Happy ensemble playing!

I really enjoyed playing ensemble music with good friends yesterday!! :D

I usually don't have such an opportunity to play ensemble music often unfortunately, so it was very big fun for me!! ;)


I knew many nice music which I didin't know before.

Keep study and work hard for happy future!! ;)




We had happy and fun dinner together with member after ensemble playing.

I got a lot of good energy by that wonderful time!


Thank you everyone for making fantastic time!! :D

We'll make another one soon! ;)



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Orchestra Day

There were 2 concerts in the morning and in the afternoon yesterday.

It was one of the event "Orchestra Day" in Japan.

I think there are many orchestra concerts in Japan yesterday. :)


It's always not easy to give 2 concerts a day.

I need to find better way for saving my energy and concentration. :)




I had relaxed evening with family yesterday. :)

I was very exhausted by performing concerts and taking train in the station which had many people(because it's Spring vacation in Japan now)...

I'm refreshed today! :D


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Preparing for solos

I had kind of busy day yesterday, but had good practice time in the evening both on Trombone and Euphonium.



I have solo performances on Sunday in Fukui.

I'll perform "Blue Bells of Scotland" on Trombone and "Pantomime" on Euphonium with wind band(in one concert!).

I'm so excited in performing them!! :D



I wrote one small article on theme of "Do you know your basis practice is for what?" as Trombone/Euphonium player for Japanese famous wind band magazine "Band Journal".

There are Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba and Percussion players wrote about same theme.



It's interesting that only Ryoichi(Tamaki, Tuba of Sapporo Symphony) and I mentioned about breathing as an important point on basis practice. :)


Viva, Low brass!! :D


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Enjoying everyday

I always enjoy my practice. :)

I have countless thing what I want to get on my music performance.

What a happy life. ;)




I gave lesson at the Murasakino high school in Kyoto yesterday.

I had very good time with Trombone section in the morning and with Euphonium section in the afternoon. :)




It's also fun to teach for me. :)


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Two Requiems

I was in very hard orchestra days and I've finally done last concert of that period yesterday! :)



The last concert was programmed with 2 Requiems.

Requiems by G.Faure and W.A.Mozart in one concert was also big program I think.



It was my first time to perform Requiem by W.A.Mozart in concert.

It's hard one I realized!! ;)



I was so exhausted after yesterday's concert(it means after 17 orchestra working days with out any free day).

So I charged energy for getting home with this sweet. ;) :D



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Teaching and Rehearsal

It was very nice day yesterday!

I felt very happy to see nice blue sky in the morning. ;)




I gave Euphonium private lesson at noon before go to the orchestra rehearsal.

We had good time. :)



I borrowed an Euphonium from the shop during my teaching yesterday.

It was YAMAHA Custom with trigger.



This is nice horn, but not the best for me.

I love my ADAMS Euphonium in many points. :D ;)



I went to the orchestra rehearsal right after that.

It was for Requiems by G.Faure and W.A.Mozart.



My very hard days will end soon!! :)


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Enjoyed my Euphonium day!

I had very enjoyable Euphonium day yesterday. :D


There were two Euphonium lesson for three students.

It was a kind of busy day for me, but I enjoyed working on Euphonium with them very hard!! ;)


After first lesson.




Second lesson was with our fantastic pianist Rena. :D

Thank you Rena for your nice performance!! ;)




There are still many things to do this month for me.

Working hard is OK, but I don't want to work too much.


I try to control my work and keep to be in good shape! ;)


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Writing about music is not easy

Finally, I'm off from orchestra works for 2 days now!

But there are many things what I need to do.


It's fine because I work on matters what I love to do, but it's not so easy to make my time schedule for those. ;)


I'm working on writing manuscript of an article about basis practice on Trombone or/and Euphonium for monthly Japanese wind instruments magazine right now.

It's not easy at all to explain about music practice by words. So I use my brain as much as possible for these few weeks. :D

It's almost done now!

I'll work on it hard this morning and finish it!!! :D



I had enjoyable time with my Euphonium students at the ESA Music Academy yesterday. :)

It's always big fun to work hard with them.



I'm so happy to have these nice students. :D



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Enjoying music days

I'm enjoying my music days. :)


I had full of music day two days ago.

I had well-concentrated practice on Euphonium in the morning.




And had really good time by playing some Trombone ensemble pieces with good friends in the afternoon. :)




Then, I went to listen duo recital by Yu Tamaki and Colin Williams in the evening!! :)



I really enjoying MUSIC all the day!! :D



And I had hard practice on Trombone yesterday. ;)



I'm looking forward to performing many concerts with big fun and happiness this year!! :D


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Enjoyed teaching and listening

It was very cold day yesterday, but it looked fine when you look outside from warm room. ;)




I gave Euphonium private lesson at the ESA Music Academy in the afternoon.

They are working for their examination which will be in the middle of February now.

It's big pleasure to see and listen their progress every time! :D




I went to listen wood wind quintet concert after lesson.

There are some colleagues from my orchestra and some friends in the quintet.



It was nice! I enjoyed it. :)

Listening nice concert in nice hall is very comfortable. :)


I want to give recital in sucu a nice hall in near future. ;)


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