Winter is coming

It's getting cold day by day these days.

Winter is coming surely.


But I feel very happy to see nice blue sky. :D




Ra-men(Japanese Noodle) is very famous food in Japan and I wanted to have one in very cold night.

It was so nice to have delicious food which makes our body really warm!! :)




I enjoyed performing Ballet last week. :)

The music of Tchaikovsky is very nice! I love them. ;)



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Ballet week

I'm in Ballet week now.

My orchestra performs Ballet "The Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky this weekend. :)


It's my first time to perform full ballet.

I'm really enjoying it!! :D




Of course, my practice goes well almost everyday. :)




It's raining today, but we had really nice days last few days!!

I love nice sky view especially in Autumn! ;)





There is general rehearsal today and tomorrow is show for Ballet.

I'll perform nice(as always!) for making ballet great!! :)


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Had good practice!

I had good practice day yesterday. :)


I think it's very important to keep working for maintain our ability.

I couldn't make enough time for my practice because of busy these days, but it is absolutely important for me!



I had good time with French etudes on Trombone and also enjoyed working on solo piece on Euphonium. ;)



I bought new Trombone yesterday. :D

It seems German Trombone. ;)



This is bookmark. ;)

I'll enjoy my music life! :)


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Under the blue sky

It was very nice day yesterday.

I love to see blue sky. :)

I feel very good to be under the blue sky. :D



I had good time at home in the morning and worked for many things what I wanted to do. :)



Yesterday's rehearsal was in late afternoon in Kobe.

Sky in Kobe was also good! ;)




Yesterday's rehearsal was for the concert which is next week.

I'm not sure if musician remember everyting until concert day(we have other concert with Ballet before that concert), but I think it would be fine bacause we have good chef. ;)



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Autumn life

I'm really enjoying fantastic days these days. :)

This Autumn blue sky is so lovely! ;)




Night view in the center of Osaka city.

It's not often I visit there, but it was nice! ;)




I visited to Iga city(Mie) for concert yesterday.

It was long train journey for get there, but I enjoyed these nice country view. :)



Concert went well with two fantastic guest artists, Eric Miyashiro(Trumpet) and Nobuya Sugawa(Saxophone). :)



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Enjoying music life

I had busy but happy days this week.


Practice for myself was fine. :)




And I'm really enjoying teaching at the ESA music academy. :)

I'm very happy to have nice students. ;)






I also enjoyed my private lesson. :)

I feel very happy to share my ideas and experience with students.




Of course, my orchestra works go well. :)



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Feel my favorite Autumn

I had Autumn photo session(with instrument) with my wife Ai in our favorite park yesterday morning. :)

What a lovely season!! :D



With Trombone. :)



With Euphonium. :)



And both!! ;)






With my love Ai. :D ;)



This is our favorite park. :)




It's hard work to walk with these cases. :)





It was very happy time!! :D


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School concert tour is all done this year

I stayed in Fukuchiyama city in Kyoto.

It's small city, but hotel was nice and I had good time. :)


There was fog in the morning(Fukuchiyama city is located in Mountain area).



But it got very nice blue sky later. :D





It was our final concert in our school concert tour this year.

It's always big fun to share music with young generations. ;)


I felt very nice with my rotary valve which I took care in the evening day before. :)



I appreciate Tomohiko(Bass Trombone) for performing with us last 2 concerts in Kyoto.

I was comfortable to be with his sound. :)

Thank you!!



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School concert tour again

My orchestra's school concert tour in Kyoto is almost done.

There is only one more concert today this season. :)


I found nice Autumn view from the bus window. ;)




We give concert in the school gymnasium.

It's getting cold there.




We moved to the other side of Kyoto after concert.

I enjoyed nature air at the rest point on our way. :)





We arrived to the hotel earlier than we planned, so I had good practice in the hotel room.

I felt very good!! :D



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Very good holiday!

It was my holiday yesterday.

It's not often I can make my totally free day, but it's very good to have and it's neccessary in our life. :)


I cleaned my house and did a lot of things what I've wanted to do since few weeks. ;)


Time flies so fast especially on free day!!!

I felt really short yesterday.


Sunset view was nice! ;)




I worked as publisher too.

They will be in my web shop soon! ;)



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