Awesome Matsuyama stay

I really enjoyed my stay in Matsuyama last weekend! :D

There was wind band concert with my old friends who have been since more than 25 years ago and with our lovely conductor from that time.


It was great to meet them and share stage with them.

It was really awesome moment!! :D



It was really good day in Matsuyama during my stay. ;)




My younger brother joined us in Matsuyama and we enjoyed many music and food together!! :D



I played duo with my brother for fun! :)




There are many delicious things in Matsuyama~~!! :D





Happy meal, happy smile and happy music playing!! :D




It was so nice to get together with good friends and play together!!

It was first time to play together with them. ;)



Why not having very fun party after rehearsal?




I was busy to enjoy many of my favorite meals in short stay! ;)







Just before go to stage.

I really hope to get together with them and play together next year too!! :D




After concert, I met many old friends!! :D




At the party. ;)




He is the boss, Mr. Michiaki Shiraishi.

He taught us so many great things when I was 13, and I started to study music professionally.

He also taught us how to enjoy music and how to enjoy music life with nice friends.

He is my musicality's origin.



He made this fantastic opportunily.

I hope I can continue playing with them every year.

We all love you Maestro Michiaki!! :D



The Family ABE. ;)




These are member of "Eating club" in the band.

We enjoy "eating" as much as we can EVERY TIME!!! :D




Next day, I had my favorite Chinese meals. ;)




After happy lunch, we visited Ozu.

There was nice place like this on our way to Ozu. ;)





The sea.

Ai and I love to feel the sea.

It was nice place to enjoy flowers and the sea at once! ;)






We backed to Matsuyama after visiting Ozu, and had very nostalsic meal(curry) in Matsuyama.

I have good memory with my grand mother in this curry restaurant when I was around 10 or so.



They didn't change anything! :)





We backed to Osaka yesterday safe.

I charged very happy and good energy for future.

Thank you for all of our friends for great time!!

See you next time! :D



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Doing many happy things

I enjoyed fine day with music life. :)




We are preparing for Symphony No.3 by M.Bruch now.

It's my first time to meet this symphony, and I like it. ;)


Concert is today! :D




I cleaned inside of my Euphonium. :)

Everything got better and smooth now!! :D



I'll perform in wind band this weekend in Matsuyama(my home city) on Euphonium and Trombone.

I think I'm ready!! ;)




I worked little bit in our farm yesterday after rehearsal.

It seems everything goes well. :)



Nice sunset view. ;)



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Enjoying happy days

I had good days with family when I'm free from orchestra works and enjoyed my practicing. ;)


I was occupied for preparing for new school year for our younger son.

We are ready for that now! :)




I bought new main tuning slide for my Trombone which I mainly use for solo and chamber music. ;) :D

It works very well and I'm very happy!! ;)




I backed to the orchestra works this week. :)

It's nice to meet many pieces what I didn't know before! ;)




I bought Euphonium stand finally! :D

My life got easier! ;)



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Got nice one!

It was nice day yesterday! :)

Weather forecast says it would be rain from today, so I enjoyed sunshine as much as I can yesterday. :D ;)




I was looking for small(compact) blood pressure gauge for me.

My blood pressure is not bad(yet), but I wanted to check it sometimes easily.


And I finally found one!

It's called "smart watch" and I can check my blood pressure by this watch very easy. :)

I'm very happy with this!! :)




I took part in my wife Ai's wind band rehearsal in the evening.

I enjoyed playing in the wind band! ;)



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Very happy free day

It was fantastic day yesterday!!

I had very happy free day. :D




I'm really enjoying my practice these days. ;)





I visited our favorite park with my wife Ai after big lunch. :D

It was very happy time!! ;)





We felt Spring there!! :)






We were very refreshed by wonderful nature!! :D



Nice sunset view closed happy day. :)



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Nice dinner after hard concert

I had good practice in the morning few days ago.

Orchestra rehearsal time was changed and I had free time in the morning that day. :)

That was nice to refresh my mind before go to rehearsal! :D



Orchestra rehearsal was for "The Great" by F. Schubert. :)




Concert was yesterday.

It was hard to give concert twice a day...




I had very nice dinner with our Maestro Teraoka and his nice friends.

It was awesome time!! ;)



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Well-balanced for work and private

I'm enjoying my free days as well. :)

My orchestra is not too busy this month, so I can make my free days more happy!! :D


My practice goes well.

I feel very good! ;)




I invited some friends and had happy dinner together on Sunday evening.

It's always fun to share happy time with nice friends! :)




Orchestra rehearsal started yesterday.

I like to rehearse in concert hall. ;)




I went to spa with my son last night.

It was awesome!!! :D


I checked my blood pressure.

It's not bad, but I want to be better. ;)



I'll do today's rehearsal with not high blood pressure. :)


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Happy days with concert, lesson and family time

There was solo performance of my student last week.

It was in wind band concert, but she performed solo with piano. :)



Picture from rehearsal.



She did very good job!! :)

I'm proud of her.

It was very hard time for 1 and half year for her, but she continued working hard everyday! :)




I had good practice on Euphonium. :)




On Saturday, I had good time with my younger son Hiiro in the morning.

It was very nice time!! :D




Worked very hard together during Euphonium private lesson in the afternoon. ;)



Time flies very fast.

It's already in March now!! :)


I keep working hard and enjoy every day from tomorrow too! :D


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Between Winter and Spring

There were very warm days last week in Japan.

It was like Spring already! ...but it's Winter again now. :)




Japanese apricot arrived!! :)




Orchestra rehearsals after one week off went very well. ;)



We premiered our music adviser Maestro Toyama's "Symphonie" last night.

It's always very excited and fun to premiere something! ;)




I of course enjoy my Euphonium practice too! ;)

It's fun to work on etude books! :D



Beautiful view always makes my mind relaxed. :)



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Enjoying everyday!

I had wonderful lunch with my family last Saturday. :)

My older son Asahi invited us for lunch!...because he began to work(part time job) last October. ;)



Thank you Asahi for your warm kind heart and lunch! ;)




And I made haircut for my loves. :)




Orchestra works started, but I keep working for myself. :D





I joined my wife Ai's wind band rehearsal few days ago.

It was fun time! :D




Of course, I work hard on my orchestra works!! :)




I felt happy to see this kind of nice view. ;)



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