Happy day!

It was good day yesterday. :)

It's in rain perod in Japan now, but there was no rain and not so humid. :)




I was occupied with paper works in the morning, but I had relaxed time in the afternoon.


It was my son's birthday. :D

So we had happy and fun dinner with my family. ;)


Time flies so fast.

He is 16 years old now! :D

Happy birthday Hiiro! ;)



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Very enjoyable time in many places!

I spent very musical days these days. :D


I enjoyed listening an amateur wind band which one of my old friend is playing in.

It was the concert for children. It was also nice to see very cute children!! :D




Just after listening that concert in Kyoto, I moved to the center of Osaka city and gave concert for junior high and high school students with my orchestra. :)

There were many pieces in the program.

I enjyoed it, but it was hard...




From next day, I've been enjoying teaching everyday. :D

Euphonium lesson at the ESA music academy, we welcomed saxophone student for listen our class. :) ;)




My private practice goes well. ;)

I worked hard with good concentration. :D




I got new slippers! :D

It's nice to change something around me.

I feel somethign new! :)




I visited Konko Gakuen junior high and high school wind band in Okayama on Saturday. :)

I enjoyed working with them very much. ;)




After teaching in Okayama, I directly moved to Hiroshima.

And I had good dinner in Higashi-Hiroshima city with my old friend. :)



It was little rain day on Sunday in Hiroshima. :)



I really enjoyed working with Kinki University junior high and high school wind band.

There are many things I shared with them.

I hope it helps them a lot in future. ;)



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Nice music day

It was nice day yesterday. :)

It's in rain period now in Japan, but we could see nice blue sky. :D




I had good time for teaching Trombone and Euphonium by individual lessons in the afternoon. :)

A lot of works and fun!! ;)




I went to listen my orchestra's concert which was performed by my colleagues(there was no Trombone in the concert) in the evening.

It was very nice!!

I really enjoyed it. :D ;)



So, it was really music day! :)


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Big lunch, and good practice

I worked hard in the morning yesterday.

There were many things to do and I've done most of them by noon! ;)


So, I enjoyed big delicious lunch. :D




After happy lunch, I had good siesta(nap). ;)

It's very nice way to charge energy for next works. :D



Trombone practice in the evening went very well. :)

It's not too hot lately, so my practice room is not bad place. ;)



I keep working hard with joy of music!! :)


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Enjoyed my day very much

I was occupied with desk works in the morning yesterday.

But I had really good working time at ESA music academy in the afternoon and we shared it with Trombone student. :)


We worked on basis practice(traning) mainly.

I hope it will work well for them. ;)




I had an opportunity to select YAMAHA Trombones at YAMAHA Atelier Osaka later.

It was very happy time to meet many nice Trombones!!! :D



I selected some of them with good carefulness.

I really hope they make nice misuc by nice owners. ;)




It was really awesome time to have dinner with member from YAMAHA Atelier Osaka and friend after that.

It's very important and neccesary to have such a nice time in my life. :)

I got good energy for today! ;)


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Feel good!

I had good time in the morning yesterday.

Relaxed time at home and little bit practice on Euphonium. :D




There was Euphonium lesson for trial student at the ESA music academy in the afternoon.

I shared good time with high school student. :)

I hope she joins to the ESA music academy next year! :D ;)



I did some house works after I got home.

It makes me feel very good! :D


I also made new "salt tower" because last one was dirty.

I got the knack to make it nice. ;)



It said that the salt tower protects us from bad things. :)

It's up to you to believe it or not. ;)



It was nice day! :)

The weather forecast says often it would rain lately, but it was not happened. :D



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Enjoying my holiday and music day

I had really nice holiday 2 days ago. :)

It was after hard orchestra tour, so I had big sleep and spent my day with good practices and big lunch with my wife at home. :)


Practiced mostly on basis.

That's really important to keep being in good shape! :D ;)



And I had enjoyable working time with Euphonium.

I've missed it during my orchestra tour. ;)




There was orchestra rehearsal yesterday.


It was for the concert which is on Thursday 11th!

Too early rehearsal??

There is only one rehearsal and next is directly concert(no rehearsal on the day of concert).


And there are many pieces!!



It was my first time to perform with Hiroyuki(Mr. Matsushita).

I enjoyed it! :D




I saw this half & half sky view when I got home. :)

Of course I prefer the blue sky!! :D ;)



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School concert tour in Kumamoto was done

School concert tour in Kumamoto was over yesterday. :)

Unfortunately, one concert was cancelled by huge and dangerous rain. But it will be replaced in Autumn. ;)


I backed home just after concert yesterday.

It's always very hard to travel just after hard concert(concert were in very hot and humid place in the school every time).

I charged energy for back home by cold and delicious ice cream! ;)



I really had good time in Kumamoto with music friends there. :D

I'm very looking forward to coming there again soon!! ;)



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School concert tour in Kumamoto

School concert tour in Kumamoto was during very hard raining time in Kumamoto.

One of three concerts was cancelled because of dangerous rain, but we made two concerts well in very hot and humid places.



There were sometimes no rain time. :)



It's nice to have my favorite thing in the city where I traveled. ;)




Second day became free day because of concert canceling.

It was good because I had relaxed time in my hotel room and made washing and ironing. :D



Well done!! :D ;)




And we finished last concert today! :)




We will visit Kumamoto again for giving more concerts in few months.

I'm very looking forward it! :)


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Concert in Iga(Mie) and traveled to Kumamoto

After school concert tour in Sasebo(Nagasaki), there was another concert in Iga(Mie) last Sunday.

It was hard to make them possible with many travels, but we did it with warm audience. :)


Concert in Iga was with program of Schubert, Schumann etc., so I had good time with Alto Trombone. ;)




I use this item(black one on my finger) when I perform on Alto Trombone because I have pain on my middle finger by holding my horn.

It helps me(my finger), and it works very well. ;)




On Monday(yesterday), I traveled to Kumamoto.

It's nice that I can take Shinkansen from Osaka to Kumamoto direct. :)

That makes my life much easier. :D ;)




I gave the Euphonium lesson in Kumamoto.

We had very enjoyable and meaningful time together! :D




After working hard, we had nice dinner with Euphonium friends!


It was very happy time for me!!

It was nice meeting after "22 years" no see to one of them. :D ;)



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