trombone and Euphonium! :D




News from our farm.

Tomatos is getting red finally!!! :D




It was our wedding anniversary yesterday!!! :D

We had very good dinner together.

I'm so happy to be family with such a wonderful people! ;)



Thank you for being family with me.

I love you~!!



It was also the day that my father in Europe and mentor Mel(Culbertson)'s anniversary of death.

It has been 7 years already...


Cheers to Mel with our favorite whisky last night. ;)



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