Enjoyed my music life!

I enjoyed my orchestra works after great and very relaxed holidays!! :D


Hard works and relaxed holidays, both are very important for our life.

I really felt that last few weeks. ;)



I enjoyed orchestra rehearsals! :)



The concert day was rain... :(

This is my raining day style. ;)



Concert was in very nice looking concert hall! ;)



There were 2 concerts a day(in the afternoon and the evening).

It was not easy day, but I enjoyed it! :)




I'll be in holidays period again for about 2 weeks. :D

There are many things what I want to do in this period, so I'm very exciting!! :D


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Had wonderful weekend!

I had wonderful weekend!! :D

It was my birthday(April 22nd).

I had really fun time with my friends. ;)


Had very nice lunch at Osaka station. :)





We visited the music shop for my friend for buying his mouthpiece(for Flugelhorn).

I enjoyed music shop visiting!! :D


After that, we enjoyed shopping at Costco and had hotdog!! :D




We had big dinner party!! :D

It was great to share fun time with good friends! ;)





On Sunday, we had very relaxed time at my favorite park in the morning. ;)

It was very nice day!!! :D



These are pictures from my favorite park. :)
















I really enjoyed my fantastic weekend!!! :D

Nice to close the day with this sunset view. ;)




Orchestra rehearsal began today(on Monday), so I prepared for that in the evening. :)



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Having good practice!

During my free days from my orchestra, I really enjoy my life with family, food and music!! :D


There were some works what I needed to do during this period, and I finished most of them now and I'm ready to enjoy my time. ;)


I'm enjoying my practice both on Trombone and Euphonium(and sometimes on Bass Trumpet!).

I'm working for old and new pieces these days. :)




I think I'm ready to give concerts(recitals) now!

It's very exciting to imagine my future concerts! ;)


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New school year started!

It was fantastic day yesterday!! :D

I felt very nice from the morning! ;)



I'm woking for some solo works for Trombone and Euphonium both these days for my future recitals or concerts(not planned yet at all for now).

It's very exciting!! :D


I worked for these yesterday on Trombone. :)

Nice pieces!! ;)




New school year started in Japan now!!

It was my first Euphonium class(lesson) day for this school year.


I welcome these three new members to my Euphonium class. :D

We'll have great time together!! :)



It was nice day yesterday. :)

It was nice to see this good sunset view for closing nice day.



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It's getting warm

It's getting warm these days. :)

I feel even "hot" in the daytime sometimes.



I walked a little in daytime on Sunday.

It was very nice to feel nature and Spring. ;)




Fine day makes my day happy!! :D

I enjoyed my practice afterwards. ;)



I took some pieces from my library which I didn't see long time.

It's very nice to work nice pieces again and think(imagine) for my future concerts(recitals). ;)



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Enjoying my holidays!

I'm enjoying slow and relaxed weekend now. :)


I've been planning to edit my private DVDs since more than a year, and I finally did and finish all of them yesterday!! :D

I feel so happy and free now! ;)


Of course I'm enjoying my practice too. :)



I joined my wife Ai's wind band rehearsal yesterday evening.

It's always fun to play with good friends who all are enjoying playing music in weekends! :D


When we got home after rehearsal, we enjoyed cold beer immediately! ;)

That was great!!!



After the middle of May, my schedule would be crazy busy. So I'll enjoy my happy holidays now!!! :D


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Something new!

I began to practice on Bass Trumpet yesterday. :)


There is no concert plans for Bass Trumpet performances for now, but I know that I need to prepare for being ready for it for future.

I can make practice time for that now and luckily I could borrow Bass Trumpet from one of my friend Norihito! :)



I'll work on it basically with orchestral excerpts.

Very excited!!! :D


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Big pleasure

There are very nice days these days! :D

It makes me very happy!!


I took this picture before enter the concert hall for general rehearsal yesterday. :)



There was concert yesterday.

I really appreciate many audience these days at our concerts. :D

It's always big pleasure to share nice music with many people! ;)



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Enjoying my music life
I had busy days this week, but I enjoyed a lot my music days. ;)

Orchestra rehearsals went very well every time. :)

For keeping my performance condition, I keep practicing Euphonium. ;)

I had very enjoyable time with my friends yesterday after orchestra rehearsal.
We played some ensemble pieces and orchetral excerpts togather.

It was big fun!!!
I want to make another opportunities like this again soon! :D

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Enjoying music and the Spring
After good rest period(no concert for almost 2 weeks!) from the orchestra works, I'm enjoying my orchestra life.
I feel more happy and better on my performance now! ;)

I performed in really nice concert hall last weekend!!
There are several nice concert halls in Osaka! ;)

Practicing goes very well. :D

There are many nice cherry blossoms in Japan now. :)
I went to park few times with my wife Ai and we felt the Spring. :)

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