Enjoyed sightseeing

My wife, Ai's mother visited us to Osaka from Matsuyama for 2 days and we had good sightseeing with her in Osaka and Kyoto. :)


First day was for Osaka.

We visited Kuchu Teien(Sky Garden).



It was not really fine day, but we could enjoy nice view. :)



It was hot day, but we enjoyed good time together. :)




Second day was for Kyoto! :)

It was good day, but it was too hot...



We visirted Fushimi-Inari in Kyoto in the morning.

There were already a lot of people in the morning. :)




I love to be in nature like this. :D






My son was with us and enjoyed Kyoto!! :D




It was very nice to see 3 different sky views. ;)





It was happy 2 days!! :D


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Very happy!!

I'm surviving very hot days these days.

I'm lucky because I have my car.

I don't walk under this crazy strong Sun with over 33 degrees... :(




I worked for e-mailings and contacting to many people in the morning, but I finally concentrated on my practice at noon!! :D

I worked on some solo pieces for my little solo concerts in few months! ;)




I was very very happy to see that my paprikas are changing their color to yellow from green yesterday!! :D

They've been green for many days, and I was worried that I should get them like pimento. ;)

I hope they'll be yellow or red soon!! :D



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Hard practice

It's real Summer in Japan now!

It's about 33 degrees(even more often!) everyday and blue sky is like this. ;) 




I had really hard practice with my student Hiroya yesterday afternoon.

We mostly worked on etude with octaves.

I sometimes do this kind of practice by myself, but it works better if you do more than two people.


I love to practice hard, so I'm so satisfied! ;)



In the last part of practice, we played some duos, and I made video recording for one of them.

Watch it from here! :D



After that, we had very delicious Korean BBQ dinner at home. :D ;)

I enjoyed my day!! :)



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Good day!

Finally I could see blue sky after crazy raining for several days.

I felt very happy!! :)



I saw clouds like Summer yesterday.

Summer is there! ;)




I supported high school student for her new Trombone choosing.

It's not easy for her to select good one for her.

It was my pleasure to support those activities. :D


We are happy that she met very nice one!! :D




In the late afternoon, I visirted our farm with my family.

We were worried about our farm because there was crazy strong and long raining for several days.

But, there was not serious damages there. :)


Everything seems OK! ;)






It was also nice to see sunset view. :)



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Hard concerts, but happy!

Yesterday's concerts(twice a day!) was with Russian program.


It seems hard, and YES! it was hard!! :D

But I spent good time with good concentration both concerts. ;)



My students(Euphonium students) from ESA music academy(with their friend who plays Trombone) and my old friend came to listen concert!!

I was very happy! ;)



I hope they enjoy our concert! :)



After concert, I had happy dinner with my wife Ai and our old friend Kumao. ;)



I keep working hard for make nice music!! :D


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Russian program

It has been raining very badly for more than 2 days now.

Some trains don't run, so our life is getting difficuld these few days. :(



It was OK for yesterday on my work, so I went to orchestra rehearsal with little delay.



Rehearsal is for the concert on Saturday(tomorrow).

Our program is all Russian composer's pieces.


There is Football matchs of World Cup in Russia now.

I don't know this is why, but it's linked! ;)


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I had really good time with my students in my Euphonium class of the ESA music academy yesterday. :)


They both spent hard time for few months with their problems, but it seems they would get over their difficult time.


There are good future for them I believe. :D



I'm so happy with them!!! :D


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Enjoying my works

My orchestra works are restarted from tomorrow(there are about 2 weeks free from orchestra for me by the program). ;)

I'm doing my works during those days and everything go well by now. :)

I feel very good everyday. :D


It was good day yesterday like this blue sky, but it's raining now and it continues for few days. :(




I tried to do what we did in my Euphonium class at the ESA music academy last time on Trombone.

It was not easy! :D

I enjoyed my basis works on Trombone yesterday. ;)



I have more ideas for practice, so it's exciting!! :)


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Summer arrived

It seems already middle of Summer in Japan now.

It's more than 33 degrees everyday these few days... :(


But seeing the nice sky makes me happy and smile. :)




My practice room is very hot(there is not air-conditioning, there is only fan), but I could have well-concentrated practice! ;)




Teaching in my Euphonium class at the ESA music academy goes well.

We shared good time every time! ;)




It's already July!!

Time flies fast! :D


Second half of the year 2018 started!!

I'll enjoy my life! ;)


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Happy Sunday

It was very relaxed Sunday yesterday. :D

Seeing nice blue sky in the morning is a great start of the day!!




I started the day slow and stayed relaxed with my family in the morning. :)

After short nap in the afternoon, I had good practice with sweat. ;)


Worked on basis with some check points on my playing.

I felt very good!! :)




In late afternoon, I went to our farm with my family.

It's very nice to see many things got bigger! :D





Watermelons are getting bigger day by day!! :D



My lovely family with our vegetables!! :D



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