Enjoying my favorite season

I had very comfortable time under fantastic Autumn sky. :)



Autumn is my most favorite time!!

I feel really happy everyday! :D



My wife, Ai's mother visited Osaka yesterday.

We enjoyed "Okonomi-yaki" together in Namba.

It was very delicious!! :D ;)



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Getting ready with new one

I'm enjoying very nice days these days. :D

I feel very good!! ;)




I'm making new computer ready to work now.

It's almost done. ;)



New one is smaller(same display size), quicker and lighter!! :D




It was wonderful sunset view. :)



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Had great day!

I had great day yesterday with my love Ai. :)

It was fantastic day all day!! :D




We visited to IKEA.

It was my first time visiting IKEA in Japan. :)


It looks like Swedish airports or hostels in IKEA store.

I remember my travels to Sweden. I love Swedish life. ;)




View from IKEA store. :)



These sweets made our day better! ;)



It was fantastic day!! :)



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D.I.Y. on Sunday

I had good time with my boys yesterday. :)


We made an extension table for our main table together.

It was big fun to work with my loves. ;)


They worked very well!!



This is "Before".



And this is "After".



When we use it, it looks like this. :)



I enjoyed our peaceful Sunday very much! :D



It was very nice sunset view. :)



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Enjoyed Kyoto

I visited Kyoto with my wife Ai and her mother few days ago. :)

It was my real holiday!

I enjoyed that day very much!! :D


We had really great lunch! ;)




We visited Kyoto Aquarium after having nice lunch.

There was many people(of course, because it's summer vacation!) at the aquarium.









We enjoyed Dolphin show too.

It was fun!! :)



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Happy holiday

It was fantastic day yesterday!!! :D

...but it was too hot to live(it was 36 degrees). :(


It's very humid in summer in Japan usually, but it was not so humid this summer. But HOT!!

It looks very nice by picture(because we don't feel temperature by picture). ;)




We invited my wife Ai's old friends and had very happy party in the late afternoon.

It was really good way to spend nice time in the holiday with good friends. :D


Nice food, nice drinks, nice talks, and great people!! :D

It was just awesome!! ;)



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Backed to home

I backed to home from one week tour yesterday.

It was long way travel from Iwate to Osaka.


Shinkansen works very well traveling in Japan. ;)



There were three train changes between Iwate and Osaka.

Japan is not big, but not small. :P


Changing train with these cases is hard work! ;)



It was very nice to travel with seeing nice views. :D





I realized again that Japan is beautiful country. ;)


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Full day in Kyoto

I made haircut for my sons in the morning yesterday.
So, they are ready for new school year now! :)

It was fantastic day!
I visited to Kyoto with my wife Ai for listening concert and for doing some Kyoto visits. ;)

We had lunch at this very old restaurant in Kyoto.

This is their original plate which is called "Sara-Mori". ;)

We also enjoyed their typical and old style noodle too. :)

After having big lunch, we walked a lot under Spring sunshine. :)
We enjoyed watching nice flowers.

One of our friend told us one sweets shop, so we went to there! :)
This is it!

This is typical Japanese sweets.
It was great!! :D
I got one more place to my Kyoto favorite place list! ;)

After having delicious Japanese tastes, we visited old shrine "Kitano-Tenmangu".

It was great to feel something from old ages.
These old wooden buildings tell us something.

There are more places where I want to visit in Kyoto!!! :)
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Kyoto Date

I had fantastic date with my wife Ai in Kyoto yesterday. :)

We had wonderful lunch! ;)
It was our first visit, but it's one of our favorite place for us now! :D

Weather forecast said it would be rain, but it was not!! :)
We were lucky! ;)

After lunch, we had fantastic "Mochi" as a dessert. ;)

We had been thinking to buy it for making coffee at home, and we bought it yesterday! :D
It makes easy life. ;)

Kyoto Aquarium is one of our Kyoto Date plan.
We love there! :)

We had very happy time in Kyoto!! :D

I'll back to work today!
I'm charged enough energy!! :D
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Journey to Matsuyama

I visited to my hometown Matsuyama last few days with my wife Ai(Matsuyama is also her hometown). :)
It was so nice to share happy time with our old friends! :D

Before leaving from Osaka. :)

Our first mission in Matsuyama is eat this favorite Chinese food!! :)
I can't find similar one in Osaka. :(

This is our favorite place(beach) in Matsuyama.
It was so beautiful!! ;)

Our sons stayed home, so this was our honeymoon! :D

We visited also friends who had new family!
It was so nice to play with them. :)

And of course we had wonderful food everywhere!! ;)

We visited famous Spa "Dogo Onsen" and enjoyed Foot Bath.
It's great!!! :D

Had very happy night time with Ai and her mother at the our friend's Bar.
Happy meals and drinks!!! :D

I had orchestra rehearsal today, so I left Matsuyama alone yesterday(Ai stays in Matsuyama little bit more).
Driving long distance is not my favorite things to do, but it was very nice day!! :)

During my stay in Matsuyama, of course I continued my practicing! ;)

When I got home last night after about 5 hours drive, my sons welcomed me with fantastic smiles!!
Also they cooked my dinner!! :)

It was so nice!!
I'm proud of them very much. :)

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