Preparing for solos

I had kind of busy day yesterday, but had good practice time in the evening both on Trombone and Euphonium.



I have solo performances on Sunday in Fukui.

I'll perform "Blue Bells of Scotland" on Trombone and "Pantomime" on Euphonium with wind band(in one concert!).

I'm so excited in performing them!! :D



I wrote one small article on theme of "Do you know your basis practice is for what?" as Trombone/Euphonium player for Japanese famous wind band magazine "Band Journal".

There are Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba and Percussion players wrote about same theme.



It's interesting that only Ryoichi(Tamaki, Tuba of Sapporo Symphony) and I mentioned about breathing as an important point on basis practice. :)


Viva, Low brass!! :D


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Enjoying everyday

I always enjoy my practice. :)

I have countless thing what I want to get on my music performance.

What a happy life. ;)




I gave lesson at the Murasakino high school in Kyoto yesterday.

I had very good time with Trombone section in the morning and with Euphonium section in the afternoon. :)




It's also fun to teach for me. :)


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Happy music life

I'm enjoying my music life both in and out of the orchestra works. :)

I'll perform solo on Trombone and Euphonium next week in Fukui, so I'm very excited in workind on them. :D





Of course, I enjoy the orchestra rehearsal as well. ;)




Yesterday's concert had many excerpts from different pieces.

There was 4th movement of Beethoven 5th, so I was kind of busy with two horns. ;)




My wife Ai came to listen yesterday's concert, so we enjoyed our dating time before concert. ;)



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Back to the Orchestra works

I'm backed to the orchestra works. :)



I enjoyed rehearsal after big refreshing time. :)



After rehearsal, I ate this during waiting my train.

Nice to eat something nice after good rehearsal. :D



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Had nice free days

I had free days from orchestra works for a week.

I had good time! :D


Weather was nice! ;)




I walked to the park with my wife Ai in the morning before she goes to work.

I felt really nice! :D




It was nice to be free from orchestra works, because I could work for myself a lot. :)

I had very enjoyable practice time! :D




It's nice to have time to be refreshed. :)

I'll enjoy my nice music life!! :D



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Enjoying my free days

It's time to work for tax papers now in Japan.

This is not my favorite work... :(


But I finished it yesterday!! :D

I feel free now! ;)




I'm in holidays from orchestra for a week now.

I enjoyed many things such as a good lunch, watching movie with my lovely wife Ai. ;)




I keep practicing with good concentration and fun everyday! :D




I worked on new piece(new for me) yesterday on Euphonium. :)

I love to work for new piece which I never listened bofore.

There is a lot of fun and imagination!! :D




My orchestra works begin tomorrow.

I'm ready!! :D




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Happy to work hard

I'm enjoying nice days everyday! :D

It's getting warmer and I feel the Spring is coming. ;)




Under nice blue sky, I'm working hard everyday. :)

Giving lesson is fun and good learning for myself too.



I'm working hard on my works too. :)

I'm very excited to perform solos on March and May!! :D




I have good time with my family these few days.

It makes me very happy and relaxed. :D


I made Gyoza one day and enjoyed 150 pieces of Gyoza with my family!! ;)



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Very happy day in Kyoto

I had fantastic day in Kyoto 2 days ago with my wife Ai. :D

It was very nice day!!




I visited "Asashi-yama", "Kinkaku-ji" and "Fushimi-inari".

These three places, I really wanted to visit for long time. :)


First stop was in "Arashi-yama".

I enjoyed nice "Senbei". ;)





2nd stop was "Kinkaku-ji".

There are many tourists, but I enjoyed walking and watching it. :)



This is ticket for "Kinkaku-ji".







And last stop was in "Fushimi-inari".

Fushimi-inari was famous with this many gates!!



Finally I was there! :)




I had really fun time in Kyoto!! :)


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Nice meeting in Osaka

I enjoyed very nice meeting with my old friend from Taiwan 2 days ago in Osaka! :)

It was very nice to talk about performing music, teaching, life etc.


With Ts-daung, Tuba player from Taiwan. :)



And with his friend, Trombone player Bo-Jhen.

It was nice to meet you Bo-Jhen. :)



Together!! :D

Nice people, nice drinks and nice food.

Great!! ;)




I had little Trombone practice when I backed home after nice dinner.

My happy feeling continued then. :)



It's wonderful thing to have friends all over the world.

It's also nice to keep being connecting with old friends over years! :)


I want to tell young(younger) people to make many friends over the world now!

It makes your life much more fun, interesting and exciting in future!! :)


Thank you Ts-daung and Bo-Jhen for nice time! ;)


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Enjoyed good time

It was very nice day yesterday! :)


I had nice walking time with my wife Ai in the morning. ;)

This is our favorite park near our flat.






I enjoyed my practice without mute in the afternoon.

I'm used to practice with mute at home, so it's very important to practice without mute for me! ;)



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