Enjoying my day!

It's getting hot day by day now in Japan.

It seems it's already the beginning of summer.


But blue sky gives me positive power every time! ;)




I needed to wait during my car was in technical checks, I tried massaging chair.

I guess it's quite new model and it works fantastic!! :D




I'm enjoying my practice everyday! ;)




It was great to see this view to close the day. :)



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Happy day!

I visited my farm in the morning yesterday.

Everything seems very good! ;)






Our sweet babies. :)



Strawberries would be ready! ;)




Weather forecast said it would be rain from noon.

But it was nice in the morning! :D




I had little practice on Trombone before go to teach. :)




And I enjoyed very good teaching time at the ESA music academy.

There are so many things that we want to work, so we need more time! :)




I had very happy and big dinner with family.

I was full for food and happy mind! :D


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Enjoying my music life!

After spending very comfortable time in Copenhagen, I'm backed to usual work in Osaka. :)


I'm enjoying rehearsal, my practice and concert! :D






Just after concert on Saturday(it was actually 2 concerts a day), I headed to Ishikawa for Sunday's teaching.


It was great day in Ishikawa yesterday!! :D ;)




I had workshop for Euphonium in the morning and the afternoon.

I had very good time with good students. ;)




I'm free from the orchestra for few weeks now, so it's time to work for myself hard!! :D ;)


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Had very nice time in Copenhagen

I really enjoyed my stay in Copenhagen(Denmark). :D


I found nice equipment for slicing cheese! :)

It works well!





It was very nice during my stay.

As taxi driver told me that it was not fine day before I arrived, so I was very lucky!! :D





It was my first time to see Tesla cars in Copenhagen!! :D

I think there are not many in Japan yet.

It looks cool! ;)




I saw many of them in the city of Copenhagen.

It seems cool too!

It would be very convenient. ;)





My challenge in this visiting didin't work well.

But I got many things by this challenge, so I'm already heading to next goal! :)


I felt very good with my practice in hotel room.

It was comfortable. ;)





My last dinner in Copenhagen. :D

I'm not used to eat Kebab in Japan, so it was nice to feel Europe visiting. ;)



I also enjoyed beer. :)

Danish beer "Carlsberg" is one of my favorite for years. ;)



It says, "Probably" the best beer in the world. :D

It's "One of the best" for me! ;)




On my way to the airport. :)



Thank you for very nice days!! :)




I arrived to Japan safe and on time yesterday morning.

I had good visit to my farm late afternoon yesterday. :)


Everything seems good! :D







I practiced little bit in the evening. :)

Just a preparation of today's rehearsal.




It was so nice to taste our babies!! :D ;)





I'll work hard to my next goal. :)



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Visiting to Copenhagen

I had long traveling day on Saturday.

I woke up before 5:00 am and left home at 5:30.

It was already bright then like this!! :D



When I travel to somewhere for few days, it's getting difficult to take vegetables, so I took vegetable juice at the airport. ;)




I guess it was new airplane.

It was first time to see this kind of signs. :)




At the Helsinki airport(Finland), I had sandwich when I was waiting my connecting flight.

It was good! :)




Arriving to Copenhagen.

It was fantastic day!! :D



I love to be in Europe. :D



Tivoli park in Copenhagen. ;)



It was about 21:00.

It's still kind of bright. :)




I had little practice on Trombone in the hotel room.

I felt good! ;)




Next day was my free day.

It was also fantastic day!! :D


View from my hotel room.




I walked in the city in the morning. :)







I felt really good!! :)



There are trampolines in the city! :D

It's nice to do some exercises during walking. ;)





I visited big park which is in the city. :)





There were big ducks!! :)




With ducks. ;)




After enjoyed walking in the city, I had big lunch!(it was buffet style restaurant)




One of my favorite shop "Flying Tiger" from Denmark. :D




There are many bicycles at the central station!





After very happy walking and lunch, I enjoyed very well-concentrated practice in the hotel room. :) ;)




I feel very good with nice weather in nice city! :)


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Had good time all day

It was very nice day yesterday!

I had enjoyable time in the morning. :)


Blue sky welcomed us all day.




I visited my farm in the morning.

Everything seems very well. :)




It looks very good! :D




I had good practice time in the morning before I headed to the orchastra rehearsal. ;)

I need this kind of time, because it takes care of myself on music performing. :)




There was orchestra rehearsal in the late afternoon.

It went well.

We continue our rehearsal tonight too. :)



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Had good day

It was fantastic day yesterday!! :D

Nice blue sky in the morning gave me good energy! ;)




After big holidays from orchestra, I had good rehearsal with Beethoven's 9th Symphony.

We are used to perform this symphony in the end of year in Japan, so it's not common to perform it in May. :)



It was good day! :)



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I'm enjoying my life!

It's always happy to see new flower or vegetables. :)

Potato flower. ;)



There is new and very small tomato in left side. :)




I had really enjoyable practice yesterday.

I enjoyed practice on Tenor Trombone, Alto Trombone and Euphonium! :D




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Spent good and short day

I enjoyed my daily work yesterday morning too. :)

More strawberries are coming! :D ;)



Beans are getting big, so I took one big beans and opened it.



It was not enough big inside...

I ate them anyway. :)

It was very sweet!!

I wait few weeks(?) more for sweet big beans! :D ;)




I studied opera little bit.

I realized again the greatness of operas. :D



My practice went very well! :)

I had good and hard practice yesterday evening. ;)




It's always very nice to see such a nice view. :)



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It was great day!

It was great day yesterday too. :)


Start of the day is visiting my farm as usual! ;)

Everythhing seem very well1 :D




We decided to go to the mountain before noon.

So my wife Ai made little lunchbox and we departed to the mountain for having lunch in the nature!! :D


It was great day!! :D




We visited several places with nice nature, but there were full of people, so we were looking for nice place without many people.

And we finallly found one place in Nara. :)


There were some families there, but there was still place for my family with calmness, bird whistles and murmur of the small stream. ;)

It was perfect place to be!! :D



View from where we had lunch. :)



It was very happy lunch time!! :D ;)



With my son. :)



Thank you for delicious meals Ai!!! ;)



Perfect view for nap(I didin't take nap there... Maybe next time!).





I had good practice in the evening. :)

It was only etude working yesterday, but I felt my progress well. ;)



Great day ends with nice sunset view. :)



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