Had happy Euphonium day

It was very hard raining and thunder in the early morning yesterday.

But it was MUCH better at noon and I had good Sushi lunch with my wife Ai. :D ;)


I could see this blue sky in the afternoon. :)




I had good practice on Euphonium with Bassoon Etude in the morning. :)



Bassoon etudes and solo pieces work very well on Euphonium I think. :D



I gave Euphonium private lesson in the late afternoon.

It went well and I was happy! :)



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Had nice holiday

I had very nice free day yesterday! :D


I had nice practice time in the morning together with my wife Ai. :D

She was preparing for her wind band concert and I worked for concerto for future concert(s). :)

We had very enjoyable time!! ;)




It was very nice sunset view yesterday.

Lovely! :)



I'll enjoy my holidays! :)


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Relaxed day

There was not so fine day for few days, but it was nice yesterday!

I got positive energy by this blue sky! :D




It was very relaxed day for me.

Worked on computer, but it was very peaceful and had very good practice. ;)



I felt that was really holiday!! :)

I'll be relaxed for next few days until my work day arrive. :)


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Backed to usual day

I backed to usual day from special days in Matsuyama last weekend.

I was occupied with desk works, but had really relaxed time at home. :D



My practice went very well. ;)

I had really deep time with Euphonium in Matsuyama, so I enjoyed my practice on Trombone yesterday. :)



Home sweet home. ;)

I continue enjoying my practice!!


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Enjoyed wonderful weekend

I visited to my hometown(and Ai's hometown as well) Matsuyama last weekend with my family. :)

It was very tight schedule, but we enjoyed great time there very much!! :D


In the beach very early morning. :)




Driving more about 6 hours was tough, but it was good time staying in the car with family. :)



At our favorite chinese restaurant in Matsuyama for lunch!! :D



It was great day in Matsuyama during we were there. :D





There was wind band concert on Sunday.

That was our main event that weekend. ;)



I performed 2nd suite of G.Holst.

It was so nice feeling to perform solo of that first piece. :)



With one of our chefs after general rehearsal.

He was like Bruce Lee(his T-shirt). ;)



With my Euphonium partner in this concert Kayoko.

It was big pleasure to perform with her. :)



With friends after concert. :)



It was very nice to meet old friends in the hometown! :)



With Trombone section members.

Unfortunately I perform on only Euphonium this time, but we had good time with them too. :D



With Trumpet players.

It was very nice to meet them together after few years no see. :)




Next day of very fun concert, we had good lunch in Matsuyama, and headed to home(Osaka). :)



It was very nice to see the sea. :)



Happy dinner just before got home after many hours driving.



We had really enjoyable time in Matsuyama.

Thank you very much our fantastic friends for your lovely hospitality. :)


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Learned many things by conductor's seminar

It's very hot everyday...

Fortunately it's not badly humid, but I can say it's too hot. :(


Watching the blue sky is good! ;)




I took part in conductor's seminar as performing member with my orchestra.

I've done this kind of things before several times, and I like them. :)


It's very nice to get new things for my musical activities. :D

It was with G.Puccini's "La Boheme". ;)




And my orchestra works are continueing.

It was rehearsal for game music yesterday.



There are many percussions for game music concert every time!



Game music concert is today.

Then, I go to my hometown Matsuyama with my family tomorrow! :D


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Tuba Party!

I invited great guest(and old friend) Atsutaro and our neighbor the Kimura family last night.

It was really fun "Tuba Party"!! :D



It was first time to meet Ai and Atsutaro. :)

We enjoyed very fun communication! ;)



That was real Tuba Party!!

It was awesome time!

I really enjoyed fun time with them. :D


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Be happy by cleaning

I had good day yesterday. :)

It was very nice day in the morning, but it had very hard raining, wind and thunder in the afternoon...



Typhoon is coming to Osaka area right now, so it would be bad weather today to tomorrow. :(

I pray for everyone's safe.



I cleaned my Euphonium yesterday.

It was very dirty(more than I thought)... so it needs cleaning!



It's much better feeling to play on it now!

Piston valves moving are very very smooth and it resonate very natural and well. ;)


My practice in the evening went very well and I felt really happy!! :D



If you didn't clean your horn(s) for long time, I recommend you to clean them as soon as possible.

You'll be very happy and you'll love playing music more!! :D


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Enjoying summer days

I feel little bit Autumn in the morning and the evening these days.

But it's so hot everyday at day time.

It's about 35 degrees everyday. It's enough warm!!! ;)


But sky blue makes my mind little bit cooler. :)




I'm enjoying my practice everyday. :D



There are always so many things what I want to do on my music works.

Be hungry, be active!! :)




I love this kind of view.

This is the art. :D




One of my student went to U.S. for his school band tour, and he gave me souvenir.

Thank you Kanna. I enjoy your sweets. ;)



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Day in Kurashiki

I went to Kurashiki for giving Euphonium private lesson.

It was wonderful all the day!

This is sky in the morning when I left home at 6:40. ;)



It takes about 3 hours(one way) from my home to Kurashiki by car.

My wife Ai came with me this time, so it was happy time in the car. :D


We arrived early as I planned, so we visited to music shop in Kurashiki "Nakagawa Gakki".

It was very nice to talk with them.

It's not often I visit Kurashiki, but I want to make some music activities in Kurashiki someday in near future. :D


Thank you for your very warm hospitality. :D




Teaching for solo competition went well. :D

I hope they give their best performance on the stage.




After giving lesson, we had sightseeing time in the famous Kurashiki area which called "Bikan Area".








It was very hot, but we enjoyed visiing them very much!! :D



It was great day!!


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