Judge and rehearse

I enjoyed my practice before and after orchestra works.


I had good time with Euphonium on Milde's etude yesterday. ;)

Milde's etude(it's originally for bassoon) works very well for Euphonium.

This is one of my favorite etude book. :)




I judged an examination at the ESA Music Academy at noon.

It was my first time to judge its examination, but it was nice to know about academy's system and way to educate students. :)



I headed to Kobe for the orchestra rehearsal just after judging examination.

This is sky view in Kobe. :)




Orchestra rehearsal, Day-2.

It was for G.Verdi's Requiem.

Yesterday was with singers. With singers is more fun!! :D



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Euphonium Day

It was the Euphonium Day yesterday for me. :)


I really enjoyed my Euphonium class at the ESA Music Academy in the afternoon.

I'm very proud of my students for their effort. :)

We keep working hard!! ;)




After giving lesson, I immediately headed to listen the wind band concert which my student Hiroya performs.

On my way to the concert hall, I enjoyed very good Soba! ;)

It was simple, but delicious!!! :D




I met many friends at the concert!

It's always very happy and exciting to meet good friends!! :)


With Kenichi who is conductor and Euphonium player!



With composer Satoshi(Yagisawa) after the concert.

He conducted his composition at the concert. :)



I got very good energy by my friends yesterday! :D

I work hard from today with that energy! ;)


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Opera week is over

My "Opera week" is over.

There were many audience for both performances. Thank you for coming!! :)


My place in the orchestra pit at the concert hall last week was very close to stage wall.

There is little opening between floor and wall like this.



I needed to pay attention to my chair position too. ;)



It was bit scare.

Don't drop your music, pencil, cell phone, mouthpiece, slide!!! :D



I couldn't have my own practice time enough last week, so I had well concentrated practice time before opera performance yesterday.

So I felt very good when we perform. :)



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Fantastic buddy and nice item

I'm in the middle of an Opera Week now.

It's good to enjoy G.Puccini's opera "La Boheme" everyday. ;)



I always feel very happy with my buddy! :D

Thank you for giving me comfortable feeling and solid trust.




I use this slide lubricant for many years and I'm very satisfied its work. :)

I use this spray bottle for that.

It works fantastic!!

This is making my life easier. ;)



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Opera week

This week is "Opera week" for me. :)

We are preparing for "La Boheme" by G.Puccini now.



Shows are on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm enjoying performing and listening both at once. :D


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Concert days are done

There were concerts for high school students yesterday in Shiga.

That was the last concert of 19 days working days!

I'm so happy to do all of them well. :)




With my nice colleagues after concert. :)

We entered the orchestra almost same time. ;)

(Violin x 3, Cello x 1, String bass x 1 and Trombone x 1)




I had good practice time on Euphonium in the evening.

It's really fun time for me to work for myself. ;)



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Enjoying music life

After crazy hard works of game music concerts, I'm backed to classical concert now. :)

My lips were almost broken by playing so hard for game music concerts... ;)


I feel peace by performing classical repertoires. :)




There is the orchestra school concert tour this week, so I had good practice time on Euphonium before leave home because I can't work on it for few days during tour. :)



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Surviving hard days

I've been surviving since the end of June.

There are orchestra activities everyday, and it continues one more week...


It's good that we have opportunity to make music for many people, many places, but I feel I need to take a rest sometimes. ;)


Rehearsal was from 13:30 yesterday, so I had little Euphonium time before go to rehearsal. :D

It's hard to make time for Euphonium when I'm very occupied with orchestra works, but it's very important to continue to work on both Trombone and Euphonium for me. :)




There were (usual)rehearsal and general rehearsal same day yesterday...

So it was very long day.



We perform today twice.

Concert starts at 12:00 and 18:00.

It's going to be also long day today.


I'll survive!!! :D


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Full of music

2 times concert with the program of Beethoven's Symphony No.6 and No.7 is over, and I'm in the rehearsal for game music now.

My next free day from the orchestra is Saturday 15th of July...

It's long way to go. ;)


Performing in the nice concert hall makes me always happy! :D



There was game music rehearsal yesterday.

It was from 13:00 to 18:30.

That was very tough!! :D



I keep enjoying my music life!! :)


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Enjoying performing and listening

After performing an Opera, I(my orchestra) immediately switched to an usual orchestra repertoires.


I performed an overture, some opera songs and Beethoven's symphony in last concert.

So I was occupied on both Alto and Tenor Trombones. :)



I enjoyed listening Bass Trombone concert which was by my friends after my concert.

It's not aften that we can listen Bass Trombone concert especially very fine performances!!! :D

I had really happy time then! ;)

Thank you my friends for fantastic concert!!




There is no rest between, but I'm enjoying next rehearsals. ;)



It's getting humid and hot these days.

That is not my favorite time in Japan at all... :(

But I had good practice with a lot of sweat. ;)



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