Happy days!

I'm enjoying very nice days everyday!! :D

I want to share these nice blue sky views with you! ;)





But my orchestra works were opera performance, so I performed in the dark orchestra pit. ;)





At the day of first Opera performance, I visited to the junior high school in Okayama in the morning.

It was only about 50 minutes by Shinkansen between Osaka and Okayama. Amazing!! :)


I had very happy and good time with these Euphonium students. :)

They are working very well.



I took shinkansen again just after teaching and backed to pit to perform Mascagni's beautiful Opera "Iris". :)



What a nice having life with music. :)



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Welcome to Japan!

One of my Euphonium friend Anthony(Caillet) from France visited Japan and came to Osaka for giving concert and masterclass.

It's always my big pleasure to get together with my good friends!!! :D


It was his first visit to Japan.

I'm so happy that he enjoyed his first Japan visit a lot! ;)


His concert & masterclass was "SOLD OUT"!

Congratulations!! :D



He enjoyed many nice Japanese food as well. :)

Of course some specialities from Osaka too!! :D



I had very relaxed and fun time with him(and my student Hiroya) before his concert.

These kind of experience always give me a lot of possitive energy. :D



Thank you Anthony for fun time!! and Thank you YAMAHA for inviting him to Japan!!

I'm so happy that many Japanese Euphonium players know Anthony by this opportunity. ;)


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Enjoying Opera works

It was very nice day yesterday!! :D

I love this kind of sky view. ;)




I've been occupied with Opera rehearsals thesedays.

It needs different kind of concentration from usual orchestra works, but there are a lot of fun stuffs as well in Opera. :)



Mascagni's music is very beautiful. :D




I'm also enjoying my practice. :D

It's very important for me to practice with good feeling!



I really feel I'm so lucky to be in music life. :)


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Enjoyed nice weekend!

I had very good weekend with nice friendship and musicianship! :D


It was very nice to meet Taishi who is the Tuba of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra in Osaka by accident. :D

He had just released his debut CD. Of course I bought one! ;)




I really enjoyed to be part of my wife Ai's wind band activities on Saturday in the center of Osaka city. :D

It was great day too! ;)




And I visited Ishikawa for giving workshop for Euphonium bigginers on Sunday morning.

It's about 5 hours drive between Osaka and Ishikawa.

We went to there by car for about 10 hours drive and gave 3 hours workshop. ;)


The school where we visited in Ishiwaka was in the country.

It was very nice to be in the mountain with very clean air, quiet and blue sky. :D



On our way to back to Osaka, we had big lunch with friends! ;)




When I got home, I remembered about nice weekend by watching this calm sky view. :)



I was busy with Euphonium that weekend, so I had little practice time on Trombone.

Feeling was very good!! :D



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Concert was well done!

I had really good concert yesterday with nice soloist and chef(Maestro). :)


It was fantastic day!! :D

Nice weather makes nice feeling! ;)




Rehearsal went very well. :)



And (of course!) concert went very well! ;)

Fabrice made very nice performances!! :D


Took picture with Fabrice and Maestro Ola Rudner after Fabrice's solo. :)



I had very nice time with them.

I keep working hard for future!! :)


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Had happy day!

I had really good day yesterday.

It was 3rd day of rehearsal for the concert which is today. :)



And we welcomed Fabrice(Millischer) as soloist! :D

It was very nice to listen his performance and talked with him!! ;)




After rehearsal, I could see still this kind of sky when I got home. :)

Summer is coming for sure. ;)




I had good Euphonium practice in the evening. :)

I enjoyed it! ;)



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Having busy, but good days

I've been busy with orchestra rehearsals, my practicings and enjoying my private life. :)

As always, nice nature views make my life better and relaxed. :D




I worked hard on Euphonium too! :)

Working for new piece is always very exciting!! :D



I also enjoyed working on an aggressive pieces. ;)



Of course, Trombone practice goes very well too. ;)



Orchestra rehearsals also go well. :D




I also enjoyed having nice and favorite foods. ;)

I love this spicy noodle so much!!! :D



And Moule!! ;)



Nice food makes me happy always!! ;)


I saw many different types of sunset views. :)

I love them. ;)





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Visiting Tokyo quick!

My holidays from the orchestra works are over.

I started to enjoy my orchestra works. :D




After orchestra rehearsal on Friday, I headed to Tokyo for staying in Tokyo on Saturday.

It was my first time to drive to Tokyo, but it was fun! :)


This is place to have rest during long drive.



There is "Deluxe Toilet" there.

It was something strange for me. ;)





I arrived to Tokyo just before midnight.

I visited new bar which one of my best friend Taka opened last month.

It's great place!!

I'm really happy to his success. :D



Congratulations Taka!!! :D




I always stay in my brother's house in Tokyo. :)

This time is same.

He was very happy with our present(big snack box). :D




On Saturday(yesterday), I went to listen the orchestra concert by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra in Yokohama(Kanagawa).



It was Bruckner 8th, but my main aim is not this program.

My main aim is listening and meeting chef, Maestro Hiroshi Kodama who was our ex-musical director. :)


He helped me a lot during we were working together in Osaka, and I got a lot of nice words and energy from him. ;)



It was nice to listen other orchestra's performance and it was GREAT to meet and talk with Maestro Kodama after concert. :D



After concert, I and my wife Ai were on our way to home.

We enjoyed little bit like traveling. ;)


This is view in Shizuoka.



We enjoyed some good things! ;)

It makes this event fun travel!! :D



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Very good day

I'm really enjoying my holidays with a lot of works. :)


I'm working for new piece for Trombone and Euphonium.

It's always very exciting to work for new repertoires! :D





I prepared for coming very humid(uncomfortable) rainy season and Summer by cleaning filters of the air conditionaing. :)

I think I'm ready now! :D




I had really good time by working with my Euphonium class at the ESA music academy. :)

I'm very exciting to work with them. ;)



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Enjoying the Spring and music

It was fantastic Sunday with many flowers yesterday. :)






I'm enjoying the Spring but also my music life!! ;)


I joined my wife Ai's wind band rehearsal on Saturday evening.

It was fun!! :D



My practice at home went very well both on Trombone and Euphonium. ;)

All slide movement is very fine!!(because I washed them few days ago)




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