Winter is coming

It's getting cold day by day these days.

Winter is coming surely.


But I feel very happy to see nice blue sky. :D




Ra-men(Japanese Noodle) is very famous food in Japan and I wanted to have one in very cold night.

It was so nice to have delicious food which makes our body really warm!! :)




I enjoyed performing Ballet last week. :)

The music of Tchaikovsky is very nice! I love them. ;)



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Ballet week

I'm in Ballet week now.

My orchestra performs Ballet "The Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky this weekend. :)


It's my first time to perform full ballet.

I'm really enjoying it!! :D




Of course, my practice goes well almost everyday. :)




It's raining today, but we had really nice days last few days!!

I love nice sky view especially in Autumn! ;)





There is general rehearsal today and tomorrow is show for Ballet.

I'll perform nice(as always!) for making ballet great!! :)


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Under the blue sky

It was very nice day yesterday.

I love to see blue sky. :)

I feel very good to be under the blue sky. :D



I had good time at home in the morning and worked for many things what I wanted to do. :)



Yesterday's rehearsal was in late afternoon in Kobe.

Sky in Kobe was also good! ;)




Yesterday's rehearsal was for the concert which is next week.

I'm not sure if musician remember everyting until concert day(we have other concert with Ballet before that concert), but I think it would be fine bacause we have good chef. ;)



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Autumn life

I'm really enjoying fantastic days these days. :)

This Autumn blue sky is so lovely! ;)




Night view in the center of Osaka city.

It's not often I visit there, but it was nice! ;)




I visited to Iga city(Mie) for concert yesterday.

It was long train journey for get there, but I enjoyed these nice country view. :)



Concert went well with two fantastic guest artists, Eric Miyashiro(Trumpet) and Nobuya Sugawa(Saxophone). :)



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Feel my favorite Autumn

I had Autumn photo session(with instrument) with my wife Ai in our favorite park yesterday morning. :)

What a lovely season!! :D



With Trombone. :)



With Euphonium. :)



And both!! ;)






With my love Ai. :D ;)



This is our favorite park. :)




It's hard work to walk with these cases. :)





It was very happy time!! :D


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School concert tour is all done this year

I stayed in Fukuchiyama city in Kyoto.

It's small city, but hotel was nice and I had good time. :)


There was fog in the morning(Fukuchiyama city is located in Mountain area).



But it got very nice blue sky later. :D





It was our final concert in our school concert tour this year.

It's always big fun to share music with young generations. ;)


I felt very nice with my rotary valve which I took care in the evening day before. :)



I appreciate Tomohiko(Bass Trombone) for performing with us last 2 concerts in Kyoto.

I was comfortable to be with his sound. :)

Thank you!!



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School concert tour again

My orchestra's school concert tour in Kyoto is almost done.

There is only one more concert today this season. :)


I found nice Autumn view from the bus window. ;)




We give concert in the school gymnasium.

It's getting cold there.




We moved to the other side of Kyoto after concert.

I enjoyed nature air at the rest point on our way. :)





We arrived to the hotel earlier than we planned, so I had good practice in the hotel room.

I felt very good!! :D



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Very good holiday!

It was my holiday yesterday.

It's not often I can make my totally free day, but it's very good to have and it's neccessary in our life. :)


I cleaned my house and did a lot of things what I've wanted to do since few weeks. ;)


Time flies so fast especially on free day!!!

I felt really short yesterday.


Sunset view was nice! ;)




I worked as publisher too.

They will be in my web shop soon! ;)



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Had good time with Toby

BSO(Boston Symphony Orchestra) was in Osaka yesterday as a part of their Japan tour.

It's pity that I couldn't listen their concert(I knew about this concert too late...), but it was very nice to meet and had coffee together with Toby(Oft) who is the Principal Trombone of the BSO before concert. :)



It's always very nice to have conversation with Trombone player from the orchestra and talk about our job and life.

It's so pity that they only stay several hours only for performing concert and didn't stay in Osaka this time...


I really hope that they stay in Osaka next time and we have longer time for enjoying our friendship!! :D

Thank you Toby for making time for me! ;)



I joined my wife Ai's wind band rehearsal in the evening.

It's tough to play in the wind band! :D

But it was enjoyable time. ;)



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Enjoyed all day!

I had enjoyable time with Euphonium student in the morning yesterday. :)

She might be my new student at the ESA music academy next year. ;)




I love Autumn and I also like to see sky especially in Autumn. :)

Sky view never stay same(it always changes).

It's same as music(sound)!!




I enjoyed very happy and delicious lunch at home with my wife Ai. :D

It was wonderful time!! ;)




After having big nap, I saw nice sunset view. :)




And I had hard practice on Trombone in the evening. :)

Worked on Concertos.

I felt really good!! ;)



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