Happy free day

I enjoyed very relaxed free day last Sunday.

I visited my favorite park with my wife Ai. :D


I love this Autumn view. ;)











We felt very happy!! :D ;)





I got very good energy!!

I keep working hard! ;)


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My happy time

I'm surviving very hard day everyday, but I also enjoyed my happy time!!


I enjoyed very happy walking time with my love Ai. :)

This is our favorite park!! :D








This kind of happy time makes me relaxed and recharged. :)



With my lovely sons after haircutting. ;)



My hard days continue until the end of December.

I really appreciate my family for giving good energy everyday. ;) :D


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Free day

It was very important free day yesterday for me.

It was fantastic day like this!! :D



This is one of typical Japanese Autumn view.

I like it. ;)




I visited to my farm in the morning.

I've been occupied with my orchestra works these days, so my family(mostly my wife Ai) worked for it.

It looks really nice!! :D



I make time for our farmer works someday very soon!! ;)


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Family trip to Tokyo

I had really nice family trip to Tokyo last weekend. :)

It was hard schedule, but we enjoyed it very much!! :D


I woke up at midnight(0:00 am) after less than 2 hours sleep on Saturday and drove to Tokyo!! :)

Let's go!!




We stopped at Hamamatsu.

Hamamatsu is the city of musical instruments(YAMAHA is in Hamamatsu city).


We can see piano keyboard on wall. :)



Treble clef table. :D



We had little meal there at 3:00. ;)



Ai supports me all the time even in vacation. ;)

I can drive safe because she is always next to me when I was driving.



We had really enjoyable dinner at the bar which one of my best friend Taka owns. ;)

It was very nice to see Taka. :D




After listening my brother's concert on Sunday, we made big party!! :D

We enjoyed talking and eating!! ;)



Just after dinner, we played bowling.

It was fun!! :D




We found table tennis, so why not playing that?



Serious battle! ;)




Last day in Tokyo, we visited some places little bit.

"Tokyo Sky Tree" is nice to visit!(if weather is good)




And we visited Tokyo Station. :)




Then, we headed to Osaka(home).

It's about 500 km from Tokyo to Osaka, but it takes a lot of time by car.

Highway in Japan is not really "Highway"... :(


I had nice late lunch at Ebina(Kanagawa).




I love my family and also love to live with them. :D

It was really nice trip.


I charged a lot of possitive energy by this fantastic family trip.

I work hard for my future!! :) ;)


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Farmer's life

I'm surviving crazy hot days for more than a week.



It's very hard life, but I'm taking care of myself and my family. :)



Our farm is growing up very well. :D






Our first corn!! :D ;)





It was very very sweet!! :)







We are very happy for OUR vegetables and being in nature. ;)



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Enjoyed sightseeing

My wife, Ai's mother visited us to Osaka from Matsuyama for 2 days and we had good sightseeing with her in Osaka and Kyoto. :)


First day was for Osaka.

We visited Kuchu Teien(Sky Garden).



It was not really fine day, but we could enjoy nice view. :)



It was hot day, but we enjoyed good time together. :)




Second day was for Kyoto! :)

It was good day, but it was too hot...



We visirted Fushimi-Inari in Kyoto in the morning.

There were already a lot of people in the morning. :)




I love to be in nature like this. :D






My son was with us and enjoyed Kyoto!! :D




It was very nice to see 3 different sky views. ;)





It was happy 2 days!! :D


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I'm safe

There was very strong earthquake in Osaka yesterday morning and my flat got some damages by that...




In my practice room.

My instruments are safe. Only music flied...



It was terrible experience, but I and my family are safe and fine.

I feel big happiness to be with my family yesterday all day(my orchestra rehearsal was cancelled).


There are stil several small earthquakes now.

We should be careful for next few days.


It's not easy life, but we'll be positive by watching bule sky! :D



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Happy holiday!!

I had very relaxed and enjoyable holiday with good friends at the favorite park. :)

It was very nice day with wonderful blue sky. ;)




We enjoyed BBQ at the nice park near my flat.

Everything(weather, member place and food!) was great!!




Vegetable washers. ;)



I don't need any words. ;)



It was REAL holiday!!

Very happy time! :D



The end of the happy holiday, I enjoyed beautiful sunset from my flat. ;)



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Very happy day in Kyoto

I had fantastic day in Kyoto 2 days ago with my wife Ai. :D

It was very nice day!!




I visited "Asashi-yama", "Kinkaku-ji" and "Fushimi-inari".

These three places, I really wanted to visit for long time. :)


First stop was in "Arashi-yama".

I enjoyed nice "Senbei". ;)





2nd stop was "Kinkaku-ji".

There are many tourists, but I enjoyed walking and watching it. :)



This is ticket for "Kinkaku-ji".







And last stop was in "Fushimi-inari".

Fushimi-inari was famous with this many gates!!



Finally I was there! :)




I had really fun time in Kyoto!! :)


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Happy family day

It was very fine day yesterday(January 1st, 2018). :)




I visited my favorite park with my family. :)



It was very nice to walk with family with fun talking. ;)



I enjoyed to be in nature! :D





Family picture 1.



Family picture 2.





I wish all of my family and my friend a wonderful year. :D


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