Challenging Day

It was very lovely weather when I walked around the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. :)

I like this city very much! :D








I practiced in the hostel room.

It's not big room, but there is still enough space to practice. ;)



This is the view at 21:15.

Long night in Scandinavian countries. :)




It was my challenging day yesterday.

Everyone got their own room one and half hour before our performance.


This room was given to me.

There are 2 bed and one is for massaging. :D




I could see other room by opened door.

There was very nice massaging chair!! ;)




I prepared well and performed not bad, but I couldn't get good result... :(

I know it's life... but it's really hard.




Of course I didn't do "just perform" then.

I got a lot of thing what will make me much better in future. ;)


I never get this kind of experience if I didn't challenge it.

I keep working hard and try to new challenges!! :)


Thank you my family for your great support! ;)


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Working for low register

I'm used to work on etudes by Milde which is originally for Bassoon.

It was for Euphonium practice for me, but I try it on Trombone this time.


It's very good work for wide register espacially low register.

I'm used to work it on Euphonium for years, but it's nice to work it on Trombone as well.

I already found my low register is getting more stable. ;)



My favorite French etude(left) and new for Trombone(right). :)

They makes my life fun!! :D


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Happy hard practice

After having "happy listening days" for wonderful concerts in weekend, I'm very enjoying "happy playing days" now. :)

I'm inspired by 2 great concerts from last weekend, so I'm really enjoying my hard practice with new energy!! ;)




I'm working for many things such as etudes,  solos and orchestral excerpts etc.

It's one of my fun time to work on etudes what is not easy and need good concentration! ;)



I'm enjoying working hard on Euphonium too! :D



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Happy music days

I'm working hard with my orchestra performance, practice, teaching and listening concert. :D

It's very nice to enjoy music everyday by many different ways! ;)


I love to practice! :)



Enjoyed teaching! :)



And I had orchestra rehearsal.



It was nice to perform opera during hard days. :)




I had very nice time in Spa with my son one day.

It was fantastic time!! :D




I enjoyed listening concert which my friend performed Concertino by F.David yesterday!! :D ;)

I'm really enjoying my lovely music days!! ;)



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Great concert makes me happy!

I really enjoyed Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra's concert which was conducted by Christian Lindberg.

Christian also performed solo!! :)




It's always great to see, listen and feel nice music, musician and performance live!! :D

It was awesome time for me. ;)



I practiced little bit after I got home and I left for Himeji for today's opera performance.

I'm still in busy days, but I'll survive it with happy and relaxed feeling! :)



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Working hard

I'm in the middle of hard days now, but I'm enjoying every concert and rehearsal. :)




I have some extra things what I want to work on, so I had good practice time for myself in the evening yesterday. :)



Time is limited, but my musical idea is unlimited!! :)

I feel happy with my life! ;)


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Practicing hard!

I backed to busy concerts days, but it's fun to perform for school children. :D


Blue sky gives me positive energy every time. :)




I love my buddy.

It makes me feel very comfortable and gives me easiness on performing. ;)




I had very well-concentrated practice in the hotel room last evening. :)



I'm happy to live with music. :)



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Enjoying many concerts

I was occupied with concerts for school children last week.

There are 10 concerts for 5 days last week and this week.

There are still 6 concerts(3 days) left. :)





It's cold these days in Osaka, but it's fine day! :D




It was Ballet performance yesterday. :)

I enjoyed Tchaikovsky's music very much! :D



I had nice lunch before Tchaikovsky's Ballet. ;)




It was nice to practice for myself in that busy days. :)



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Happy music days

I'm always enjoying my nice music life everyday. :)

There are some pictures what I took these few weeks.


Nice blue sky makes me happy at anytime!! :)




I'm enjoying teaching as well as performing. :)





And I like to practice for myself. ;)








Orchestra rehearsals are sometimes hard, but I love it!! :)




Happy music day closed nice sunset view. ;)



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Euphonium day

It was an Euphonium day for me yesterday. :D


I had good time with my Euphonium students at noon and afternoon. :)

They are practicing very hard. ;)





I bought new study book yesterday.

I had little time before teaching, so I enjoyed little bit of it then. ;)

It will be fun!! :D




And in the evening, I enjoyed masterclass and mini concert by our hero Brian Bowman!! :D

It was very nice to meet Brian again in Osaka!

I think I met him last time was in 2012 in Linz(Austria). ;)



I got many ideas by his teaching and performance. :)

I'll work hard for my future!! :D


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