Backed to home

I backed to home from one week tour yesterday.

It was long way travel from Iwate to Osaka.


Shinkansen works very well traveling in Japan. ;)



There were three train changes between Iwate and Osaka.

Japan is not big, but not small. :P


Changing train with these cases is hard work! ;)



It was very nice to travel with seeing nice views. :D





I realized again that Japan is beautiful country. ;)


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Full day in Kyoto
I made haircut for my sons in the morning yesterday.
So, they are ready for new school year now! :)

It was fantastic day!
I visited to Kyoto with my wife Ai for listening concert and for doing some Kyoto visits. ;)

We had lunch at this very old restaurant in Kyoto.

This is their original plate which is called "Sara-Mori". ;)

We also enjoyed their typical and old style noodle too. :)

After having big lunch, we walked a lot under Spring sunshine. :)
We enjoyed watching nice flowers.

One of our friend told us one sweets shop, so we went to there! :)
This is it!

This is typical Japanese sweets.
It was great!! :D
I got one more place to my Kyoto favorite place list! ;)

After having delicious Japanese tastes, we visited old shrine "Kitano-Tenmangu".

It was great to feel something from old ages.
These old wooden buildings tell us something.

There are more places where I want to visit in Kyoto!!! :)
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Kyoto Date
I had fantastic date with my wife Ai in Kyoto yesterday. :)

We had wonderful lunch! ;)
It was our first visit, but it's one of our favorite place for us now! :D

Weather forecast said it would be rain, but it was not!! :)
We were lucky! ;)

After lunch, we had fantastic "Mochi" as a dessert. ;)

We had been thinking to buy it for making coffee at home, and we bought it yesterday! :D
It makes easy life. ;)

Kyoto Aquarium is one of our Kyoto Date plan.
We love there! :)

We had very happy time in Kyoto!! :D

I'll back to work today!
I'm charged enough energy!! :D
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Journey to Matsuyama
I visited to my hometown Matsuyama last few days with my wife Ai(Matsuyama is also her hometown). :)
It was so nice to share happy time with our old friends! :D

Before leaving from Osaka. :)

Our first mission in Matsuyama is eat this favorite Chinese food!! :)
I can't find similar one in Osaka. :(

This is our favorite place(beach) in Matsuyama.
It was so beautiful!! ;)

Our sons stayed home, so this was our honeymoon! :D

We visited also friends who had new family!
It was so nice to play with them. :)

And of course we had wonderful food everywhere!! ;)

We visited famous Spa "Dogo Onsen" and enjoyed Foot Bath.
It's great!!! :D

Had very happy night time with Ai and her mother at the our friend's Bar.
Happy meals and drinks!!! :D

I had orchestra rehearsal today, so I left Matsuyama alone yesterday(Ai stays in Matsuyama little bit more).
Driving long distance is not my favorite things to do, but it was very nice day!! :)

During my stay in Matsuyama, of course I continued my practicing! ;)

When I got home last night after about 5 hours drive, my sons welcomed me with fantastic smiles!!
Also they cooked my dinner!! :)

It was so nice!!
I'm proud of them very much. :)

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Happy meal!!
I'm enjoying my busy days this week and next week.
I charged good energy by nice meal and nice time with great colleagues after concerts yesterday! :D

We had great meal!!!

I'm so lucky to have very nice colleagues! :)

For closing happy dinner, I had delicious noodle with my wife Ai. ;)

I have rehearsals and/or concerts everyday for 12 days.
It's hard, but I'll make it!! :)
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Big family life!
I welcomed my mother from New Zealand and my sister and her children from France in Osaka for a week.
It was fantastic days spending very happy time together.

We visited to Kyoto. :)

Got together with my brother from Tokyo and had lunch together in Kyoto!! :D

Had good time in Kyoto. ;)
(This is my brother and my nephew)

It was fantastic everyday!! :D

Dinner together with my mother, my sister and her children and my brother after 15 years not together same time!! :)

They(and I) enjoyed Japanese food very much everyday!!

This is from Gyoza party.
We made 180 Gyozas. It was so easy and quick eat all of them! ;)

One day, we went to music shop to buy flute for my niece Saya. :)

She got very nice flute case!!! :D

Shiho who is the principal flute of my orchestra helped us very very much for selecting flute for Saya.
Thank you very much!!

There was very nice meeting with very old friend!
We welcomed him after many years(more than 20 years?) no see!!

We had happy christmas time too! ;)

We went to watch my son's football match together.
It was my first time to watch his game in Osaka.
He was nice and we enjoyed it very much! ;)

This picture looks like the CD front cover. ;)
Cool!! :D

After that, we had very big lunch!!

There were very nice days everyday during their stay in Osaka. :D

I made haircut for boys this time! :)

Same hair style between Japan and France! ;)

All together in Osaka after eating Sushi very much! :D

Always happy smile especially during eating! ;)

Just before getting ferry.
They headed to Ehime last night from Osaka.

One week was so short!
But it was very nice to be with my family. :)

We have no idea when we can get together again next time, but we are always together! :D
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Stay in Okayama with music!
Orchestra tour Day 2.
I felt "Winter" by cold air at the school. :)

Also I'm always feeling happy for the situation that I can perform in the orchestra everyday. :)

I backed to hotel earlier than day before, so I could have my practice time at the hotel room. :D

It was nice time!! :)

I just finished this tour's last concert and I'm writing this in the Shinkansen to Osaka right now.
There are other rehearsals tomorrow.
More 2 days for my busy period!! :)
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17 years no see!

I met my friend Tsunemi after 17 years no see on Saturday. :)

It was like an accident to make contact with her few days ago.


With her family and my older son. ;)



Actually this was our 2nd time to meet. ;)

Our 1st meeting was in Barcelona train station in 1999!!! :D


We met by accident at the station and talked a little(about 30 minutes?) then.

That's all. :D


After that, we contacted each other once a several years and we found each other on SNS just few days ago.

And we knew that we live very close now!!! :D


Why not meeting again!


My wife Ai and younger son Hiiro couldn't join us then, but I enjoyed our 2nd meeting in Japan!! ;)

We should meet again soon with all member!! :D



It was so nice to get together with this kind of old friend!!

We should plan our next meeting! ;)


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Had great time in my favorite park
It was fantastic day yesterday, so I walked in my favorite park. ;)

I love this park.
It remembers me many good memories from my life in united states and Europe. ;)

This view remembers me the memories from my first visit to U.S. in 1995. :)

I like a bamboo grove too. ;)
It has special atmosphere.

And this is sunset view from my flat yesterday.
Lovely sky. :D

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Monthly work is done!
My happy monthly work "Hair-cut" for my lovely kids was done yesterday. :D
I usuallly do this work in the evening, but I did it in the morning yesterday.
It's good time(Spring) to do in the morning now! ;)

It's necessary to keep it clean like musical instrument! ;)
I always clean it well after hair-cut.

I'm so happy to be with these wonderful guys! :D

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